Naughty By Nature – [Mother Nature]

Chicago’s own Mother Nature are a duo that I have been a big fan of for a while now, they were even featured on our Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2019 list a couple of weeks ago, and today they are back with their brand new record titled “Naughty By Nature”. This release comes with some major news for Mother Nature, as they have officially signed to independent Chicago record label Closed Sessions! They will be joining a pretty stacked cast that includes the likes of Ajani Jones and Jack Larsen, but adding these two skilled emcees to the mix is only going to make them stronger as a collective. Straight up, Mother Nature is the best bar for bar duo in the city that I can think of, they seem to be lightyears ahead of their competition + receiving a backing for CS is only going to help them sharpen their skills. This record is the last release that is set to be apart of Closed Sessions forthcoming LP titled Our Latest Compilation that is set to drop on Monday, the newest installment of their compilation series that stretches back to 2010, so make sure that you are on the lookout …

You Promised – [Lexi]

A few days ago Chicago based singer Lexi released her anticipated new music video for “You Promised”, and it’s certainly not anything you want to miss out on. Lexi was recently featured on our Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2019 article because she truly dropped a great body of work last year with her EP With Love, Lexi and this song off of the tape was the one to me, it had that radio worthy type of sound to it that proved to me that Lexi will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Lexi has been progressing nicely as an artist over the past several years and she has put herself in a position to be a leader in Chicago’s music scene for years to come, and if she keeps making great music like it, that time is going to come sooner rather than later. Take a few minutes out of your Wednesday to watch this new music video, and if you enjoy it then make sure you subscribe to her YouTube, you just might be early to the next big artist from the city. Music video by Jam

Fly On The Wall – [Duffle Bag Buru]

If you are familiar with the Chicago music community or maybe if you read our Top 50 Chicago Projects list a couple of weeks back, then you know of the legend who is Duffle Bag Buru, and today the talented emcee is back with his brand new music video for “Fly On The Wall”. This record was not only the title track off of Buru’s latest body of work, this song was a fan favorite that his core fanbase have been waiting to see a visual for, and I believe it’s safe to say that this one lived up to the hype. I got to give some major credit to the video director Mooch, he helped bring Buru’s to life + together they made a memorable piece of art. You will see plenty of familiar faces in this visual such as fellow musical talents Ron$oCold and Supa Bwe, as well as some Lyrical Lemonade affiliates who you have been seeing for years now, so press play below & see what this one has to offer.

NeverMore – [Sydny August]

I apologize because I am a couple of weeks late to this release, but recently Chicago songstress Sydny August blessed her fanbase with a brand new EP titled “NeverMore”. This tape was the follow up to her UNI project that was featured on our Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2019 list, leaving her with two fantastic tapes in 2019, both having her classic slow-paced, melodic & radio hit type of smooth R&B jams. This EP finds Sydny August really exploring her past relationships and what might have gone wrong, speaking on the trials & tribulations for dealing with a heartbreak as well as bouncing back, making music that I am sure many people that can relate to. Sydny truly had an amazing year musically in 2019 and I only expect to see her have an even better year in 2020, but until we get more new material from her go ahead + stream her latest tape below.

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2019

Turning the page into the next decade, our fourth edition of the “Top 50 Chicago Projects of the Year” list marks a special occasion. From the first list until now, four years means more than just four years of picks. It tracks four years of growth from some of our favorite artists, and a chance to watch last year’s entries rise up the ranks and improve, one year after the next. This year, we’re welcoming several Chicago mainstays as well as a plethora of new faces. The constant between every pick? A strong representation of the talent in Chicago, solidifying the city as a front runner in the trend-setting landscape of hip-hop. If there’s any city presenting some of music’s premier faces, both old and new, it’s Chicago, just as we aim to capture on this list. That said, below is Lyrical Lemonade’s top 50 Chicago projects of 2019. Thank you to all of the artists working so hard to provide us with music, and here’s to a promising decade to come for Chicago music. From 2019 ’til infinity. Honorable Mentions: Chanelle Truvillion, Kiraly Payne — 50) Josi Green & Ausar – The Good & The Bad EP Josi Green …

Staff Picks: Our Personal Favorite Projects of the 2010s

Nearing the end of any year — nevermind a decade — blogs get crowded with lists about the objective “best” projects of the year. Even Lyrical Lemonade has one. But looking toward the end of the 2010s, we decided that we’d try something a bit different. For just about all of our writers, the 2010s capture the period of growing up, per se. As such, the music to come from the past decade is what has shaped us into the people that we are. Taking this into consideration, we asked 5 writers to each list 3 albums from the 2010s that had the most personal impact on them. Not the “best” albums, or even necessarily the hits. Just 3 albums that spoke to them on a personal level. Below is the result. Enjoy, and feel free to share with us your own 3 picks on social media! – – – Brodie Harvey If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late – Drake (2015) Of all artists on this list, it would be hard to argue that anybody had a better 10 years than Drake. This project, in particular, was wildly impactful on the decade as a whole. It came at a time …

Saints II – [Ovaeastmeech]

Ovaeastmeech is an emcee out of Chicago who I have been supporting for damn near four years now, last time I spoke with him I was asking when he was going to bless us with a project, so when I saw he recently dropped a seven-track EP titled Saints II I was more than happy! Meech wasn’t solo for this effort though, he had his good homie & mega-talented producer Mic Lee right by his side for the entirety of this tape, and if you know anything about their connection together than you know they did something special here. I have grown to know Meech to be a great rapper but even better when it comes to making ear-pleasing melodies that could become radio hits with the right backing, but here on this EP you’ll find Meech getting a lot more introspective about adversities he has had to overcome. This EP is the second installment of Meech’s 2019 effort Saint, and his first project since 2017 if I am not mistaken, but trust me when I say that it was well worth the wait. Expect to see this EP on our Top 50 Chicago Projects list that is only a …

The Talents To Come Out Of Homewood Flossmoor High School

Over the past five years of covering the Chicago music scene, interviewing artists, and making relationships with these creatives, I have noticed something that I believe is super intriguing: there have been so many talented individuals who went to Homewood Flossmoor High School at (or around) the same time. It’s not too often that you see this many extraordinary creatives come out of the same place at once — at least I have never heard of something like this before — but even more so, I think it’s a rarity for to have this type of talent come out of the same school especially in the same field. I believe that a big part of this should be credited to the opportunities that Homewood Flossmoor provides to their students, in all avenues, but especially in the music field. The school has engaged students in music industry classes, Jazz orchestra courses, holding rap contests (and giving out prizes to the winners), shooting music videos for their senior students at times, giving them their own radio show to practice freestyling + DJ’ing, and they even take their bands on extraordinary trips to places like Japan. It’s crazy to think about what can …

With Love, Lexi – [Lexi]

Lexi is an unbelievably skilled songstress out of Chicago who we here at LL have been big fans of for some years now, and just a few days back she released an excellent new tape titled “With Love, Lexi.” I was more than eager to listen to this project because I have been patiently waiting to hear a tape from Lexi for a long time now, but man was it worth the wait, because she truly crushed it & created a solid body of work. With this release Lexi has thrown her name into the conversation for one of the brightest new R&B acts coming out of the city, I am sure it won’t be long before more and more Chicagoans start to get in tune with her, but to this point she has built up a loyal core fanbase that’s only getting bigger by the day. Be expecting to see this project included in our Top 50 Chicago projects list that drops in just a couple months, be first of your friend group to discover this diamond in the rough, stream this tape below!

Jaguar – [Supa Bwe]

Chicago OG Supa Bwe has been teasing his loyal fan base with his Jaguar EP for a minute now, and just yesterday he blessed us with the final product! This tape contains a total of eight records and a run time just over twenty minutes in length, and Supa packed quite a few different sounds + styles into it, everything from straight headbangers to euphoric sounding cuts. One thing that we know about Supa Bwe is that he is a groundbreaking talent when it comes to experimenting + finding different styles that are often imitated, an he wasn’t shy of giving us a plethora of unique flows on this project. I would go more in-depth with this tape but I am going to save it for our Top 50 Chicago Projects list that’s just around the corner, plus I need to sit with this one more because it’s just that good. Stream this brand new masterpiece via Spotify below! Happy (belated) birthday to Supa Bwe from all of us here at Lyrical Lemonade!