Burbank House – [Tsubi Club]

Tsubi Club and his new single “Burbank House” is one of the most interesting songs and videos I’ve seen this year. First of all this song popped on an artist’s radio on Spotify of another artist I was listening to. When I first listened to the song I wasn’t really a fan off first listen. When I ran it back the song captured my attention and I started noticing all the little nuances of the instrumental by Soren and how Tsubi Club executed his voice throughout. If you think the song is chaotic go watch the video. The visuals have some of the craziest transitions and edits I’ve seen. “Burbank House”  is just an entertaining and fun song. What’s even more impressive is that this is his only song on DSPs so Tsubi Club has plenty of room to grow and improve. Watch the video for Tsubi Club’s new single “Burbank House” below.