Satisfy My Soul – [BigBodyFiji]

BigBodyFiji is a Chicago gem who has been a fan favorite on our pages here for some years now, and earlier today he released a brand new record titled “Satisfy My Soul”. You can always trust that BigBodyFiji is going to stretch the creative imagination when he creates music, he has never made a dull song and he didn’t’ start now, in fact he created one of his most abstract tracks to date and let me be the first to tell you it’s a banger! The crazy instrumental that producer Seer whipped up on this was nothing like I have ever heard before, and Fiji took advantage of the beat in front of him and made a track that’s sure to be in rotation for the rest of the year. Check out this new song below and if you like it follow Fiji here.

Thank the Gang – [Twelve’Len]

Miami-native Twelve’Len has appeared on the pages of LL before as a guest–most recently as a part of Cesar Santalo’s “Light You Up“–but here he makes his solo-Lemonade debut thanks to a charismatic effort in “Thank The Gang.” For this one, the up-and-comer takes a second to celebrate not just his accomplishments but the people behind him who have made it all possible and he does so with a retro twist. Grabbing a chiming, cushioned beat from Mickey De Grand IV & FnZ and loading the visuals with fluorescent lights and a blurry coating (, Twelve’Len gives off an 80’s R&B type feel. Even with a cushioned 80’s vibe, his voice is still splashed that Florida grit to give the effort some edge. No word on if this is a part of anything larger as of yet, but considering how strong this track is, it wouldn’t surprise me to see it on a tracklist down the line.

Better – [Mac Ayres]

Though this is his first time gracing the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, this isn’t Mac Ayres’ first rodeo. Thanks to a pair of stellar projects, Ayres has, time and time again, showcased a special ability to cut right through me with the emotion he packs into his lighter, softer crooning. Ayer’s unique brand of R&B just hits different, and his latest” Better” is no exception…it even hits differently than his prior releases. The Sea Cliff, NY native has always seemed to lean to the slower side of things, perhaps because it’s a great environment for his melancholy-doused vocals. On “Better,” however, Ayres connects with a different sound. His feathery vocals, seemingly glide atop the breezy, infectious instrumental to create a  feel-good, sun-kissed track that much lighter feel. Let’s hope Mac has more in store for us soon because this sound is perfect for Summer playlists. Extra Credit: “Calvin’s Joint” & “Get To You Again”

Injury Reserve – [Injury Reserve]

We’ve been hearing “Injury Reserve Coming Soon” for months now, and the day that we can finally listen to their self-titled album in full is here. Earlier this week, I wrote a piece highlighting everything the group has done so far including the singles in support of this album, what makes the group so great, and how committed they are to their craft. I’m happy to say that the group delivered with their latest release, as expected. The production on this project is layered, diverse, and pulls from a variety of genres. Elements of noise are heard on the hard-hitting second half of “What a Year It’s Been”, there’s some early 2000’s sounding production on the quirky “Gravy n’ Biscuits”, and “Best Spot In The House” features some glitchy and atmospheric production. “GTFU”, track three, is a journey in and of itself. It opens with a hard-hitting and raw, stripped-down beat, along with intense verses from Cakes Da Killa and Ritchie along with additional vocals from JPEGMAFIA that add a sense of chaos to the track. Before long though, the song transitions into this mystical soundscape backdropping a couple of brutally honest verses from Groggs and Ritchie. “Rap Song Tutorial” …

Basement Cypher (Hosted by Big Tigger) – [Beast Coast]

Rap fans who may be a little older can remember a time when every song wasn’t available at our fingertips, when every artist wasn’t so accessible, and when every freestyle wasn’t viral the minute it’s done. That’s what made Rap City’s Tha Basement series so special. Back when it was airing on BET Tha Basement was must watch for any rap fan. Often the only chance you got to see some of raps biggest stars, was under the blacklight of Tha Basement and it’s brought us some amazing moments like the Dipset cypher or Jay and Kanye spitting bars that can now be considered “classic.”  Excuse the stroll down memory lane, you have to pay some respect to Tha Basement, in order to understand why Beast Coast’s new “Basement Cypher” is so amazing. A nice homage to BET series, the New York collective consisting of the Pro Era crew, The Underachievers, and the Flatbush Zombies, gets together with the Basement, Big Tigger, and spit some fiery bars atop classic beats including “Survival Of The Fittest” and “Grindin.” More than the bars, the raw energy, or their palpable chemistry, the cypher is a cool tribute to the legendary series, and in a way, …

See If I Mean It – [Adrian Stresow]

Making a strong return to our pages today, Dallas artist Adrian Stresow releases a brand new visual for his Be Safe Out There lead single titled “See If I Mean It”. After taking a break from releasing for a few months, Adrian’s fans have been patiently waiting for his highly anticipated summer album. Announcing it earlier last week, he dropped the only single from the album accompanied by this incredible film below. Throughout the visual, which was directed by Zack Hefley, Adrian takes his fans on a journey through the last year of his life, including scenes from festival performances, private listening sessions, and trips that he’s taken to various cities within the US. Adrian’s upcoming album is set to drop next Wednesday, May 22, with seven additional tracks for a total of eight that will ultimately fabricate the message that Adrian has in mind. Be sure to watch Stresow’s visual for “See If I Mean It” below and follow him on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with news regarding Be Safe Out There!

Deem Spencer: Low-Key Taking the Legacy of Queens Hip-Hop Into Soulful, Vulnerable, Experimental Directions

Hip-hop is a big tent, with room for all kinds of voices, vibes, looks and personalities, right? Or at least, it ought to be. Too often though, as in other genres, one success story spawns scores of imitators, and A&R reps, managers and promoters—not generally known for seeking out the most unique and unconventional voices out there—scramble to find the next version of that person who blew up a few months back. Duplication is rewarded, and deviation from the commercially proven is viewed as suspect. Likewise, in a crowded landscape marked by a perpetual jockeying for attention on IG and Twitter, it’s often the loudest voices, the most colorful characters and outsize personalities that win the day and, of course, grab that money. Sometimes they’re little more than personality, but they know how to get noticed. So where does that leave a rapper with a subtler, less flashy, more low-key approach? Ask Deem Spencer. A product of south side Jamaica, Queens—a stone’s throw from JFK Airport—Spencer is a far cry from the noisy jets that populate his neighborhood, and not exactly a sonic descendant of Jamaica’s most celebrated musical idols, 50 Cent and G-Unit, though he’s a lifelong fan. With …

Kick in the Door (Freestyle) – [TROSSTHEGIANT]

Tanner Ross who goes by the name of TROSSTHEGIANT is an artist who we’ve covered frequently here on Lyrical Lemonade. The up and coming rapper has had strong showings on every single project he puts out, but this latest might be his most meaningful one yet. Just last week, the Oceanside native was diagnosed with Leukemia. For some, this news would be crushing, but for Tanner, it was just another opportunity for him to show how bright his light is. In the midst of painful nights, hospital stays and maximum uncertainty, the 21-year-old rapper decided to drop a music video. Yes, you heard that right; While battling cancer, TROSSTHEGIANT dropped a fricken music video. I’ve never witnessed an artist do something like this before and it’s truly a tribute to Tanner’s resilience. Back in December, TROSS dropped a freestyle video set to “Potato Salad” and today he’s returned with a brand new joint that pays tribute to Biggie Small’s “Kick in the Door”. As always, TROSS blesses our ears with an unrivaled flow and lyrical mastery. He’s at a point where he’s already proved that he can rap on any beat, so excellence can always be expected. The hard-hitting beat …

Rockstar – [Lil Shock]

North Carolina youngster Lil Shock finally has dropped his first music video with fiery visuals for “Rockstar.” 2019 may be the year that ends up breaking Shock or at least putting him at the forefront of the swelling Carolina movement that’s been going strong this year. He’s been putting up respectable numbers on his Soundcloud and “Rockstar” is his most popular song to date. For the video, the emerging emcee teams up with director Rick Lancaster who is also a native of North Carolina and has been making noise in his own right. The video features Lil Shock burning belongings of his in a field as he wanders through a field strumming an electric guitar. The next step for Shock will be for him to expand on his sound to separate himself from the rest of the pack. He seems to be a product of this somber and sad rap wave and that’s not a problem as long as he’s able to carve out and hone his own sound to stand out. Watch the visuals for Lil Shock’s debut video “Rockstar” after the break.

Hold Me Back – [KB]

By: Stacy Burse, Jr. “My homies call me Thanos, cause that brother only snaps/” As he compares himself to Thanos, Florida-rapper KB (@kb_hga) really “snaps” on his new track, “Hold Me Back”. “Hold Me Back” is produced by Cardec Drums (@cardecdrums) and the song serves as an anthem to everyone who’s felt like things or people are trying to hold them back from achieving their dreams. Directed by Caleb Natale (@caleb_natale), who is known for his amazing visual effects and originally gained a following from Vine, the video shows KB in various locations like on top of a truck and behind-the-scenes with his tour-mates, all while including various eye-catching effects. This one is definitely a solid release, so check out the “Hold Me Back” video below and let us know what you think in the comments.