Atlanta’s Ola Runt talks recently signing to Gucci Mane, his debut mixtape “Mama Tried,” and coining the term “ZaZa”

The current climate of rap has been hurting for years thanks to a generation of copy-cat artists and “type” songs, and while there is no inherent problem with this and its categorical nature has helped canonize many of rap’s under-publicized sub-genres, the issue at hand is how sparce innovation has become, and when artists do attempt to go outside of the box to try something new their attempts often come off as generally facetious or attempt to pass it off merely as trolling when it is not well received. It is quite rare for an artist to be able to simultaneously experiment while holding the increasingly short attention spans of their audiences, and this is, at least in my opinion, one of the main hallmarks of great artists in the digital world. Atlanta’s Ola Runt has been able to do this masterfully, pushing the envelope by further warping and developing the trap sound that his city has polished for over a decade now. The Edgewood native is no stranger to criticism and comparison, as he was recently thrust into the public eye after inking a deal with Gucci Mane that made him the new face of 1017 alongside fellow Atlantan …

CAMP – [Yung Baby Tate]

Coming off the heels of her electrifying appearance alongside Ashniiko for her track “Stupid” that has already nearly eclipsed four-million YouTube views in only a week, Yung Baby Tate unveils her new single “CAMP” that has been long-awaited by her ever-expanding cult-following. With her release of GIRLS earlier this year Yung Baby Tate immediately established herself as one of many rising stars from the Atlanta area and because of her subsequent combination of touring and natural buzz that built from the aforementioned project, Tate sits right on the cusp of becoming a bonafide household name. “CAMP” is an exciting new tune that may not push pop boundaries, but shows off every inch of her talent considering she produced and wrote the track in addition to giving a very memorable vocal performance. Her range is broad and she is able to keep her delivery interesting from start to finish. In addition to her singing, she also delivers a lavish rap verse, cementing her as a true renaissance woman in the current music scene. I am so excited to see Yung Baby Tate continue to earn the recognition she deserves and am eager to continue watching her rise to stardom. Head to “CAMP” with Yung …

Independent vs. Label: Debating Signing a Deal or Remaining Indie

By Lee Mcintosh To sign or not to sign? That is the question that races through the mind of many artists, producers. and creatives all throughout the industry. Growing up, we would study and analyze the hip-hop heavyweights of today and follow their journey — all of which began with them signing to a major label. Once they signed to that label, we began to see their music videos on TV, making appearances on red carpets at award shows, and overall soaking up the fame and attention that they would grind so hard to achieve. In fact, it would seem as if the only way for an artist to reach that level of notoriety beyond the barriers of their hometown, would be to sign to a label. The music business has evolved tremendously since then. Social media engagement is at an all-time high. Music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal are the three main sources for music consumption. CDs are close to being extinct due to the fact that stores are pulling back releasing new albums, and new vehicles don’t even have CD players installed. With the rise of new artists gaining popularity without the help of …

Mean Girl – [Yung Baby Tate] ft. [Queen Key] [Asian Doll]

Yung Baby Tate has already led a busy summer, and by the looks of it, the Atlanta artist has no plans of slowing down any time soon. Today, Tate drops off a new video for her song “Mean Girl”, recently released on her ‘GIRLS Deluxe’ album. For the new visual, Tate takes the song’s title and interprets it quite literally, recreating scenes from the iconic movie that inspired the track. Tate casts herself in the role of Regina George, and she embodies all the attributes of the ruthless original mean girl in her presence both musically and visually. As Tate issues a verse full of brutal disses, she posts up in a hallway sporting her signature pink look. Queen Key makes her appearance with a quiet, yet just as cold verse, and Asian Doll closes the track with a relentless flow. With “Mean Girl”, hip-hop’s rising mean girls announce their arrival, making their presence known by putting their powers together and an equally energetic video to match.

Hallelujah – [Yung Baby Tate]

Yung Baby Tate’s life has been the definition of stunting as of late: the rising Atlanta artist just dropped her ‘GIRLS Deluxe’ album, lit up the stage at our very own Summer Smash, and got the attention of none other than Nicki Minaj for her melodic take on “Megatron”. Now, Tate takes a bow for herself and takes aim at anyone trying to hold her back from greatness on “Hallelujah”. Over a bombastic self-produced beat, Tate comes through with her signature carefree demeanor and sets it ablaze with scalding verses that recount her latest successes. Her disses come wrapped in a deceiving layer of sweetness, sending shots with unsuspecting, mischievous delivery. She then puts a declarative end to the track with a monologue warning others to stay out of her business. “Spread some love, let me live and let me win,” she pleads. But with how things are going for Yung Baby Tate, it seems like she’s gonna keep winning regardless.

Mean Girl – [Yung Baby Tate] ft. [Queen Key] [Asian Doll]

Back in February, Yung Baby Tate dropped ‘GIRLS’—an 11-song concept album showcasing the rising Atlanta artist’s versatility. It seems she had more in store, though, and she’s now released a deluxe version of the project featuring 4 additional tracks. “Mean Girl” is one of the standout additions on ‘GIRLS Deluxe’, much thanks to assists from Queen Key and Asian Doll. “Mean Girl” brings forth another side of the multi-faceted songwriter, this time centered on her most menacing persona yet. She spits a mix of aggressive bars and more lighthearted disses, adding her bubblegum shine to an otherwise ruthless song. Chicago’s own Queen Key talks her queen shit over Tate’s self-produced trap beat, and Asian Doll closes things out with her verse. Listen to “Mean Girl” below and catch Yung Baby Tate and Queen Key at Summer Smash this weekend!  

Taylor Bennett Speaks on The American Reject, the Cover Art, TBE + more!

Taylor Bennett has been one of the biggest pieces in the puzzle that makes up Chicago’s music community. He has been rapping and creating music for damn near a decade and has become not only one of Chicago’s best rappers, but more importantly one of the brightest business minds that the city has to offer. The growth of his company Taylor Bennett Entertainment has been amazing to watch to say the least: he has built up a still small yet unbelievably talented roster with Bianca Shaw who has blossomed into one of the best talents that the city has to offer, as well as Zxxk who is one of the most talented producers & creatives in the game. When we look back ten years from now, these two will be far along in their careers under the guidance of Taylor & TBE. Next week Taylor is releasing his forthcoming album The American Reject, and when I saw him tease the cover I knew I had to bring him by the Lyrical Lemonade office to pick his brain about the project, the cover and so much more. As we gear up for the project that appears to be Taylor’s biggest and most …

Girls – [Yung Baby Tate]

At 22 years old, Yung Baby Tate has already been making music longer than many of her peers who are just getting into the game. The Atlanta artist has been making her own beats when she was 13, and she dropped her debut ‘ROYGBIV’ project in 2015. Since then, Tate has been pushing genre boundaries, seamlessly playing with different styles to pave a lane with a sound that’s distinctly hers. This month, she’s come through with one of her most sonically diverse projects yet, dedicated to a subject that’s just as dynamic as the songs themselves. ‘Girls’ serves as a conceptual counterpart to Tate’s 2018 project ‘Boys’, and it’s even bolder than its predecessor. Tate finds her niche somewhere in the middle of bubblegum pop, ATL trap, and retro RnB, bending these genres in a way I’ve never quite heard before. The mix of her influences comes through most potently on highlights like “Bad Girl”–she slips into sticky, sugar-coated melodies before going bar-after-bar in a punchy verse delivered with cutthroat confidence. Her natural explosiveness is matched by the production all throughout the project, as distorted bass and buzzing saw synths cut jagged edges around her smooth vocal style. While the …