Chill – [Bakar]

Last year, Bakar dropped off one what became lowkey one of my favorite projects of the year in Badkid. It hasn’t really left rotation, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wondering what he would do next. Back for the first time since the release — and landing a track on the FIFA 19 soundtrack, mind you — Bakar delivers again with a two for one special, in “Chill” and “Sold Your Soul.” Honestly… both are strong, so pick your poison…but given the more upbeat feel, “Chill” is the way to go if this is your first Bakar experience. Built around a simple yet effective guitar riff, the Zach Mahome-produced effort grabs you immediately. The straightforward yet snappy production is perfect for Bakar’s natural energy, and he keeps the effortless, even-keeled attitude until the very end, adopting an off-kilter, raw approach that, even with the dramatic change in styles, works so damn well. No matter what approach he takes, Bakar can’t miss; “Chill” is a microcosm for what makes the aforementioned Badkid album so good, so be sure to check it out below!


In the streaming age of music, complete, unique ideas and albums are often compromised for the sake of quick appeal. Whether accredited to monetary gain, the ease of finding success via trend-hopping, or for the sake of virality, a considerable portion of popular music has continuously turned away from quality in favor of pure volume and therefore, increased streams. However, while this idea certainly caters to the general consensus of decreasing attention spans, it certainly doesn’t condemn the success of the groups and artists who take the opposite route, putting out full albums and achieving growth through quality releases and authenticity. Certainly, this might come at the cost of time, but in the eyes of longevity, artists can still make a lasting impact in this way, just as New York city band LAUNDRY DAY is opting to do. Comprised of 5 members — Etai, Sawyer, HW, HP, and Jude — LAUNDRY DAY is an operation born out of friendship. Reflected in the pure cohesivity of their three projects to date (including their latest, HOMESICK), the group works as a whole, communicating impassioned, undeniably genuine accounts of the life and emotions that they know best. Sonically, LAUNDRY DAY’s versatility plays into …

Oside Mamacita – [TROSSTHEGIANT] ft. [Foggieraw][Kadri Williams]

Lyrical Lemonade regular TROSSTHEGIANT is back with a brand new single that I’m sure will have a lot of people buzzing. Back in January, his single “Big Stuff” literally did big stuff after being featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist. Today, the Oceanside rapper has decided to bless us with a new offering that adds to his already strong 2019 campaign.  On this new one, entitled “Oside Mamacita”, TROSSTHEGIANT has tapped his homies Foggieraw and Kadri Williams to add their own personal flavor to this piece. The Erik Kingsley produced track starts off extremely strong and sets the tone for an amazing vibe that extends from start to finish. Only adding to this, Foggieraw absolutely murders the first verse with his unique style and memorable ad-libs, and TROSSTHEGIANT follows up with a solid verse of his own. With this, the way his lyrical flow perfectly bounces off of the stellar beat will have you putting this song on repeat for a long time, and equally as great is the ending appearance from Kadri Williams, who adds a nice outro, singing his own rendition of Girlfriend, by *NSYNC.  This track really has it all and I’m excited for you guys …

Velvet EP – [Juto]

At a time when constantly inundating the internet with every single thing you’ve been working on seems to be the move for a lot of up-and-coming artists, singer-songwriter Juto is proof that some of the best work comes after you’ve remained low-key. My introduction to Juto’s music came sometime last year when I heard his cover of Daniel Caesar’s “Get You”, and since then, I was hooked to the soulful, guitar-drenched R&B that he carefully crafted in the few pieces of music he’d put out. Today, Juto makes his boldest statement as an artist yet with the release of his new EP, Velvet. Over 7 tracks, he locks a listener into a shoegaze daydream where it feels like you’re constantly stumbling into love with the start of each new song. For an artist who seems decisive about what he decides to put out into the world, Velvet feels like an especially refined step, communicating profound attention to detail that comes through in the selective production choices throughout the EP. In such a way, Juto makes the most of the strongest weapons in his arsenal — his voice and his guitar — giving these elements the most shine while simultaneously creating …

Girls – [Yung Baby Tate]

At 22 years old, Yung Baby Tate has already been making music longer than many of her peers who are just getting into the game. The Atlanta artist has been making her own beats when she was 13, and she dropped her debut ‘ROYGBIV’ project in 2015. Since then, Tate has been pushing genre boundaries, seamlessly playing with different styles to pave a lane with a sound that’s distinctly hers. This month, she’s come through with one of her most sonically diverse projects yet, dedicated to a subject that’s just as dynamic as the songs themselves. ‘Girls’ serves as a conceptual counterpart to Tate’s 2018 project ‘Boys’, and it’s even bolder than its predecessor. Tate finds her niche somewhere in the middle of bubblegum pop, ATL trap, and retro RnB, bending these genres in a way I’ve never quite heard before. The mix of her influences comes through most potently on highlights like “Bad Girl”–she slips into sticky, sugar-coated melodies before going bar-after-bar in a punchy verse delivered with cutthroat confidence. Her natural explosiveness is matched by the production all throughout the project, as distorted bass and buzzing saw synths cut jagged edges around her smooth vocal style. While the …

A Closer Look Into Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

On the Road Again, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Talks the New Approach of Latest Project “Suffer On,” the Impact of Lil Peep’s Death, Major Label Wooing, and the Future of GothBoiClique For the first time ever on a headlining tour, Adam McIlwee, the Pennsylvania  electronic angst auteur who records as Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, has gone out with a stage backdrop, and it’s impressive. But last week in Brooklyn, he didn’t use it. No need, really, as the artist was performing in front of one of the most dramatic views a New York venue has to offer: the elevated tracks of the J, M and Z trains, which rumble by periodically mid-set, just outside the beloved indie venue Market Hotel. It feels like a moment for Wicca Phase. Maybe not a splashy, look-at-me moment, but then, flexing is not really for McIlwee, who at 29 has already logged several notable chapters in an unlikely musical path, one that’s bridged punk, hip-hop, emo, and most recently evolved into singer-songwriter acoustics. He’s still based in his native Scranton, PA, where in the late 2000’s he fronted the indie outfit Tiger’s Jaw, until more electronic and experimental tendencies led him to split from …

No Wonder – [Billy]

Billy came across my radar thanks to two spots on Kevin George’s 2018 standout EP, Fortina, and he’s been impressing me ever since. A diamond in the “rough” Billy’s sound is lightyears ahead of where you would think he is. There’s so much more to the game than having great music, but as evidenced on his latest cut, “No Wonder,”  it’s only a matter of time until “the rest” catches up. With a vocal effort that weaves between singing and rapping with an emotional, atmospheric filter, “No Wonder” will certainly resonate with rap fans. While he excels in that realm, ultimately it’s the pop undertones he sneaks into the music–here it’s in the productions drum-driven backbone–that gives him that irresistibly catchy, pop-centric sound. Get in on the ground floor while you still can! Extra credit: “Heart Breaker” 

STEAK AND SHAKE – [PreauXX] feat. [AWFM]

Memphis based artist, PreauXX returns from a brief hiatus to share his new single and visual for “STEAK AND SHAKE” featuring AWFM. His new NSFW video is a strong declaration from the gifted rapper who is clearly ready for a big return. The video begins with hard-hitting production from C MaJor as PreauXX and AWFM return to their mundane jobs as cooks at the local store. Alternating between their mundane jobs and a dream-like reality, PreauXX and AWFM go from the stove to a vacant parking lot accompanied by a single video vixen. The video reflex’s the two versions of the rappers and producer’s lives as well as the struggles they go through to fulfill their true calling. PreauXX looks to return with a splash by releasing his upcoming EP, LuXXurious Steve Austin, on Monday (March 25). you’re feeling the new video from PreauXX make sure to show him some love on Twitter and Instagram.

Don’t Waste My Time – [SAULT]

The mysterious trio known as SAULT returns with their second single, “Don’t Waste My Time.” The cloud of mystery surrounding this group and their continued execution of quality record’s proves they are just getting started. The group’s new song is rooted in funky bass-lines with rhythmic orchestration reminiscent of the early 70’s. The funk-soaked ballad revels in self-confidence, powerful lyrics promoting strong-willed convictions provide the song with a necessary edge, providing a refreshing contrast between lyrics and production. The hip-stirring offering shines a light on the dynamic ability of the group who appear to be capable of capturing the most captivating elements of every genre. SAULT’s new song comes off the heels of their debut single, “We Are the Sun” shared in early February. Make sure to show some support for the emerging trio by following them on Twitter and Instagram.

Inception – [Da$H]

In the world of rap today, consistency is key, and few artists have responded to this call better than Da$H. One release after another, you can always expect Da$H to impress, and such is the case today with his brand new music video for “Inception”. Otherworldy as can be and decorated with tripped-out imagery, this offering takes the budding talent’s hard-nosed style and brings it to the next level with an endlessly captivating set of edits. Da$H’s music is good as it is, but when you have a such a strong visual companion to match, it’s easy to tell why fans flock toward the Loose Skrew himself and all of his consistently high-quality releases. That said, “Inception” is a must-watch, so check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced and Directed by Revenxnt Mixed by Nick Knows