Behind The Scenes of SSGKobes “MIA” Music Video

Late last night we released our new music video for “MIA” by SSGKobe, it was a fun project that has been received well so far, and today we are back with the behind-the-scenes footage from that video shoot. This music video was shot a few weeks ago in Los Angeles, a lot of work and production went into making this song come to life, and Chris Long did a fantastic job of documenting it all. Let’s be real, where else on the internet are you going to see your favorite new rapper with live tarantulas on his face? Get familiar with how this music video came to life by pressing play below!

MIA – [SSGKobe]

SSGKobe is a young superstar who we are massive fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade, we worked with him in the past on “Calabasas”, and today he is back with a new LL-directed music video for “MIA”. This record has been teased on SSGKobe’s social media accounts a few different times in the past and it’s been a wildly requested track from his growing fanbase, it needed the perfect visual to compliment the audio, and that’s precisely what we received. One area that SSGKobe excels is with his gift to make songs that are undeniably catchy like this one, because when you hear a song like “MIA”, it doesn’t take a music expert to hear the potential that this song has. The future is bright for ssgkobe, he’s going to be one of the standouts of his class, and I am having a great time watching him + his peers continue to grow as artists.

Calabasas – [SSGKobe]

SSGKobe is an artist that we have been posting about on our website since 2019, he is a versatile artist out of Louisana that we are huge fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade. Just a couple of minutes ago, we released the brand new music video for SSGKobe’s record called “Calabasas” featuring $NOT. This song just has that classic Lyrical Lemonade feel to it, we’ve all agreed that it reminds us of an underground track that’s going to blow up + launch SSGKobe’s career to stardom. Kobe + $NOT displayed some amazing chemistry on this song, they complimented each other flawlessly over the hard-hitting production, it’s a song that will leave you wanting more collaborations from them in the future. Keep an eye out for this man Kobe, I have a good feeling that he’s going to be one of the leaders of this new class of music.

Feelings – [ssgkobe]

ssgkobe is a name that I have been hearing more and more from my friends who are very knowledgeable about music + the industry, he’s a rising young talent that many people have their eye on, and today he is back with a brand new offering titled “Feelings” with Internet Money. I don’t even have to explain how the Internet Money collective can help artists become superstars in a short amount of time, it’s well known at this point because they have done it time and time again, they only work with artists that they really believe in so that’s a great co-sign for ssgkobe to have. It makes sense though because ssgkobe seemingly has all of the talents that you need to become super successful in music, on this joint he created a very ear-pleasing record but that’s a common thing for him. Enough talking about it though, dive into the music below!

Sandlot – [ssgkobe]

ssgkobe is somebody whose name I have been seeing around the internet every now and then for a minute, but I didn’t get a chance to listen until today when I heard his new record “Sandlot”. My homie Jake Wilson suggested that I check this record out and I am very pleased that I did because it’s not only a melodic track that has an insanely catchy hook, but ssgkobe also floated on the verses & made it an all-around memorable track. I need to take a closer look at ssgkobe’s catalog, but I have liked what I heard so far, and I believe that this kid has a bright future ahead of him. Stream this new track via Spotify below!

Pick Sides – [Heffie]

The narrative that “SoundCloud is dead” is a dangerous blanket statement. With communities of artists from Summrs to Lil Tecca, Autumn!, ssgkobe, and so much more, SoundCloud still fosters several flourishing pockets of music. In fact, not only are these artists seeing strong loyalty from dedicated SoundCloud followings, but they’re also experiencing notable cross-platform growth between SoundCloud and Instagram. The fans are there, they’re listening to the music, and furthermore, they’re following the artists, noting SoundCloud’s strong infrastructure for music discovery, even today. One artist showing strong promise out of the SoundCloud world is New Jersey’s Heffie. Just 16 years old, Heffie’s fervent sense of melody is a standout in the SoundCloud community that he exists in, and quite honestly, feels like it could easily translate to even larger crowds. The budding talent’s most recent release, “Pick Sides,” is a personal favorite, and one that pairs Heffie’s emotive songwriting and strong vocal presence with stellar, piano-driven production at the hands of Ran. With an artistic ability that exceeds what one might expect from a 16-year-old, Heffie is clearly a talent to watch, and “Pick Sides” is the song to keep on repeat. Check this one out below and remember, never …

Love The Hate – [ssgkobe]

There’s no way to deny that melodic rappers have quickly risen to the top of the charts, people around the world have flocked to it for good reason. One of my favorite rising melody-heavy artists is ssgkobe, a young emcee that has already shown he has an innate ability to ride any beat with ease. Having a steady amount of releases on his SoundCloud, the progression from release to release shows wild levels of growth for the upcoming artist. Earlier this week ssgkobe dropped Love The Hate,  a 3-song EP that is a sample size of what he is capable of. The intro track “Winner” features a much more laidback delivery, compared to “Cherish” which has a beat that could have been from a mid-2000’s R&B banger. “Strain” is the final track on the project and by far the stand out in my eyes, this has ssgkobe with a cadence on par with Tecca. Since Love The Hate is only 3 tracks deep, it only makes sense to give it a run through down below!

No. 9 – [ssgkobe]

Today I am happy to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade audience to a young artist that has been making waves in the underground for some time. His name is ssgkobe and less than a week ago he dropped an impressive 3-track EP titled THREETWO that features melodic flows, big energy, and intricate lyrics. Only a few short days since this release, ssgkobe has already returned with “No. 9” that has his melodic abilities on full display. His flows are definitely inspired by his upbringing in Louisiana but bring a completely different delivery than a lot of the other artist’s we’ve seen come from that area as of late. Be sure to get familiar with the rising artist, his name will start popping up more frequently in the coming months. Stream “No. 9” below! Produced by Woodpecker