Greenlight – [Obai]

More likely than not, you haven’t heard of Obai, a fourteen year old artist out of Phoenix, Arizona. At age thirteen, the young artist had no experience in writing music, yet alone recording songs. However, as demonstrated recently with the rapid emergence of Maryland’s Redveil, talent is talent regardless of age. His latest single “Greenlight” is what caught my attention, which includes a relaxed melody over Obai’s soft vocals. More so a singer than a rapper, the romantic subject matter is sure to capture the attention of r&b and pop fanatics. Plus, the lyrics are mostly radio-friendly, making it suitable for a larger mainstream audience. According to Obai, he wrote the track around 5 a.m. in the morning while recovering from the corona-virus, with the end product being filled with potential. Hungry for success, he simply believes that his music needs the right audience for him to evolve. With a Lyrical Lemonade debut now under his belt, I look forward to monitoring Obai’s journey as a young creative and individual. Check out the release below, which is available on all platforms!            

Niagara – [Redveil]

Redveil makes his return to the Lyrical Lemonade pages with the newest release with his album entitled ‘Niagara’. Every post I feel as if I emphasize how talent and how young these newer artists are. When I first heard Redveil’s single “Soulfood” I was impressed with his rapping ability but wondered what else could he offer or if he could expand his sound. At 16 years old rap traditionalists will walk away impressed with how far ahead and how much raw talent that this kid holds. He’s already received cosigns from Rob Markman, Don Lemon of Brockhampton and more. ‘Niagara’ is a 10 track album that runs just under 25 mins which should give listeners plenty of time to run the project back over again for their listening pleasure. If your a fan of heavily sample-based productions and are fans of Lyrical favorites like Mavi and Earl Sweatshirt then Redveil is definitely an artist you want to keep track of moving forward. Stream Redveil’s new album ‘Niagra’ for yourself after the break.

Soulfood – [Redveil]

I always get this feeling of satisfaction when I recognize a sample used in a track I’m hearing for the first time. This is what initially caught my ear when I heard “Soulfood,” by sixteen year-old Redveil, and I’m happy I continued to listen because he proved to be quite the talent. While I enjoy hearing a familiar sample, I’m also worried that an artist may botch it when making it their own and implementing it into their track. However, Redveil proves to have a good ear, picking a beat (produced by Tom from Mars) that maintains the soulful nature of the sample while adding a groovy, compelling aspect to it that is further complemented by Redveil’s delivery. Vocally, the Maryland-native starts with a laid-back flow but ramps it up a bit in the second verse, showing off some interesting introspection and storytelling.  The lyrics here are evident that Redveil is more mature than most kids his age, so it will be exciting to see where he goes from here, lyrically and sonically. Check out this single on Spotify down below and Apple Music here.