Signs – [Shy Lennox]

Here on this fine Valentine’s Day, an artist by the name of Shy Lennox is returning to the spotlight with a powerful new video for his song, “Signs.” This video opens on Lennox waking up in a field displaying an obvious look of confusion when he sees a group of masked figures in the distance. The group of big-headed figures begins dancing sporadically, and matching this, there exists an echo of the song’s bass-line and electronic influences. A series of subliminal messages throughout the video further the deeper meaning here, which beautifully symbolizes the internal struggle that the song is centered around. We hope to hear and see more from Shy Lennox this year as he shows a clear understanding and ability to translate his art from the music medium to the visual, so don’t sleep. Watch the new video below and make sure to show Shy Lennox some love on social media by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

Mushroom Chocolate – [Quin] Ft. [6LACK]

I’m not overly sentimental (nor am I in a relationship), so by no means am I a reliable source for information on appropriate Valentine’s Day presents, but instead of flowers that die, a bear that collects dust in the closet by late April, or some expensive candy, why not send your Valentine a link to Quin’s, new, 6LACK-assisted effort “Mushroom Chocolate”? Sure, it may not be “traditional,” but when they get the message, it will serve the same purpose and (assuming they have good taste in music) will certainly yield the same results. Quin kicks off the cut stressing the importance of having someone by your side (and how good it feels when you do) before being joined 6LACK who shares in the sentiment and showcases palpable chemistry with the track’s creator. Make no mistake, this isn’t your average, sappy love song, though. Quins smooth, sultry vocals give “Mushroom Chocolate” and exotic energy and, for an R&B-centric cut, “Mushroom Chocolate” has an irresponsible amount of “slap” to it thanks to the boardwork of the legendary producer, Chuck Inglish. For now “Mushroom Chocolate” is just a loosie, but it’ll likely end up on her next project, which appears to be titled, Lucid.

Motivational Nothings 19′ – [Gud]

As an artist, it’s important to formulate a clear message with your music so as to most impactfully reach listeners, and with his latest offering, “Motivational Nothings ’19”, Sweden native Gud is ready to exemplify just this. Not only does he wear his heart on his sleeve, but Gud also knows exactly how to translate this open emotion into music that a myriad of fans can enjoy. Further so, he displays his skills with brevity, using just under a minute to bring forth a blast of emotion with this one, lyric by lyric. If not anything else, “Motivational Nothings ’19” is a cherry on top for Gud’s already deeply impressive catalog, as it proves that he has even more up his sleeve for fans to feast on in the coming months. That said, I could continue talking about my excitement around this one, but I’ll just let the music speak for itself. Listen to Gud’s latest at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Lazy – [Jackson]

Vulnerability as an artist is often what allows fans to connect to the music they listen to, and displaying this today is Lyrical Lemonade favorite Jackson, here to deliver his latest single by the name of “Lazy”. Backed by a simplistic yet deeply emotional guitar-based instrumental, this offering doesn’t need more than a few simple elements of music to bring forth its message. Jackson’s masterful control over the passion in his vocals as well as the way he intertwines himself within the instrumental is second to none, and as a result, “Lazy” is a perfect example of his talents, both on the sonic side of things as well as the lyrical side. We’ve been covering this budding artist for quite some time now, and to say that we have noticed some growth in his art is an understatement. Jackson is on his way to having a highly prosperous 2019, so keep an eye out for him and listen to his latest single at the link provided below!

Buzzed Love – [REGALJASON]

Throughout my days, I listen to a lot of great music, but it is very rare that I hear a song that completely catches me off guard. Whenever I stumble upon one of those tracks though, it’s only right that I tell you guys about it. ‘Buzzed Love’ is a song by Lyrical Lemonade newcomer, REGALJASON, that blew me away. The 19 year old British-Jamaican singer/songwriter definitely came out swinging with his debut offering.  The track starts off with a melodic organ accompaniment that seamlessly escorts you into the inviting experience of REGALJASON’s voice. The production was utterly magnificent, but the most impressive part about this piece is definitely the vocal talents that are displayed by this rising artist. Once you’re sucked into the ambience thats created by this song, you’ll realize that this is a piece of art that also conveys a very important message. ‘Buzzed Love’ is a track that illustrates the party life style and all of the ups and downs that come along with it. Just like it’s easy to get caught up in the party scene, REGALJASON makes it just as easy to get caught up in this song, as I have been for the …

Church – [Samm Henshaw] ft. [EARTHGANG]

After the Revenge Of The Dreamers sessions, I’m anxious to get my hands on any and all Dreamville-related music I can. Today, that comes in the form of an EARTHGANG-assisted effort from Samm Henshaw entitled “Church.” It’s a fitting title for the Josh Grant-produced number, which, thanks to the anthemic clapping and energetic, choir-esque background vocals, has a vibrant, spiritual vibe. Henshaw kicks off the effort, showcasing his smooth, soulful vocals, and he knocks it out of the park on the crescendoing chorus that brings the energy to a fever pitch. As expected, EARTHGANG comes through with their signature bounce and personality, Venus & Dot sharing the back half of the track to deliver a non-denominationally spiritual message. A fun-loving, colorful effort comes equipped with a VHS-inspired lyric video guaranteed to put a smile on your face.      

Watch Future’s brand new interview with Nessa

Future is riding high fresh off of the release of his well received new album, and he recently stopped by Hot 97 for an intimate new interview with Nessa! You will find Future speaking about everything such as cutting down his lean usage, his biggest regrets, Andre 3000, evolving as an artist, what he looks for in relationships, his WIZRD album, his thoughts on social media, mentoring younger artists such as Young Thug, where his confidence comes from, wanting to see artists dreams come true, coming from nothing, being a great father, what to expect from him after this and much more. Check out this brand new interview below!

Watch Josi Green’s brand new interview with Illanoize

Josi Green is an artist that we have been covering here on Lyrical Lemonade for some years now, and today he is making his return with his brand new interview with Illanoize! You will find the three of them asking Josi about plenty of things such as living in both Chicago and Texas, the music culture of both of those cities, being in the studio with Paul Wall, how moving to Texas influenced his music, a project that he is dropping later this month, collaborating with Ro, looking at his analytics, marketing himself as an artist, going to school, how his crew AIM came together, his relationship with Chi Adkins, the recording process of Bad Habits, being inspired by J. Cole, Lupe & Wale, the message he wants to send in his music and so much more. Check out this awesome new conversation below!

Habits – [Lil Durk]

Lil Durk has a fantastic year in 2018 and he is starting the new year off on a good note with the release of his sobering new music video for “Habits”. This record was a fan favorite off of Lil Durk’s well received Signed To The Streets 3 album so it’s amazing to see it get the proper visual that it deserved, and I must say that Lil Durk & video director Laka Films went above & beyond here! The record itself has a precious message attached to it about being careful about developing harmful habits, he displayed how different negative habits can trouble you, great job to everyone involved. Take a few minutes out of your day to check out this brand new music video below!

New Year Theme Song – [HDBeenDope]

Already ten days into 2019, you might be struggling for some motivation to follow through on all those resolutions you made. Should that be the case (or even it if it’s not) you need to press play on HDBeenDope’s latest offering, “New Year Theme Song.” Determined to have a breakout year the Lyrical Lemonade Newcomer, comes out of the gate hot with an incendiary offering where he officially lays 2018–and all of its setbacks–to rest. Atop the horn-laden backdrop, HD recounts the adversity he faced last year–including what sounds like with falling out with Atlantic– utilizing a razor sharp flow and some loaded bars to get his authentic message across. Though the New York emcee really pulls back the proverbial curtain, he never compromises his confidence; a testament to his energy, flawless delivery, and, most importantly, his conviction. No word yet on larger plans for HDBeenDope, but if he attacks 2019 with even half as much energy as he did this track, it should be a big year for him.