Changes – [Sike The Drug] x [Heffy]

The close relationship and bond that Chicago native Sike The Drug has with Heffy shows so vividly in their music, their chemistry is undeniable and a couple weeks ago they dropped a new track called ‘”Changes”. These two artists blend together in perfect harmony whenever they connect but this one was something else man, I have been listening to and supporting Sike’s music since 2015 and this is my favorite song from him yet, you can tell that they both put a ton into this one. Take a couple of minutes of your night to stream this brand new tune via Soundcloud below! Produced by Hounds

Black Girl Magic – [Alex Du Buclet]

Alex Du Buclet is a Lyrical Lemonade veteran, you just may not know it because she hasn’t released music in a MINUTE, but she is making her way back to our platform today with her brand new offering titled “Black Girl Magic”. I remember first posting about Alex Du Buclet back in early 2016 when she did a collab with Sike The Drug and IsaiahG amongst other talented individuals, and in late 2016 I got the chance to feature her in a Q&A back when LL was way smaller, so it’s amazing to see her blossoming into this extraordinary artist. This new record is a soulful and touching song that you can tell Alex put a mass amount of energy into, and it turned out to be a beautiful record that appears to be apart of a full length project that is set to drop later this year. Do yourself a huge favor and check out this new tune below, and if you like it be sure to share it with a friend or loved one!

Horse – [Sike The Drug] Ft. [FSNCLUTCH]

Sike The Drug is an emcee from Chicago who is certainly no stanger to our pages, and this morning he is making his return to our website with his brand new offering titled “Horse” featuring FSNCLUTCH. It’s kind of weird to think that I have been listening to Sike’s music for already a few years now, he has improved immensely since 2015 and he won’t slow up if you ask me, he’s still barely out of his teenage years too so he has time on his side. These two artists went back and forth over the enormous instrumental, they created an overall good sound with the melody they whipped up, but still went hard in the verses with braggadocious rhymes. Press play below and if you like the track give Sike a follow on Soundcloud here!

Inna Loop – [Sike The Drug]

One of my favorite things about writing about and sharing new music on our website is that you get to see artists grow musically but also individually as people,  and I don’t think there is many more artists we have posted more often in the past few years compared to Chicago native Sike The Drug. Sike and Heffy have been on a wave of their own all of 2018, and they connected yet again on this new joint titled “Inna Loop”, this time around with Heffy handling all of the production duties. I had a good feeling about this one before I clicked play and I surely was not disappointed in the least but, enough of my thoughts though, check it out for yourself below!

Viceworld – [Heffy] & [Sike The Drug]

Chicago natives Sike The Drug and Heffy recently connected for a brand new banger titled “Viceworld”, so it was only a matter of time before they hit our pages with this one. Heffy started this one off with some real rock star energy as he created a addicting melody that paved the way perfectly for Sike The Drug to jump on the beat half way through to put the cherry on top of this great record. Take a few minutes out of your day below to check out this new tune and if you like it be sure to keep up with Heffy by giving him a follow on Soundcloud here.

Pray 4 Me – [$ike The Drug]

If you check our website frequently there is no way you haven’t heard of $ike The Drug by now, and tonight the Chicago native is making his return with his brand new song titled “Pray 4 Me”. I have been listening to his music for a few years now, and it’s not often you hear him bring this type of high energy to the booth, but with how good the song turned out I hope to see hime experiment with this sound a little more. Take a few minutes of your time to peep this brand new tune below and if you like it be sure to follow Sike here! Produced by Machobeats

Play Me – [$ike The Drug]

$ike The Drug has been appearing on our platform for at least three years now, and this afternoon the young Chicago native is back with a brand new tune with “Play Me”. He joined forces with red hot producers Cortdot & Staccato who laced him with this massive & ear grabbing instrumental, and Sike wasted no time taking this stellar beat and creating a hit out of it. 2018 is looking like the year that $ike begins to take the next big strides in his career, but as we wait for that point press play below!

C4 – [Sike The Drug]

Sike The Drug has been a regular on our pages for what seems like years now, and today the Lyrical Lemonade favorite is back with his brand new offering titled “C4”. The track starts with the ear grabbing production that was provided by Alecto, before Sike hopped on the beat smoothly and blessed his listeners with a melodic banger that is jam packed with catchy bars. 2018 id looking to be a huge year for the young Chicago native, I am excited to see where he takes it from here, press play below!

Do The Math – [Sike The Drug] x [JayChris]

Sike The Drug has been a common name on our pages for years now, and tonight he is back with his new tune titled “Do The Math” featuring JayChris. The two of them joined forces with DJ Stain to create something like a Big 3, and together the trio created a hot new banger that will be in your rotation all year. Both Sike and Jay added some impressive contributions to this one, laying solid verses & delivering addicting melodies. Check out this brand new joint below! Hosted by DJ Stain

LL Presents: The $ike The Drug Q&A

If you know anything about Lyrical Lemonade, then you surely know that $ike The Drug has been featured on our pages for years now, so I made it a point to make sure he was the latest guest featured in our Q&A segment. $ike is one of the most talented and underrated artist from Chicago in my opinion, he creates some of the most ear pleasing music that I have ever heard, in large part thanks to his ability to create attention grabbing melodies at an alarming rate. I first met $ike about three years ago, and his growth as an artist since that point has been inspiring to say the least, I’m very excited to see where he takes it from here. Take a few minutes of your time to learn a thing or two about him below, and be sure to keep up with his movement by giving him a follow here!     — EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers that may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself $ike: I’m $ike and I just turned 19 a few days ago I’m  from the westside of Chicago but I be all around the city …