Gelato – [Matty Wood$]

If you aren’t in tune with St. Louis creative Matty Wood$ yet, his brand new music video for “Gelato” is a great place to start. We here at Lyrical Lemonade are big fans of Matty, we caught up with him earlier this year for an interview, so I couldn’t wait to dive into this one after seeing them tease it on social media couple days prior. Whenever Matty Wood$ connects with Pat Banahan it always turns into something good, this is their third great music video so far in 2019 alone, and I am sure it won’t be too long before they’re at it again! Watch this brand new visual below and if you like it don’t forget to follow Matty here. Produced by Slick

A Lot To Lose – [24KGoldn]

Between a budding music career, attending USC, and apparently some international travel, 24KGoldn has a lot going on, and his latest offering, “A Lot To Lose,” suggests just this. With “Valentino” still in heavy rotation, Goldn showcases a different side on this one. Where the former was upbeat and full of braggadocio, “A Lot To Lose” has a more emotionally-charged direction. As the West Coast native wanders the streets of Tokyo (made even more colorful by some slick editing), he reflects on the struggle of maintaining a relationship with so much going personally and professionally, and while the song is filled with emotion, Goldn does a great job of not overdoing, remaining in his sweet spot all the way throughout. Whether on an upbeat banger like “Valentino” or showcasing his softer side here, it’s clear 24KGoldn has a great feel for the track and it lets his natural energy shine through. That said, be sure to check out “A Lot To Lose” below and let us know what you think in the comments! Prod. Jaasu & Omer Fedi

Somebody – [RobOlu] ft. [Jaché]

I’ve been hip to Atlanta native RobOlu for some time now, and over time, I’ve noticed an incredible amount of growth from the rising talent. Quite clearly, he’s always developing and growing his sound, and today, this hard work comes full circle with my favorite release from Olu to date — “Somebody” featuring Jaché. Melodic as can be, the unmatched smoothness of this song makes it an easy-to-love crossover track between the hypnotic worlds of rap and R&B. With each successive line, Olu bounces his slick deliveries off of Jaché’s unbelievable vocals, and the result is a tremendous balance between hard-hitting and gentle. Needless to say, in all of its love-minded lyricism, “Somebody” is a brief yet highly entertaining listen, generating a near-perfect representation of two incredibly talented artists and their ability to demonstrate the art of passion in music. That said, “Somebody” has just the right sound to connect with a broad array of fans, so be sure not only to check out the song and accompanying video below, but also to show it to all of your friends. RobOlu and Jaché make the perfect combination, and the world needs to hear it. Produced by @senseiatl Shot by @JCrumpOriginal

Baggy Eyes EP – [Michael Christmas]

This past Friday, Boston’s very own Michael Christmas blessed streaming services with his Baggy Eyes EP, originally released in 2016. It was clearly long overdue, given that it’s a project brimming with well-produced bangers that should be heard by any fan of the relatable and talented Michael Christmas. Baggy Eyes consists of charming and catchy tracks that continue to show off Christmas’s budding personality and humor. The production on here is really impressive, as we get a collection of uplifting and soulful instrumentals, along with some bouncy and melodic trap-flavored beats. Christmas also proves how talented a rapper he is, with some really slick flows and jaw-dropping rhyme schemes supporting his addicting hooks. The nuclear “Drums Might Wake Ya Mama Up” is the hardest-hitting track on the project, and features some dramatic strings during the chorus of the track, along with some flowery and spacey production during the verses. Vintage Lee, who released a single last month with MadeinTYO, is also featured on here and makes this track an overload of charisma between the two emcees. The legendary $ilkMoney is also featured on “Who Cares”. This is a great collection of tracks that stand as some of Christmas’s best work …

Family Ties – [Benji.] ft. [Inez]

Amidst a myriad of things and people that will come and go throughout the years, family is one of the unbreakable ties that we have in this life. Whether biological or not, it’s what reminds us that we’re all in this together at the end of the day, and further, it’s something that we know will always be there for us to fall back on when we need it. Here to speak to this sentiment in a beautiful, uplifting way is an artist by the name of Benji. and his latest release, “Family Ties,” featuring Inez. Supported by a bubbling instrumental and lively supply of percussion, this offering finds Benji. in several different settings, all of which keep things entertaining without losing the purpose of the song in the process. Meanwhile, the rising talent’s slick flows and rapidly-paced, highly-impressive lyrical performance ride right alongside, circling back around to the concept of family with an impeccable chorus form Inez, seamlessly communicating the beauty of the family ties that we all have in some way, shape, or form. “Family Ties” the song is an enthralling listen on its own, but once the imagery of real families and a variety of different humans …


One word to describe, INFAMOUSIZAK’s latest cut, “HOMEOWNER”? Clean. Unfortunately, one word doesn’t make for much of a write-up, so allow me to expand on the Lyrical Lemonade newcomer. Packaged perfectly with a set of slick black and white visuals that reflect the London-rappers understated, fashionable vibe, “Homeowner” connects on all levels. Though the video is certainly sleek, it’s still the music that engines the effort. A catchy, chiming beat swerves as the backdrop for INFAMOUSIZAKS hybrid-sung-rapped style where he showcases a smooth flow and his melodic chops, effortlessly merging the two together.; he evens sneaks in a few slick, clever bars with a Simpsons-themed hook. Clean, engaging, but making it look effortless, “HOMEOWNER” is definitely a win for the London product.

Now – [Lil Gotit]

Be sure to take special note of where you are in life right now, because when your grandkids ask you where you were for hip-hop’s “baby” renaissance, you are going to want to know. I’ve been loving this SAINt JHN track, “Trap” which features one of the hottest rappers in the game in Lil Baby. DaBaby’s album has been on steady repeat. As has the new EP from Sahbabii. And that’s just the start… Already cosigned by Thugger and signed to Alamo, I know I’m late to the game here, but, now, I’m adding Lil Gotit to the list. Keeping the “baby” momentum going, The Atlanta product dropped off his Hood Baby album at the end of last year to the list and a new track, “Da Real Hoodbabies,” last month. I’m fully convinced “Da Real Hoodbabies” is a smash, but it didn’t stop Gotit from returning with another visually-assisted effort in “Now.” Though it is a little grimier and more sinister than his prior, off-the-wall effort — as reflected in the difference in visuals — it is just as potent thanks to the lethal combo of the rib-cage rattling beat and Gotit’s slick cadence and inextinguishable swagger. “Now” is a must-watch for all of our readers out there, so check …

Psychodrama – [Dave]

Though he may be a new name to Americans, Dave is arguably the hottest rapper in the U.K. right now at just 20 years old. Already putting up some crazy numbers across the pond, Dave is ready to go global, and the release of his powerful debut album, Psychodrama, might be what puts him over the edge. Just 2:20 seconds into the album’s opening track, when he seamlessly changes his flow to match the slick beat-switch, is all it will take to convince you that Dave is something special, but “Psycho” is just the tip of the iceberg. Whether it’s “Black” — a demonstrative statement about race and identity, “Lesley” — a gripping 11-minute storytelling track, or the more colorful “Voices,” Dave showcases his ability to take on heady subjects with authenticity while supported by top-notch production. As a result, Psychodrama never comes across as preachy and never lacks the punch needed to translate to listeners on all continents. That said, Dave is a name you are gonna want to get familiar with, so definitely give Psychodrama the time it deserves.  

Frank Leone – [Go For It]

Frank Leone is something like a veteran on our lemon filled pages, he has been popping up on this site for years now and today he is making his return with his brand new record titled “Go For It”. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on what Frank Leone’s music was all about and I have enjoyed it to this point, but on this joint he came through with his shit talking, pretty boy slick talk that complimented the beat flawlessly. I was impressed overall with this tune and I hope to see Frank Leone experiment a little bit more with this type of sound more in the future. Check out this brand new offering via Soundcloud below and if you like it be sure to give him a repost! Mixed by Nate Burgess • Produced by HWLS & Sebastian Sartor

I’ll Be Fine – [Matty Wood$]

Matty Wood$ is one of the best rappers coming out of St. Louis and has been a favorite here for some time now, but he just took a great leap forward in his career with the release of his new album titled “I’ll Be Fine“. I have been listening to Matty Wood$ music for a couple years now and I thought I had a pretty firm idea of what his music is usually like, but he truly impressed me on this album because he used multiple different flows I have never heard from him before, leaving me stunned at often times literally having to check the track list to make sure it was him rapping. The instrumentals on this project paved the way for Matty to do his thing, so shout out to Parker Jazz, Slick, RichieKBeats, Sav, Breland, Luchii, and Mikzy for helping him out. The majority of the credit has to go to Matty though, he came through with a fantastic project and it’s only leaving me more excited for his future, check out this brand new tape below!