Gun Smoke – [Stunna 4 Vegas]

Stunna 4 Vegas is one of those artists who I always enjoy hearing guest verses on some of the songs he makes with his industry friends, but I somehow fail to tune into his solo efforts, for whatever reason. He brings such energy to every song he contributes to, and I always walk away from each offering remembering that, so I definitely need to stop snoozing and wake up to the North Carolinian’s talents. As we get prepared for the release of his upcoming project Welcome To 4 Vegas, he decided to gift fans with a brand-new song entitled “Gun Smoke” as well as a lively music video to accompany it. Resounding, rotating, electronic-sounding synths take the forefront of this banger as percussion rattles in your ears and speaker-busting 808s add even more energy to the already vivacious offering. As he begins to recite his lyrics, he gets away from the louder yelling delivery that he normally opts for and goes for a more ruthless, hard-nosed cadence that rings through even clearer than ever before. His aggression in this track is nothing to mess with, and you have to know that if you’re the target he is talking about throughout …

All The Smoke (Remix)- [Phresher] ft. [Fivio Foreign] & [Stunna 4 Vegas]

I’m not sure how it has come to this, but I legitimately don’t think I’ve ever heard of Brooklyn rapper Phresher until today. I’m appalled and ashamed at this because he seems to be so versatile and well known in the music industry, but I guess I just kept my cheek turned for whatever reason. Considering he has worked with artists like Eminem, Remy Ma, DaBaby, Famous Dex, and a slew of others, I have no excuse as to how I haven’t even at least heard his name. Nonetheless, I’m ecstatic that I now know about him and have so much more music to dive into in order to truly grasp who he is as an artist. To begin with, however, he first captured my attention with the remix of his song “All The Smoke” which featured fellow New Yorker Fivio Foreign as well as one of the most entertaining young talents, Stunna 4 Vegas. The beat is made up of some altered trumpet sounding instruments along with chattering percussion and booming 808s. Phresher comes in right away for the hook bringing so much energy and liveliness to the track, starting it off on an extremely high note that I’m …

Go Stupid- [Polo G] ft. [NLE Choppa] & [Stunna 4 Vegas]

If you haven’t heard of Polo G, NLE Choppa, or Stunna 4 Vegas by now, you need to catch up with the times immediately. Polo G has proved time and time again that age doesn’t matter when it comes to rapping, and he’s done this through songs and albums that have set the streets on fire. NLE and Stunna have both been coming up rapidly as well, and although I’m much more familiar with Choppa than I am with Stunna 4 Vegas, their latest offering proves just how talented they really are. When it comes to their latest track “Go Stupid”, all three talents are on full display over a beat with heavy piano chords, almost overpowering bass, and a somewhat futuristic melody. Polo kicks off the song with his telltale drill-adjacent flow, talking about how he has nothing but new and improved music coming in the future. This is hard for me to fathom personally considering all of the already impeccable offerings he has already delivered. Stunna sort of yells his way through his verse, overlapping certain line to add layers and depth. NLE brings all the energy that we know he can as he discusses growing up in …

Watch DaBaby’s brand new interview with Rap Radar

DaBaby is one of the best and most respected new artists in the game, and whenever he sits down for a brand new interview I am quick to check it out, the latest platform that he blessed was Rap Radar with Elliott Wilson &! The three of them chopped it up about all of the success DaBaby has had over the past year, the passing of his father, being in a position of power now, his close homie Megan Thee Stallion, the Reel Goats, his daughter, marketing himself the right way, being a leader in Charlotte, the introspectiveness of his new album + the intro, his family, his XXL freestyle, Nicki Minaj, performing on Jimmy Fallon, Stunna4Vegas, having a distinctive voice and so much more. Watch this awesome new interview below!

Behind the Boards: IGot20OnMyBeat “Double D’s” Beat Deconstruction

One of the many unsung heroes of the music industry is the producers. I decided to sit down with Charlotte, North Carolina’s own IGot20OnMyBeat — the producer of hit songs such as DaBaby’s “Walker Texas Ranger” — to talk about his origins and most recent rise with DaBaby and Stunna4Vegas. Above, I got to see 20 conduct a Genius-style beat deconstruction of Stunna4Vegas’s hit song, “Double D’s.” Check out the video and the short Q&A that derived from our sit-down. – – – – – – – First of all, I appreciate that you had me over here. When did you start producing? I started about 20 years ago, back when my brother was working with Rico Wade from the Dungeon Family. I was pretty much just being a brother and supporting. After a while, though, I started to take it seriously with my friend Joseph Fields, going to the crib after school and making beats on Fruity Loops. From there, I just stuck with it. So what were you listening to back then? Who inspired you coming up? Oh, man. I was listening to Timbaland, Missy Elliott, a lot of Ginuwine. Also, since Rico Wade was in my ear …

Watch DaBaby’s freestyle + interview on Sway

DaBaby is one of my favorite new artists in the game & I am certainly not the only one, so when I peeped that he linked up with Sway, Heather B & Tracy G I was eager to hear the conversation. You can expect them to speak about topics including the success of his brand new album Kirk, his homie Stunna 4 Vegas, where he was five years ago, his marketing tactics, being a leader in the Carolinas, the passing of his father, the success of “Suge”, maturing as an individual, his business mentality and his DJ even displayed some of his skills! Whenever one of the hottest new acts visits one of the most OG interviewers of all time, it’s only right to give them your utmost attention, check it out below!

Watch DaBaby’s brand new interview with The Breakfast Club

DaBaby has blown up extremely fast over the past year or so and is easily one of the hottest new acts out, so when he stopped by The Breakfast Club to speak with Angela, Envy & Charlamagne for a brand new interview I was glued to my screen. The four of them chopped it up about his brand new album + the meaning behind the title, how his child has changed his life, having strong security, working with Megan The Stallion, the relationship he & his father had, his tour life, his relationship with his DJ/producer, being from North Carolina, performing on Jimmy Fallon, artists who inspired him, Stunna 4 Vegas, how loyal his fan base is, working with Nicki Minaj, his track with Offset, and much more. Check out this brand new interview below!

Blitz – [LilJaySoIcy] Feat. [Stunna 4 Vegas]

I previously covered the release of “Blitz” from one of my favorite artists rising quickly out of Houston by the name of LilJaySoIcy. The rapper has been quickly leveling up both his sound and the type of collaborations he’s releasing. Stunna 4 Vegas is one of the first major artists to co-sign LilJaySoIcy, but it would appear that there are many more looking to work with and already recorded some potential hits. The video was filmed around a Stunna 4 Vegas show where LilJaySoIcy made a surprise guest appearance to perform their new banger. The song is now available on all streaming platforms so make sure to add to any of your playlists in which energy is required. Watch the video for “Blitz” below!

Blitz – [LilJaySoIcy] ft. [Stunna 4 Vegas]

A special moment for any artist is when a rising star links up with somebody more established opening them up to new fans all over. Houston up and comer LilJaySoIcy has done that linking up with one of the most buzzing artists out of Charlotte, Stunna 4 Vegas, for the new single “Blitz”. The beat, produced by Notsixx7, really highlights each artist’s respective signature flows. Stunna comes in with his typical aggression and LilJaySoIcy has a much more subdued delivery that hits just right. With this collaboration, it is most definitely exciting times for the artist who is making serious waves out in Houston. Stream the new single below and be on the lookout for more music from LilJaySoIcy soon!

Dialogue – [LilJaySolcy]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today, Rap-A-Lot artist LilJaySolcy offers a brand new visual for his single titled “Dialogue”. After recently linking up with artists such as YBN Nahmir, Stunna 4 Vegas, and Splurge, Jay felt inspired and wanted to release something that showcased his full talent, abilities, and potential. Throughout “Dialogue”, Jay keeps a consistent flow that allows listeners to vibe and feel his energy to an extent that most songs and artists don’t allow. In terms of the video, Jay flawlessly matched the means of the song by staying close to home, surrounded by his friends and family. With other popular songs, such as “No Cigs” and “Inspector Gadget”, starting to receive the buzz that they deserve, I’m almost certain that we will be hearing from Jay more and more as the year progresses. In the meantime, be sure to watch LilJaySolcy’s video for “Dialogue” below and follow the young artist on Instagram and Twitter!