I’ll Be Fine – [Matty Wood$]

Matty Wood$ is one of the best rappers coming out of St. Louis and has been a favorite here for some time now, but he just took a great leap forward in his career with the release of his new album titled “I’ll Be Fine“. I have been listening to Matty Wood$ music for a couple years now and I thought I had a pretty firm idea of what his music is usually like, but he truly impressed me on this album because he used multiple different flows I have never heard from him before, leaving me stunned at often times literally having to check the track list to make sure it was him rapping. The instrumentals on this project paved the way for Matty to do his thing, so shout out to Parker Jazz, Slick, RichieKBeats, Sav, Breland, Luchii, and Mikzy for helping him out. The majority of the credit has to go to Matty though, he came through with a fantastic project and it’s only leaving me more excited for his future, check out this brand new tape below!

2y’s – [Tayy Brown]

Tayy Brown is a new artist to the Lyrical Lemonade pages, but we suspect he won’t be a new name soon, as the young hitmaker is sure to impress with his first appearance on our site. That said, we’re here today to shed a light on the Maryland native’s debut project, 2y’s. With influence from Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, and XXXTentacion, this tape packs a slick, addictive that easily sits right with fans of any kind. Having toured with Ski Mask The Slump God on his Ski Meets The World tour, Tayy is ready to spread his wings on the digital front now, and this tape is certainly a good introduction to his sound. Hear it below, and be on the lookout for more from the up-and-comer soon.

I’ll Be Fine – [Matty Wood$]

If there’s one area of the country that you should be directing your attention toward right now, it’s Saint Louis. Birthing an entirely new wave of music, this city is bringing its own, refreshing taste to the table right now, and needless to say, it has been a beautiful sight to watch for a music fan like myself. Helping to lead the charge out of his home city is an artist by the name of Matty Wood$. If you’ve been reading Lyrical Lemonade for some time now, you’ve probably heard Wood$’ name, but if not, today is the perfect day to get hip, as he just released his brand new, 17-song project, I’ll Be Fine. Denoted by the title, this tape is best seen as a form of self-assurance. Undoubtedly, Wood$ has been a talented hitmaker for some time now, but it’s with this project that he solidifies his stature and puts all of his chips on the table. One song after another, I’ll Be Fine is sun-soaked and charismatic, utilizing a soulful charm to keep listeners entertained throughout, and the result is one of the most exciting pieces of music to come out in recent months. Wood$ has plenty of potential …

Excited – [Saba]

Saba keeps the weekly drop streak going this Friday with yet another new song titled “Excited”. On the heels of last week’s Pivot Gang crew-cut “Blood” and the 2nd annual John Walt Day show, the West-side Chicago native’s work ethic seems to really be kicking into gear right now to end the year with a bang. On “Excited, Saba puts his flows on cruise control, navigating the beat with slick cadences that seem to come automatically for him. Always one to incorporate whatever’s going on in his life directly into his lyrics, he raps about the lifestyle of being on tour and being in a relationship and ties everything together into a warm, melodic hook. Frequent collaborators Daoud and DaeDaePIVOT handle the production alongside Saba himself, adding warm textures to his bars through soft horn sections and a steady bounce. Listen to “Excited” below, and be on the lookout for a possible new release next week from Saba as well:

500 Degreez – [Lauren Declasse]

Brooklyn born artist, Lauren Declasse has been surrounded by music from an early age. His mother an avid fan of 80’s hip-hop and disc jockey father raised young Lauren Declasse on helpful servings of Slick Rick, Earth Wind and Fire and The Lost Boys. These influences would manifest themselves into the skill Declasse holds today. Declasse has been releasing a series of singles throughout 2018 beginning in April and most recently his two-pack titled, Double Trouble. One of the leading songs from the offering, “500 Degreez” is a filled with scorching bars that match the tracks title. Declasse recruits the assistance of his close friend, Indigo Svn to add a verse where the two compliment each other’s rapid-fire delivery. The song itself boasts confidence, Declasse creates an infectious hook and then dismantles the track’s production with his throttling cadence. Listen to Lauren Declasse’s new song below and tell us what you think in the comment section!

U Know – [Coach Wave]

NY-born/DC-based artist Coach Wave dropped his ‘Green Island 4’ project earlier this summer, and on it, the versatile rapper proves his undeniable ear for catchy melodies and slick flows. One of the EP’s standout tracks, “U Know”, has just gotten a visual treatment which you can catch below. There’s a serene quality that immediately resonates from the instrumental, brought upon by a simple synth pattern matched with equally laidback drums that get a bounce going. Coach Wave’s melodic cadences fit perfectly, especially on the addictive hook he’s crafted. The video, directed by Pro Love Visuals with creative direction from Ayanna Mcneil & Verde, emphasize this overarching chillness with shots of Coach Wave sitting by the water in a moment of reflection. I recommend you stick around for the end of this video too–there’s a nice switch-up you don’t want to miss.

Watch Paul Wall’s brand new interview with Arian Foster

One of my favorite podcasts out right now is by far Arian Foster’s “Now What” podcast, he has put out a ton of great interviews with interesting people this year & the latest of the bunch is Texas legend Paul Wall. You will find the two of them speaking about plenty of things such as his family history, not wanting to do pop rap songs, Swishahouse Records, the making of “grillz”, Wu-Tang, jewelry, working with youth organizations, wanting to make a piece for Slick Rick, working with Atlantic Records, being a spokesman for cannabis brands, working with greats like Kanye & Nelly, how rap has changed and so much more. Take about an hour out of your day to check out this dope new conversation below and if you like it be sure to subscribe to Arian’s YouTube channel.

Check To Check – [Amon]

I first came across West Coast rapper Amon back in December when he dropped his video for a song called “Left”. His sense of humor immediately stood out, and the track’s upbeat tone made it instantly catchy. For his new video “Check To Check”, Amon brings the same lighthearted energy combined with slick flows that make light of the struggles he faces as an artist. “I’m the hardest working underachiever you ever met”, he raps, humbling himself in a way that’s both genuine and relatable for anyone who’s ever tried to make a living doing their own art. Director Threehoursago echoes the sentiments in the song, filming Amon and crew as they head to meet a record label exec, only to discover that their car is running out of gas. It’s hard not to laugh along to this track, and it’s equally difficult to deny the potential that’s on display in this video. Peep the visuals for Amon’s Check To Check below, and be on the lookout for his new EP dropping soon.

Moonshine – [Rebel World, Tha Gang] ft. [Majeur] & [Yung Sherm]

I think we can all agree that the best, or at least most exciting, part of SoundCloud is stumbling on gems that you didn’t necessarily set out to find. Today, this gem is “Moonshine” – the newest offering from a group called Rebel World, Tha Gang featuring guest spots from Majeur and Yung Sherm. Led by a mesmerizing instrumental courtesy of Drugzilla, the main reason why this track seemed to stick out to me right off the bat was due to the sky-high potential featured from each artist who takes to the mic. Every flow is adapted to the beat in a refreshing, unique way, and by maintaining a certain level of chemistry throughout this effort, “Moonshine” is raised onto a pedestal of slick lyricism and undying charisma. It’s certainly a gem, so be sure to keep an open ear and stream the single on SoundCloud at the link below!

Louie and the duffle bag – [Louie Kason]

Ohio-born Chicago-based artist Louie Kason has popped up on our page a couple times in the past, and today the young rapper is dropping his debut EP. On “louie and the duffle bag”, Kason homes in on his versatility and wield it to his advantage. Influences like Smino resonate in the more bouncy, melodic side of Kason’s catalog while others like Anderson .Paak come through in his willingness to experiment. The tape starts off on a particularly high note with the track “Pleased to meet.” Kason floats over the bubbly production and holds onto a listener’s attention, whether he’s rattling off fast-paced rhymes or flipping the hook from T Pain’s “Buy You A Drank”. Another one of my favorite tracks on the project, “Storytelling 333”, emphasizes his knack for slick flows and crafting hooks that make you want to play the song back again. With skills like these in his pocket, Louie Kason holds his own on this EP and hopefully has more to offer following this strong debut: