Get Refreshed: ericdoa’s Guide To The Music Industry, Inside “Insignia’s Manor,” and Resonating With DV-i

“Get Refreshed” is a weekly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  Cover by Nick D’Apolito DV-i: “Resonance” With drum and bass still on its gradual journey of increased relevance throughout 2021, the genre has been recently jam-packed with artists both new and old to the approach coming through with some exceptional offerings at a blistering pace. But even though it can be difficult to peer through the mass amount of new content coming out of this style each and every day, it is quite easy to still see the work of a tried and true purveyor of the genre like DV-i shining as bright as it always, always does.  And if for some reason you’ve had trouble identifying such a bright and magnificent star like she is based on her latest output this year, her latest single “Resonance” is practically unable to be ignored once listened to for the first time. I’ll just put it straight; this is without question the best single offering out of the d&b-sphere to release this year, and it even rivals some of DV-i’s most exceptional work beyond just the past few months as well. It’s …

Bemidji – [Tropes] + [d0llywood1]

As more and more faces begin to make their mark within the rising digicore scene, the cast of sounds, styles, and overall talent never takes a moment to slow down. This outlook has effectively been exemplified as of late by the immense work done by Tropes — perhaps the scene’s most exhilarating breakout talent thus far in 2021. The PlanetZero and Graveem1nd mainstay has spent this year either constructing or contributing to some of its biggest and best hits yet, and it is quite easy to see why considering their commanding vocal presence and natural sense of modern pop cues that have driven their artistry to the heightened point it is at now.  The latest of these smashes has come in the form of “Bemidji” — a collaborative offering with scene veteran d0llywood1. Because Dolly seems to have incredible chemistry with just about anyone and everyone she works with, it makes sense as to why this combination works as well as one would imagine. Tropes is on as blistering of a hot streak as it gets right now, and this is essentially her way of cementing this rise via her own contributions. These two are given the most optimal space …

Summers Over – [Drayco McCoy]

When it comes to making a name for yourself in the music industry, it’s all about consistency and spreading yourself thin enough to make sure people see your talents. At the same time, if you spread yourself too thin, the artistry begins to get lost and your talents can be masked by the overflow of average content you’re putting out. Drayco McCoy, Indiana’s leading hitmaker in the underground, has found the perfect level of consistency, masterful artistry, and diversification over his years in the industry. So, if an up and comer asks me who they could potentially model their career after, I’d point them in Drayco’s direction ten times out of ten. Aside from his music, he also hosts a podcast and creates a lot of his own artwork, and this art is objectively undeniably better than most cover art you’ll get from even some of the largest names in the industry. Now, getting back to his music, he has proven over the past few years that no beat is too different or out of the box for him, and he can adapt to any style of production that is placed in front of him. He utilizes different styles, vocal …

Treat You Right – [Yellow Days]

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Yellow Days. Last July–when he dropped off It’s Real Love— to be exact. In the gap between, it sounds like the UK crooner has been experimenting because his new offering “Treat You Right” feels different than the sound I’ve come to know and love. Normally cleaning towards cushioned and atmospheric, “Treat You Right,” instead, boasts a textured, effervescent instrumental laced with a strutting guitar that gives off an almost live feel. It’s definitely a little more brisk and funky than normal,  but giving the track that distinct Yellow Days anchor is his charismatic, swaying crooning. The refreshing atmosphere is great for spring and I’d definitely love to hear more like this from him in the future!

Private Dancer – [Tank God] x [Kai Ca$h]

Tank God, a Manhattan-born and largely successful producer, teams up with the wildly talented Brooklyn native Kai Ca$h in bringing their latest wavy piece, “Private Dancer.” The melodic ability of Kai Ca$h paired with the brilliant keys laid down by Tank God combine for a fluid, head-swaying track that left me mesmerized for its 2:45 entirety. The versatility of both artists, in this case, allows their talents to truly shine, as Kai Ca$h continues to release heat in multiple genres of music and particularly in the East-coast drill scene, and Tank God continues to make masterpieces as a member of Sony/ATV music. The visual, directed by Whipalo, is a polished project with abstract, ambient scenes that match the energy the artists were attempting to portray with the track. Psychadelic, fast-paced visuals with mind-bending effects and transitions ride the wave of the song throughout its entirety. “- can’t play my game, ain’t got no coach, you think you gon’ take my wave, you smokin’ dope.” The two are clearly on a different wavelength with this gem of a track, accompanied by the eye-pleasing visual that was just released Monday. Watch Private Dancer (feat. Kai Ca$h) below!

Street Food – [Avito]

When it comes to music discovery, few platforms are on the same level as Astari. Not only does their YouTube channel highlight a plethora of rising talent and innovative artists to pay attention to, but in doing so, Astari has also become an influential factor in the rap world, often times swaying the unique styles that are flooding into the genre right now. Today, proving the value of this platform with yet another fantastic release, Astari recently premiered “Street Food” by an artist named Avito. Reworking Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s classic song, “Dilemma,” this offering uses a sparkling sound and playfully energetic stylistic direction to captivate listeners. Avito’s lyrics are equally hilarious as they are memorable, and by simply being himself, he’s able to prove with “Street Food” that nothing strikes listeners more than authenticity. That said, this release doesn’t take itself too seriously while simultaneously creating a remarkably catchy style of music, and for that reason and more, it’s certainly a required listen for all of our readers out there. As always, Astari discovered a gem and helped put us all on, so show some love and check out Avito’s fantastic new offering, “Street Food,” below! Produced by 0800HEYBAE

Insecure – [WAYI]

I’m introducing a new artist to the Lyrical Lemonade community today who goes by, WAYI. The Belgian native shared her first single today, “Insecure,” in preparation for the upcoming release of her debut album, Love In Progress. WAYI first began writing after covering some of her favorites musical acts. Her passion for storytelling quickly became an integral part of her songwriting process which is clearly shown in her newest single. Accompanied by a smooth jazz ensemble, WAYI remains vulnerable for listeners detailing her feelings of doubt and lack of trust during a tumultuous relationship. Her new single is a beautiful marriage between sonic orchestration and lyrical storytelling allowing for the production of the song to breathe throughout the track. If you’re feeling the new single from WAYI make sure to show her some love by following her on Twitter and Instagram.

The Way I Am – [Wayi]

An artist that goes by the name of Wayi is making her Lyrical Lemonade debut today with her brand new offering titled “The Way I Am”.  As soon as you press play you will be greeting with a addicting melody, before Wayi jumped on the beat with some soothing vocals that are sure to have you hooked. Wayi hails from Belgium and it doesn’t take much more than one listen to hear the talent & potential she possess, and this new track has me looking forward to hear her future releases. Stream this brand new tune below and let me know if you like it in the comments section!

EVERYONE STILL NO$E – [Goon Des Garcons*]

Goon Des Garcons* has been making quite a bit of noise lately in preparation for his upcoming project AINTNOWAYINHELL coming “sometime next month”. Today, the Little Rock native is here to bless out pages with a tribute to N*E*R*D titled “EVERYONE STILL NO$E”. With thumping bass and infectious drum patterns via Idle Kid, the track enhances the distorted sound of the upcoming talent with a sharp touch and apparent attention to detail. All of this leads into a twist of events at the end when an innocent piano interrupts the noise and acts as a perfect ode to the ever-important group that made this song possible. Don’t sleep on Goon Des Garcons and Idle Kid because if these past few releases haven’t taught you anything, they’re on a run together. Listen to “EVERYONE STILL NO$E” below.

Boy Story – [Goon Des Garcons*]

Ever since its release yesterday, I haven’t been able to stop listening to Goon Des Garcons’ latest offering “Boy Story”, acting as the first single off of his album AINTNOWAYINHELL due for release in November. With production via Idle Kid, the 4-minute banger doesn’t have a weak point, constantly delivering an incredible energy that lands somewhere between aggressive and triumphant, or better yet, a perfect combination of both. By creating a strong aesthetic in his calculated releases and diving deep into the trials and tribulations of his life, the Little Rock rapper needs to be on your radar if he isn’t already, with “Boy Story” acting as proof. If this single is any indication of what we’re in for on the upcoming album, listeners better watch out. Listen to “Boy Story” below.