FIX YOUR FACE-[seeyousoon]

“Simply put, FIX YOUR FACE is a song about getting weird looks from people in public. As a rather weird-looking group of people, we’re no strangers to this concept. It’s a feeling we wanted to harness and turn into something empowering. The next time you catch a weird glare just listen to the song and you’ll understand.” – seeyousoon Floridian 9-piece collective seeyousoon returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a unique song and visual titled “FIX YOUR FACE.” Off their upcoming project HZLIKHELL, the track follows their first single “NO DAYLIGHT.” Everything about the record peaked my interest, and the emphatic song title alone enticed me to give it a listen at the very least. The accompanying CULT CLASSIC directed music video fantastically captures the overall vibe of the offering as well as the personality behind it. I also love the cover art, which similarly juxtaposes attention and bewilderment via facial structural positioning. Conceptually it’s probably one of the more clever tracks I’ve heard all year, since the meaning behind it is widely understood yet rarely discussed. Sonically the release is experimental with a fun variety of indie and hip-hop elements, and the Pharrell esque production is what I’d also expect …

Fever – [seeyousoon]

Floridian 9-piece collective seeyousoon looks to take 2021 by storm with the reveal of an off-kilter hip-hop offering entitled “Fever.” On this record the group is showcasing the flows that have seen the collective gain critical praise over warped beats, the track reflects the first step of a busy few months for seeyousoon. Speaking on the release, seeyousoon stated via email.“Fever” is the precursor to our 2nd full-length album. It represents the risks that we’re willing to take to make sure that we’re always breaking barriers and trying new things. It’s a blistering two-minute ride. Get ready for a lot more.” seeyousoon had a solid debut in 2020, with their 14-track album ‘VIDE’ picking up wide-scale support from platforms such asThe FADER, Pigeons & Planes, COLORS, Ones To Watch, The Joe Budden Podcast, and many more. With plenty more on the way this year, you’d be keeping tabs on seeyousoon this year. Fans who are in love with rap supergroups such as Brockhampton, 99 Neighbors, and AG Club should find a place for seeyousoon in your playlist. Listen to seeyousoon’s new single “Fever” after the break.


9 different stories. 9 different perspectives. 9 different gifts. 9 different sounds.  The list goes on and on in regards to the various dynamics that each member of seeyousoon possesses, but also serves as a testament to how cohesive a final product can be when it is brought together by the love of music. It’s no surprise that the Florida based 9-piece is loaded with immense talent. The group spans from vocalists, Maddie, Mitch, Josh, Luke, Dre and Drex; as well as producers Denny, Ignacio and Kenny. For the past couple of months, it seems as if we’ve been slowly seeing the pieces being put together for seeyousoon. From their impressive debut followed by strong singles, the talent filled bunch has been crafting a masterpiece with delicate focus and a meticulous approach…all to finally lead up to their debut album.    The project, entitled VIDÉ is something of pure art. The 14 track offering is a decisive showing of what makes seeyousoon so special and why they’re here to stay for the long haul. In my opinion, it would be a short sell to liken them to any other group we’ve seen before, since there is a distinct uniqueness that is extremely present. …

Blue Chord-[seeyousoon]

seeyousoon is the unbelievably talented dynamic 9 piece from Florida. The up and coming group has already dropped some amazing tracks in the last couple of months and today they’re back with their third single entitled, “Blue Chord”. I was able to snag a quote from the squad about the song and they explained that: “To us, Blue Chord is a stand-out moment from our upcoming album. It started out as more of an experiment than anything, trying out more dance-forward production and writing. When it was all said and done the track ended up becoming one of our favorites. Not only that but it also served as a reminder to stay loose and keep an open mind in regard to trying new things with our music.” “Blue Chord” is just too good of a song to pass up. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

ICFWT – [seeyousoon]

The nine-piece Florida collective seeyousoon came into the music space with an incredible introduction back in February. Their debut single, “Steamy,” gained immediate buzz as it’s energy-laced foundation showcased a group who was clearly onto something. Although this is just the beginning of their journey, seeyousoon shows flashes of a group that you will want to keep an eye on as they continue to release music that adds another element to their growing identity and ability. Although seeyousoon’s first release relied on energy invoking drums and crisp rap delivery, the group’s most recent release, “ICFWT,” illustrates a new style that is closer to R&B. The hybrid style, which still incorporates the lyrical chops of the rapping members, is a euphoric balance that hints at the group’s ability to diversify their sound. Built atop of defiant drums and engulfing bass lines, seeyousoon creates an enticing record that widely broadens the dynamic ability previously shown on their debut release. There is no denying the talent that resides in each member of the Sunshine State collective and it appears that each release will continue to introduce us to the individual talents that make this group so complimentary. Listen to “ICFWT” by seeyousoon below.

Steamy – [seeyousoon]

Florida based music collective seeyousoon releases a wildly entertaining video that may be one of the best you’ll see this week entitled “Steamy.” In 2018 seeyousoon was formed as a group comprised of vocalists Mitch, Maddie, Josh, Luke, Dre and Drex teamed up with producers Ignacio, Kenny, and Denny. In “Steamy” the group uses the booth as a literal therapy session as each member gets somethings off their chests. The video highlights different forms of therapy in which different members participate in one on one, group, and looking at one’s self in the mirror. If your a fan of multi-genre music collectives like Brockhampton and 99 Neighbors then Seeyousoon doesn’t veer much far from that sound. In an article by way of The Fader, seeyousoon stated that this was actually the first record they recorded as a group together. So it was only right that this would be the first single introducing them to the masses. Watch the music for seeyousoon’s “Steamy” after the break.