voodoo queen – [STEFAN THEV]

STEFAN THEV’s appearance on our radar was nothing short of spectacular. He made an unforgettable impression with his R&B-leaning debut single, “ON THE EDGE WITH U” and to no surprise, his follow-up packs that very same unforgettable punch repackaged in an ethereal body that feels delivered from another realm. The Massachusetts-based artist’s new single, “voodoo queen,” takes heavy breathes in the form of poignant drum instrumentation and STEFAN THEV’s ghostly tone as he opens the song with a striking, “aren’t you afraid of God?” Cutting through the senses and setting an eerie tone, “voodoo queen” progresses with life-embodying sounds of distant shrill screams, funky piano melodies, and a whining guitar solo that acts as the theoretical cherry on top of this eerie sundae. STEFAN THEV’s love-hypnotized ballad paints a vivid picture of a vixen-like love interest he knows is bad news, but is unable to pull himself away. Bouncing back and forth between his supernatural new single and his down-tempo debut, it’s very evident that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to STEFAN THEV’s musical abilities and the various paths in which he can steer his voice and sound. Stream STEFAN THEV’s new single …


My guy Gidi has got to be one of the artists who I’m most excited for this year. I connected with the East Coast native sometime last year after stumbling on his discography and from that moment, I knew I’d end up being a long time supporter of him and his art. The best artists are those who welcome you into their world through the transparency and honesty of their lyrical content. As a consumer, being able to feel what they feel and see what they see is a pleasure and any artist who gives their fans this opportunity is someone worth believing in. Gidi is that artist and today, the Los Angeles based up and comer is hitting our page for the release of his latest song that came out last week. The new offering called, “Tendencies” is an emotion filled ballad that will hit you right in your face. When I heard this song for the very first time, I immediately reached out to Gidi and asked him what he was going through that caused him to create such a beautiful song and he explained to me that this track was the product of a breakup. He explained: …

Voodoo – [OvaEastMeech]

Chicago artist OvaEastMeech has been a mainstay on our website for almost four years now, and today the rising talent is back with a brand new offering titled “Voodoo”. It’s always a good day whenever we get some new music from OvaEastMeech, but he has been improving at a rapid pace over the past few years and the quality of his music has been getting better & better. The thing about Meech though is that he always has his right hand man Mic Lee near by, and Mic Lee is one of the most talented creatives coming out of the city, and together they are something like Mike & Scottie. This time around though even this dynamic duo got a little more assistance from the always great Ro Marsalis and Jeremy Jones. Listen to this brand new record via Soundcloud below and if you enjoy what you hear be sure to let him know by dropping a comment under the song!

Voodoo – [Young Bull]

Rising rap group Young Bull bands together to create a polished single in “Voodoo.” Historically Durham, North Carolina are no strangers to harboring great a rap collective. In the early 2000’s rap group Little Brother consisting of 9th Wonder, Phonte, and Rapper Big Pooh took off and became one of the more prominent groups in hip-hop. Young Bull is a blend of hip-hop and r&b so you’ll always enjoy a little variety when switching from track to track. You feel the southern influence in their infused with a modern sound that creates a magical listening experience. “Voodoo” is a seductive single that in which Young Bull member Mique croons and glides his way over the smooth guitar and drum laced backtracking. After dropping projects in back to back years in 2016 and 2017 the Carolina collective didn’t drop one in 2018. That can only mean there has to be something brewing on the horizon form Young Bull in 2019. Stream Young Bull’s new single “Voodoo” below.

Voodoo Down – [Jhon Myquale]

Chicago music is in a beautiful place right now. The seemingly limitless number of incredible artists coming out of the city always seems to be increasing, and today, we would like to introduce yet another dope talent from the Windy City by the name of Jhon Myquale to our pages. Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with new visuals for his song “Voodoo Down”, Myquale first crossed my eyes when a snippet from the video landed on my Twitter timeline. I was immediately brought in by the cinematography, but once I heard the music that came with such crisp visuals, I simply had to follow the link and learn what Jhon Myquale is all about. Thank goodness, I did so because the hypnotically smooth sound of “Voodoo Down” along with its illustrative lyrics makes for an incredible release from the first second to the last. Directed by Myquale and Araki, the visual companion for this one curates a seamless aesthetic to complement the music perfectly, pointing itself towards a color-conscious approach as each new scene latches onto the colors being displayed with unrivaled chemistry. Aside from this, the Chicago artist’s voice is a great fit for the brisk instrumentation and electronic touch, lightly placing itself on …