All Along – [Bonbon Anglais]

Bonbon Anglais’ new single, “All Along” is different. Not “different” in the way you describe an 8-year-olds art project, but different in that it’s one of the more unique songs, I’ve come across lately. No matter how many times I listen (a number which is growing constantly) I can’t quite place it in any one style, region, or genre. I may not know a lot about Bonbon Anglais– wrapped in a mystery, nobody seems to– but I know that “All Along” is a smash. The self-produced effort draws you in with an effervescent vibe set off by the warm, danceable beat and Anglais’ interesting vocals; I love the sticky drawl in his delivery. Don’t let the refreshing, tropical feel fool you, though, there’s some real meaning to take away from the lyrics, where the crooner comments on about how we spend our time and who (and who we don’t) spend it with. Keeping things light, free, and feel-good, but still having an emotional density, “All Along” is a super convincing offering and has me really excited for Bonbon Anglais’ future.

Raw Honey – [Drugdealer]

Late last month, Michael Collins, who leads the california-based outfit Drugdealer, saw it fit to deliver to us his new full-length record just in time for summer, Raw Honey, which will easily stay in rotation for the coming months. The record features Weyes Blood, who dropped a phenomenal record earlier this year, Harley and the Hummingbirds, and Dougie Poole. Mac Demarco, who happens to be releasing his highly-anticipated new album this Friday, helped with engineering. The production on here is colorful and uplifting, making for fun tracks that seem to strike a chord with many in a lyrical sense. The influences are apparent, but what he does with those influences is impressive, as he puts together a tracklist full of really enjoyable songs with good songwriting that coast along on top of lush instrumentation. Stand-outs include the Weyes Blood-assisted “Honey”, the upbeat and feel-good “Fools”, and “Lost in My Dream”. “Raw Honey” consists of some summer-essential gems that would be a crime to leave off your summer playlists, so check it out below and on all streaming services!        

Me, Myself And Irene – [Garrett Merk]

Life isn’t linear, and that’s both the beauty and pain of it. Whether it be in our love lives, working lives, or something else, we can never quite tell what the future holds, and consequently, reflection and introspection are a must. Here today to master both of these arts is Massachusetts artist and Lyrical Lemonade favorite, Garrett Merk, with his new song, “Me, Myself and Irene.” If not anything else, this single is a perfect representation of the aforementioned themes, as Merk tries to decipher the causes and effects of his life that led to where things are now. Lyrically, he’s brutally honest and deeply reflective, while sonically, his thoughtful tone and the hypnotic strumming of the instrumental foster a beautiful environment of sound. Needless to say, this track is a perfect follow-up to Merk’s previous offering, “Fools Gold,” reminding us once again that all signs are pointing up for Massachusetts’ own. Check out the latest single from Garrett Merk below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Premiere: welcome to chili’s – [99 Neighbors]

They say teamwork makes the dream work, and when it comes to 99 Neighbors, there is no doubt that this statement is true. A couple of months back, the rising collective made their debut on our site and today, I’m hyped to let y’all know that they’re back with a new offering that is a guaranteed banger! Back before Vine was stripped from our lives, one of my favorite 6-second videos on that app was the one centered around the tag line, “welcome to chili’s”! To pay respect to such an iconic video, the title of 99 Neighbors’ latest offering is literally titled “welcome to chili’s”; but don’t let the humorous name fool you, the song is serious in every sense of the word. This brand new offering opens up with a sick bass strum, setting a relaxed ambiance that carries throughout all 3 minutes. Further, the simplistic production effortlessly adds personality to the sound, freeing up a lot of space for Swank, Sam Paulino and HANKNATIVE to lay down some clever bars throughout the verses. Needless to say, each of them brings their own unique style to this joint, and it’s refreshing to hear such mature flows and lyrics. …

Coast/Clear – [Beast Coast]

Beast Coast, the ten-person supergroup that is comprised of Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies, Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, Issa Gold, CJ Fly and Ak the Savior. The group announced their formation with the release of “Left Hand” in early March which showcased a clever orchestration of some of the most gifted rappers occupying the East Coast. The group’s new single highlights the melodic capabilities of the ten-person collective. Produced by Powers Pleasant, the group trades melodic verses from one another opting out of the usual grit we see from the East coast natives. Showcasing a softer side, at least vocally, the ten-person collective have concocted a radio-ready single that leaves us beyond curious as to all that will be featured on their impending album. “Coast/Clear” is a testament to the versatility held by each member of the supergroup who’ve made a living off of their abilities to lyrically dismantle beats. Don’t be fooled though, despite the lofty production and delivery from each featured rapper the new record still has a serrated edge to it that is synonymous with the East Coast. Listen to the new single from the impending studio album from some of the East Coast’s finest. With no set …

Lucki announces The Freewave Tour

Chicago legend Lucki is pretty fresh off of the release of his well received project Freewave 3, and he just announced the nation wide tour he will be going on from 4/20 – 5/25. He will be accompanied by Swoosh and Q Da Fool, making this tour more of an experience than just a plain old show. You can check out the tour dates below and you can purchase tickets here! Tour Dates: 4/20 Santa Cruz, CA 4/23 Anaheim, CA 4/25 El Paso, TX 4/27 Denver, CO 4/30 Boulder, CO 5/2 Minneapolis, MN 5/3 Lawrence, KS 5/5 Columbus, OH 5/7 Washington D.C. 5/16 Ashbury Park, NJ 5/18 Cleveland, OH 5/22 Detroit, MI 5/25 Chicago, IL

Fools Gold – [Garrett Merk]

As an artist, it’s one thing to have a clear creative vision, but it’s an entirely different feat to be able to execute this vision in a way that listeners can connect with. One artist who has seemingly mastered this skill goes by the name Garrett Merk, and today, he’s here to provide a clear example of this prowess with his new single, “Fools Gold.” Supported by a supply of ground-shaking 808s, an electrifying acoustic guitar riff, and a shaking vocal sample, this offering brings several contrasting sounds together to make a song equally as unique as it is impressive. Merk’s vocals drift atop the production with an airy cadence that reflects the unwavering truth of the song, and complementing these vocal runs, the production stays right in tune, pushing the energy of “Fools Gold” forward. Needless to say, both sonically and lyrically, the budding talent clearly sees through the fake here, paving his own path with an eccentric sound and a clear head. That said, while we’ve covered Merk several times here on Lyrical Lemonade, the Massachusetts-raised talent might just have his best offering yet with this one, proving just how much growth he has seen as an artist throughout …

Foolie – [Asoh Black]

New York emcee Asoh Black has been continuing to strive and prosper thus far into 2019, and today he is continuing that trend with the release of his brand new music video titled “Foolie”. I have been supporting Asoh’s music for at least a couple of years now and let me be the first to tell you that this is by far his best release to date as far as quality goes, he has made some good songs & videos in the past but none as polished as this one. This one came out so crisp and clean in large part thanks to video director Cooper Davis who helped make Asoh look like the superstar that he is slowly but surely becoming, and I believe I speak for all of his fans when I say that hopefully they continue to work together more in the future. Take a few minutes of your day below to check out this new visual and if you like his style be sure to keep up with him by giving him a follow on IG here! Produced by My Best Friend Jacob

Studio Ground Rules – [Pivot Gang]

You’ve just been invited to a Pivot Gang studio session. Not sure what to do? Don’t trip—the Chicago crew’s latest cut comes with step-by-step instructions on how to not act a fool when in their presence. “Studio Ground Rules” is the latest posse cut to come from Chicago’s own Pivot Gang, and the squad offers up more of their signature charm, humor, and straight-forward rap style that fans have come to expect by now. They initiate a listener to how they like to run things in their dojo, stressing that they have little tolerance for bullshit once they’re locked in. Saba kicks things off by reminding us of just how creative he could get with one word, turning “hood” into a dozen different metaphors as if it’s nothing to him until he then passes the ball to Frsh Waters, who’s been giving us flashes of lyrical excellence since his return to the rap game last year. Waters’ contribution here is no exception either, as he holds his own with a verse that puts any doubts about his skills to rest. MFnMelo closes up the track with his unfazed, steady flow that’s as warm as it is intimidating, and the final …

Win – [Q Da Fool] [Kenny Beats]

After releasing their collaborative Bad Influence EP, it’s safe to say that Q Da Fool and Kenny Beats are making waves as one of the game’s most powerful pairings out right now. Between Q’s hard-nosed charisma and Kenny’s malleability as a producer, each song on the new EP was a banger, and today, the two talents are here to speak to this with a brand new set of visuals for “Win.” As one of my personal favorite cuts off of the project, I was certainly happy to hear that this song would be receiving some visual assistance, and now that the video is out, I must say it made me even more excited to throw this track on repeat today. Scenes of Q flexing his cash and women in a laundromat complement the carefree, high-energy feel of “Win,” and the result is a fantastic release, both in terms of the music and on the screen. That said, check this one out below and if you haven’t already, stream the Bad Influence EP here!