Helvetica – [Jelani Aryeh]

Avid listeners who have keep their ear to the ground will undoubtedly recognize the name Jelani Aryeh. The young dynamo made waves in early 2017 after the release of his seven-track project, Suburban Destinesia. Since then, Aryeh has been mastering his craft and fine-tuning parts of his artistic expression that have manifested themselves into his latest release, a nine-track EP entitled, Helvetica. Fans of Aryeh’s ability to merge hip-hop sensibilities with alternative production and orchestration are in for a treat when they sit down and listen to the sonic intimacy of his latest release. The new project opens with the electronic orchestration of “Curls.” Reflecting on his identity as a black Filipino in America, Aryeh sets a firm precedent for the subject matter and production to be featured on the remainder of the EP. Seamlessly transitioning from the energetic bounce of “Earl Grey” to the heartfelt nostalgia of “Jetfuel,” Aryeh manages to touch on every aspect of his personal life. This utter transparency and willingness to be intimate with his audience not only is admirable but a genius decision when taking into account the grand yet reeled-in orchestration of the project. Helvetica is immersive, to say the least, attracting you …

Scoreboard – [Kembe X]

Kembe X continues his strong 2019 return to music with a brand new video for his single “Scoreboard.” This track is the latest to receive a set of visuals from his album ‘I Was Depressed Until I Made This’ that dropped back in late October. One thing that stood out for me on Kembe’s 13-track album is the range of his song making ability. After you watch this video for “Scoreboard” listen to records like “Killscope” and “Spotlight.” None of those songs sound remotely the same but Kembe’s able to keep the same narrative throughout the album. The Chicago veteran is able to illustrate the different ways he maneuvers through struggling with mental awareness. By doing this he also shows how it reshapes his perception of the world around him. Psycho Films and Kembe were able to create a great video for this record and the lighting and colors for the video were very hypnotic in a lot of scenes and transitions. Watch Kembe X’s video for “Scoreboard” after the break below.


I have often talked about my love for the Oakland rap scene and recently even recently covered one of the best projects to come out of the city this year with WADE08’s BLAP but my other clear choice for best mixtape of 2019 from the Bay Area was BOSSLIFE BIG SPENCE’s wildly entertaining and charismatic debut release titled BOSSLIFE SUMMER: The Life Chose Me. Recently Big Spence just unveiled his a new video for his track “Uncle Harold,” that shows every ounce of Spence’s natural talent, as well as his overflowing confidence that makes him so exciting to listen to. Produced by the duo of the wildly talented Drew Banga and Julia Lewis, Spence easily slid over their bouncy and sanguine instrumental and went to work from the first drop. As usual, he came with his distinctly Oakland flow and personal brand of bravado that is undeniable. BOSSLIFE BIG SPENCE is next up out of Oakland and that is not even up for debate at this point, and I would strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with him before he becomes a household name.

Woah – [Lil Baby]

It goes without saying that Lil Baby has been one of the hottest artists to rise over the last couple of years. Ever since his signing with QC, he has been on fire and has yet to be put out. That being said, Lil Baby is back with another hit “Woah” produced by his frequent collaborator and super producer Quay Global. This time around, Lil Baby is back with another anthem not only for the streets, but for everyone to dance to as well. Coming alongside an Instagram Triller vid, this will be strictly a joint that can be put on and will be guaranteed to go off at any party, riding in the car, or for any personal enjoyment. Lil Baby is gearing up for the release of his highly-anticipated album My Turn. QC has been extremely active all of this year with all their newest signees and releases, so no doubt in mind he will deliver and give the fans exactly what they expect from him. Stream “Woah” Below!

In Due Time – [p-rallel]

Music writing has brought me a number of benefits as far as learning about a host of new songs and elements of culture, but my favorite two aspects that it has afforded me are a newfound knowledge on other cultures across the globe, as well as introducing me to new music that I have a limited prior knowledge of but greatly enjoy nonetheless. London’s p-rallel encompasses both of these things, and for those who are unfamiliar with his reputation or his work he is a producer and DJ who has a great notoriety within London’s party scene and also is a respected tour DJ with Northampton superstar Slowthai. His new project In Due Time is a brief three-track EP with a variety of distinct flavors. The opening cut “Tomorrow,” is a jazzy and laid-back tune driven by a distant saxophone alongside the subdued production but almost halfway in the track takes a more exciting turn with a sweet guitar riff and some more cosmic synths. This leads into the Lava La Rue featuring “99” that is much more in the club/dance vain and Lava La Rue comes onto this track perfectly and after the drop that leads into her hook, I couldn’t …

Dirty – [AQVOL]

Broward County artist AQVOL is a rare type of talent. He has rapidly etched his name onto the radars of many with his delicate vocals that are nothing short of infectious and after only a handful of releases he already has developed a distinct connection with his fanbase that has resulted in his new supporters commenting things like “I hope I get to meet you someday,” and “Smoking a blunt for you right now homie,” in celebration of AQVOL responding to his comment. That level of adoration and fandom is an incredibly rare achievement for such a relatively unknown artist, and I might find this unbelievable if I hadn’t heard his music for myself. “Dirty” exhibits the rare talent that AQVOL possesses that makes it possible to unlock such a rabid cult-following at his level of popularity and his lyrics are relatable in a way that is not overwhelmingly conversational but yet deeply personal. His vocals are gentle and have a particular tenderness that effortlessly endears him to his listeners who feel like he is singing directly to them. His falsetto is goosebump-inducing and I truly cannot wait to hear more from AQVOL soon. I am very, very excited to …

The Juice, Vol. II – [Emotional Oranges]

The soulful & mysterious LA duo Emotional Oranges is back with full force on their second full-length release of the year The Juice, Vol. II. Since then, they have begun their World Tour, released a handful of visuals, and have become much more visible since their initial burst onto the scene. The original idea of them covering their identities to the general public is starting to be pulled back–which ties directly into their music. As they progress throughout their career, do more shows, and release more music, we begin to really see who they areas individuals all throughout the lyricism and the sound waves of the music. Coming in at eight tracks long, The Juice, Vol II feels much more of a continuation of what we previously were premiered with back in May when the first project was release. However, this time around, their sounds have changed tremendously for the betterment of their skillset. The best part about the project, is that it is very difficult to put in a box. Creatively, this album pushes all boundaries that ever existed in the realm of R&B and raises the bar lightyears above what we have been accustomed to thus far. In just twenty-six minutes, we …

How I’m Feelin’ – [No Savage]

The DMV region has seen a heaping helping of rappers blow up over the years but recently it has seemed like this area’s ground is more fertile than ever as far as the number of artists that are poised to take the next step. One of the main talents that I have been watching for some time now is No Savage, an artist that is embraced by the streets completely but still makes emotional music that transcends time and tells his story, and consequently the stories of so many others in his community. His latest video for his track “How I’m Feelin’” is some of his most complete and best work so far and he continues to get better and better with each release. Savage uses a slight autotuned effect on his voice that only enhances his already enticing vocals and his melodic flow falls perfectly over the head-knocking instrumental. I am very excited to continue watching No Savage develop and I have no doubts he has a blindingly bright future.

Acid R&B Vol. 3 – [Heavy Mellow]

Back in May, the Lyrical Lemonade community was introduced to a game changing talent named Heavy Mellow. The highly touted musician/producer made it onto our pages for the release of his Acid R&B Vol. 2 tape, which was a project that showcased his Immaculate production and guitar skills. From that moment, I knew that as soon as Mellow dropped Vol. 3 we had to make sure it got featured on our page.  For all of you who have been waiting just like me, today is your lucky day. Heavy Mellow just recently dropped Acid R&B Vol. 3 and it’s literally everything you’d want it to be. A complete tape with just instrumental and production elements seems very boring to some, but to those who truly appreciate art, it’s nothing shy of a masterpiece. In this new tape, Heavy Mellow carefully crafts individual trips that seek to have a life of their own. Set to stellar production, the guitar riffs and solo carry every single piece on this brand new tape. Without the inclusion of vocals and samples, this leaves room for the music to genuinely speak for itself.  Vol. 3 was unreal and I’m so hype for Vol. 4. If …


Those unfamiliar with the exhilarating and continuously dynamic ability and talent of the San Antonio based collective FRITOGANG are in for a treat. With a new project and festival performance under their belt, the nine-man collective is building seismic steam that is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Their latest offering, a visual for their project-cut “ROTATION,” is another towering example of their DIY ability and chemistry as artists and performers. FRITOGANG’s new video, for those unfamiliar with the pre-established aesthetic of the clique, captures a house party in true vintage fashion. Seen laughing, lounging, rapping, singing, drinking and chilling, the dynamic group of artists welcomes viewers into their VHS-styled world. Bringing to life the laid-back production and even more relaxed delivery of each member’s verse, FRITOGANG does an excellent job of destroying the barrier that separates artists and fans. Welcoming viewers, new and old, into this world is not only admirable but strategic as this group continues to grow a fanbase while establishing their ever-evolving ability to create as a collective. There is no better time to get put onto a captivating artist or group of artists in this case, then in the early stages of their career, so get …