Die in a Flashback – [Ness Heads] ft. [femdot]

In Ness Heads new single, Die in a Flashback she teams up with the incredibly talented, fellow Chicagoan, femdot. The track lays a beautifully smooth instrumental and a catchy hook, Ness provided us with a smooth flow that’s very electronic/pop-inspired. The chorus is then accompanied with femdot trying out a newer flow that works really well with the instrumental; it’s hard, it’s fast, it’s gritty and it’s real. Femdot’s flow really is able to create a smooth feeling that entices listeners into the song. The record overall is meticulously crafted to really compliment each individual’s talent and I’m really excited about where both artists will go from here. Take some time out of your Friday and watch or stream this new offering below! Produced by Evan McKnight and Sam Woodwall • Directed by Evan McKnight

Coming Clean EP-[Brandon]

The day we have all been waiting for is finally here. The highly anticipated collection of songs by Brandon has officially released and to no surprise, the immediate responses and reactions have been overwhelmingly positive to say the least. Since stumbling on Brandon more than over a year ago, I have seen the young artist grow right before my eyes in matters of maturity and wisdom. With every single release and every single drop, Brandon has managed to create a safe space that listeners can escape to in order to feel a sense of honesty, love and belonging. After seeing all of the people who have shown support of this project, it is clear that what Brandon is doing is much bigger than music…He’s bringing people together, which is a beautiful thing to see in all aspects. I’ve spent time with the EP since it’s been out and it is an undeniable fact that Brandon smashed this one out of the park. Each song tells a story. Each song evokes a certain feeling; and each song will touch your heart in a way that you didn’t know was possible. Each song is powerful in it’s own way, but the focus …

Gleesh Place – [King Von]

I’m a massive fan of King Von and some people might claim that I’m biased because I’m so close to the city of Chicago, making the music scene pretty much right in my backyard. While bias might’ve played a part in my admiration for the Chicagoan at first, it takes only one listen to any of his songs to understand exactly why I’m not the only one buzzing about the incredible Rapper. His storytelling is as truthful as it is captivating and his ruthless, aggressive demeanor makes you believe every single lyric he spits, providing even more believability than I can describe with words. As he gears up for the release of his newly announced debut album Welcome to O-Block, set to come out a week from today, he also decided to bless fans with yet another story that is as vivid and real as ever before, as well as an accompanying music video. As the instrumental begins, momentous synths start out soft with a low volume as it builds into an epic basis for Von to go off the rails and unleash his narrative unlike ever before. When he does come in, additional synths, Trap percussion, and clean 808s also …

556 – [Comethazine]

After what seems like an eternity of hype and anticipation, Comethazine is back and better than ever with his brand-new project Bawskee 4, an incredible addition to the Bawskee series that he has been building on since he came onto the scene a few years ago. While it’s been abundantly obvious that there’s nothing nice or friendly about Comethazine, at least according to his music, his antihero demeanor is something that is as compelling as it is attention-grabbing. His one-liners are always well thought out and his attitude is just magnetic, at least for me, drawing me back in for every new song or project he puts out. Although I want to give Bawskee 4 a deeper listen before getting more in-depth about it, he also decided to complement the project with the release of the very timely, creepy, JMP-directed music video for one of the tape’s standout songs “556”. As it opens up, Comethazine and a group of friends are inside of a somewhat eerie, haunting wooden house, and I’m assuming they were enjoying a night of fun before things took a turn for the worst. He has his back to the old-timey front door as someone pounds, seemingly …

Vault #2 – [Jasmine Pecson]

Jasmine Pecson is finding herself back on our platform this afternoon with her brand new project “Vault #2”, and it’s extremely good! Jasmine Pecson makes ear-pleasing music that you can’t really categorize into one specific genre, in my opinion, I hear elements of R&B, Pop, Soul, and even some hip-hop influence. Jasmine Pecson has a distinct voice that stands out and commands your attention whenever her music is playing, she is clearly a great songwriter and has all of the necessary abilities to have success in the music industry. This project is just a taste of what Jasmine Pecson is capable of making, I predict she will make classic albums in the future and continue to rise + grow as an artist. Until then though, stream this new EP on Spotify below!

Alley Oop – [MBNel] ft. [Fenix Flexin]

Obviously, there’s an overflow of talent pouring out of the California music scene, but this is nothing new if you’re even remotely familiar with music in general. When it comes to the various Rap acts hailing from the coastal state, I’ve always been a fan of all the different vibey, synthy offerings that have come out over the years, which actually makes it tough for me to single out an individual artist who I favor over the rest. While MBNel is a slightly newer name for me, he has quickly risen through the ranks and become one of my absolute favorite talents due to the incorporation of his individualistic backstory and sheer skills, among many other things. One of the songs I was most excited for when I saw the tracklist for Child of the Trenches II prior to its release featured Fenix Flexin, one of the most notable West Coast acts you can think of, and this record, called “Alley Oop”, exceeded any of my expectations tenfold. Luckily, the duo linked up once again to bring this song to life in the form of a brand-new music video, directed by Carrington, and I couldn’t be more excited. As the …

I Don’t Mind (Official Music Video)-[Tobias Dray] feat. [Ben chandler]

Tobias Dray is a very exciting act who is making his way onto Lyrical Lemonade for a stellar offering that dropped a little while ago. If you’ve seen the song, “I Don’t Mind” pop up on any of your spotify playlists, I advise you to take time out of your day to indulge in the stellar piece as it’s been stuck in my head ever since hearing it. The mastermind behind it, Tobias Dray is a well-polished producer who is making a name for himself in a way that will prove to be beneficial for his overall career. His ability to make tasteful beats and full songs is the exact reason why so many artists are itching to hop on one of his tracks. Just recently, the 24-year-old Toronto based producer enlisted help from well-known artist, Ben Chandler to bring his own personal flare to the impressive “I Don’t Mind” track. Like I said, this song has been stuck in my head for a while now and to make it even better, Tobias dropped a brand new video for the titular song. The fun and energetic story is the perfect compliment to an already amazing song which makes this a …

Pontiac Made DDG: From YouTuber to Rap Star in the Making

“People still talk shit now about me being a ‘YouTube rapper’ but I feel like its undeniable at this point. I’m on the radio, I got songs that are gold and getting tons of streams—like what else can I show them?” -DDG Gaining success on YouTube has become more and more of a common thing in the current generation of creatives. There are tons of people who make a living from their YouTube career. Even while gaining tons of views, subscribers and followers, there seems to be a stigma about when YouTube influencers begin to branch off into other business ventures. Lots of people think it’s not a genuine fanbase, they only succeed because their subscribers will support anything that they do, and they don’t think its fair to those who may be starting from the bottom. For DDG, he has seen it and heard it all before, and he isn’t letting that stop him at all. DDG (also known as Pontiac Made DDG) earned tons on success on his multiple YouTube channels which all currently have over 9 million subscribers combined. Being no stranger to what the fame may feel like, DDG decided to venture off into the rap …

Terry Crews – [Lo Village]

Lo Village returns with their newly released and incredibly timely single, “Terry Crews.” The recently shared single from the talented trio embodies a message of thoughtfulness and prioritization of human issues over trivial wants and desires, such as money and fame. The group’s decision to delve deeper into more political and social themes comes to no surprise as Lo Village has always sprinkled moments of introspection into their music. Produced by frequent collaborator Frankie Scoca, the Gaithersburg based collective each share introspective verses on the importance of staying down to earth while dodging the inevitable pull of celebrity. “Terry Crews” is the first single from the group’s forthcoming Lost In America EP and understandable deeper dive into content that tackles the shifting world around them.  Cover Art: Daeun Suk Listen to “Terry Crews” by Lo Village below.

Only God Knows – [Kye Colors]

Kye Colors is one of my favorite artists out of the midwest, he is without a doubt my favorite artist out of Kansas City, and today he is back with a brand new music video for “Only God Knows”. Earlier this year (pre-pandemic) when Kye Colors came up to Chicago for a show, he stopped by the Lyrical Lemonade office for an interview, and while on that trip he connected with video director Mike Del Rosario to make this visual + they did a fantastic job if you ask me. This song was off of Kye’s new project With Love By Faith that just dropped not too long ago, so after you watch this video, I highly suggest you head to your preferred streaming platform + listen to that tape. Go ahead and watch this brand new music video below!