How We Intended – [Marlon Craft]

“When I got into this shi*, I had three general things I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to make impactful music that affected people’s lives for the better and potentially help educate or forward conversations; I wanted to make a living off totally uncompromised art; and I wanted to have the respect of the culture and the people in it whose opinions matter to me. Somehow in the midst of the horrific year that was 2020, I managed to reach a place where those goals have finally become a reality after hard years of work and dedication” – Marlon Craft Marlon Craft’s new album How We Intended is finally here and it’s absolutely phenomenal. Upholding New York’s hip-hop prominence, the Hell’s Kitchen emcee delivers on seventeen total tracks (including interludes). Sheer consistency of the immaculate organic instrumentation is perfectly aligned with Craft’s flow to create a blissful transitioning experience between each song. The features from Oswin Benjamin, Katori Waker, Chris Rivers & more all hit the mark to create a filler-free musical classic. Sonically there’s a record for anyone’s preference, as Marlon effortlessly dabbles between his underground roots and a more mainstream outlook. Addressing the world’s biggest problems, Marlon unapologetically performs …

GNF – [Polo G]

It could be my bias, but I feel like Chicago doesn’t get the respect it deserves for the number of world-class talents that the city produces, especially in music. Over the last few years, one of the most exciting new acts in not only Chicago but in the world is Polo G. He has become one of my personal favorite artists which his back to back classic albums, the weight that his words carry in his music, and the impact that he has had in the city + beyond. Polo G is no stranger to Lyrical Lemonade, as he and Cole have shot a music video for “21” in the past, but tonight they are back with their new visual for “GNF”. This is one of the most hard-hitting records that Polo G has ever created in my opinion, and I feel as if a majority of his fan base will agree with that statement. Polo & Cole shot this video right here in Chicago, they did a great job and hopefully, we see them work again later in 2021. Watch this brand new music video below! Photo by Jacksonvisuals

GFU – [Yak Gotti] [Yung Kayo] & [Sheck Wes]

Although it might be one of the more underrated labels in all of Rap music, Young Thug’s Young Stoner Life Records has a roster that could go toe to toe with any other label in existence. While artists like Gunna, Lil Keed, and Yak Gotti are obvious headliners, various other superstars have shown love to the label even if they’re not quite signed to it themselves. Most recently, Yak Gotti and YSL member Yung Kayo teamed up with New York’s very own energizer Sheck Wes in order to deliver an outrageous song called “GFU”, a brand-new single off of the upcoming album Slime Language 2. Taurus paved the way for this song through an absolutely remarkable yet uncharacteristic instrumental utilizing high-pitched, troublesome synths, a pitched down vocal sample, some clean percussion, and somewhat subdued drums that truly allow each and every artist to go absolutely insane as they’ve been known to do in the past. When Yak comes in, his words are just wild enough and his cadences are filled with enthusiasm just to the point where he can still keep his composure without reaching a tipping point and truly going insane. In the hook, they just pretty much chant …

Blu Monday – [Hakuna Bruv] x [Kei$ha]

Project FILO’s Hakuna Bruv returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a fitting new single entitled “Blu Monday.” Produced by fellow Middletown, Ohio native Kei$ha, the short and sweet track explores the drifting mind of Hakuna over an exhilarating synesthetic beat. Despite the offering’s brevity, conceptually the record intriguingly intertwines Hakuna’s fatherhood with his mental health. With unmissable, time-ticking chopped percussion, the entire vibe of the track flows so eloquently that the listener’s head bops will match the song’s rhythmic stride. As Hakuna admits he’s been “in his head way too often,” the artist’s somber apologies are restoratively met with an honorable vow to give his son a better overall life experience than his. Paving the way for his son will ease Hakuna’s burdens as he simultaneously rediscovers how to live and love, which simply provides no better feeling for him. Listen to “Blu Monday” by Hakuna Bruv below!

Onna Come Up (Remix) – [Lil Eazzyy] ft. [G Herbo]

Whenever an artist releases a singular song that literally hoists them into the spotlight and skyrockets their career, it’s most likely a track that is played all over the radio all around the country. While admittedly I haven’t listened to the radio in quite some time, I can only assume that Lil Eazzyy’s break out song “Onna Come Up” has been on repeat because that’s how it is for me even on the aux cord in my car. There’s just something about this song that is aggressive, inspiring, hard-hitting, hopeful and motivating all at the same time, and while it might have overtones of Chicago Drill sounds, Eazzyy makes sure to differentiate himself from many of the Chicago legends that originated this style of music. In fact, it’s evident that he’s not nearly a singular artist when listening to his unbelievable EP Underrated, which landed at #8 on our top 50 Chicago projects of 2020 list and could have even arguably been higher up depending on who you ask. While Eazzyy has drawn comparisons to Chicago artists like Polo G and G Herbo, he has clearly made a beyond sturdy case as to why he is a completely different kind …


The remarkably dynamic and high-energy sound of JOSHUA+, pronounced Joshua plus sign, found its way into my ears last week, and since I haven’t been able to stop running it. The newly surfaced artist is still fairly unknown, but his high-octane rap sound has an electrical current running through it that warrants an immense amount of excitement. His debut single, “PHARAOH,” holds nothing back and can be categorized as a synth-heavy, punk-like, in-your-face hip-hop single that does not waste any time in grabbing your attention and holding onto it with a vice grip. Unapologetic in every way, JOSHUA+ embodies recklessness, fueling your ego in the best way through an inflated cockiness while simultaneously delving into the duality of riding high and feeling low. Paired alongside immersive electronic trap-style production, architected by Owen Thomas, JOSHUA+ makes a compelling case for an artist to keep a very close eye on. JOSHUA+ said the below about his debut single and the trajectory he looks to plot for himself below, saying, “PHARAOH is about power, both sides of it. It’s about living in a world where sometimes you feel like the Pharaoh and sometimes you feel like the dog, that’s what the chains in …

Big Decisions – [Morray]

Morray may very well be the next mainstream rap artist to breakthrough from the state of North Carolina. Today the Fayetteville, North Carolina artist shares new visuals for his newest record “Big Decisions.” This is only the fifth record since Halloween that the 19-year-old emcee has dropped and his star power seems to rise with each release. He’s definitely in a very unique place in his career because the first record he released “Quicksand” has turned into a viral hit. This has caused some hip-hop talking heads to speculate that Morray is an industry plant. I myself on the other hand am deciding to focus on how moving his music and story. If you’re a fan of rappers who rap about struggle, pain with vivid stories like Lil Durk, Polo G, Rod Wave, Kevin Gates then Morray would seem like a perfect save for your music library. One thing I’ll give Morray an advantage over the rappers I’ve mentioned is how good his vocals are on his records. It makes sense how he’s received cosigns from his other rap peers like J.Cole, DaBaby, Rick Ross, and more. Watch Morray’s new video for “Big Decisions” for yourself after the break.

Everyday – [SoFaygo]

It seems like almost every day there is a new artist blowing up out of the Atlanta Rap scene, so it’s not a surprise at this point. Although many of these acts can be affiliated with gangs or make ruthless, hardcore Trap music, it can be surprising when an artist like SoFaygo began to mark his territory. His sound is unlike anything else in Atlanta, and although I’m relatively new to his music, it seems as if he embraces this individuality and uses it as a catalyst to truly boost himself into the spotlight, a place that he so obviously deserves to be in. In order to round out the wild and unpredictable year that 2020 truly was, Faygo put together a wonderful project entitled After Me which contained 8 fantastic tracks that lasted just about 20 minutes long, and this tape was the perfect precursor for what was to come for the rising talent in the new year. Luckily, he didn’t waste any time and decided to release a music video for one of the project’s biggest songs “Everyday”, which also happens to be one of my personal favorites on the tape. Declan Kyle and Polo Viz teamed up …

MAZZA – [Slowthai] ft. [A$AP Rocky]

Grime music might not be nearly as widespread in the US as it is in Europe, England specifically, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain some of the most gifted and insane emcees in the entire industry. It has rightfully been gaining a bit of momentum as certain icons in American music collaborate with icons in the Grime scene, yet it still doesn’t get the respect I think it deserves. The perfect example of an artist who blows me away when it comes to his music itself, visuals, overall persona, and just about every other aspect is undeniably slowthai. The Northampton is known for his chaotic personality, unapologetic word plays, and sometimes demonic disposition, yet what many people fail to realize is just how brilliant the English talent truly is. He has a way of thinking outside the box on all fronts, whether that’s in his insane music videos, intricate and inventive cadences, or just overall unique styles that only he can bring to life. In order to continue building anticipation for his highly anticipated sophomore album TYRON, he decided to gift fans a brand-new single called “MAZZA” featuring the one and only A$AP Rocky, and although this pairing might …

Klosed Kaskets – [Komla]

I apologize because I am a few weeks late to this one, but not too long ago Chicago’s own Komla dropped a new project titled “Klosed Kaskets”. Komla is a close friend of ours at LL, we have been thoroughly impressed with his music for years and it’s clear to us that he is now making the best music of his career with this release. Komla shines over gritty + menacing instrumentals, he always has and that is clearly his bread + butter, and this project is chock-filled with those types of beats, so you can only imagine the damage that he did on this one. One thing that I loved is that Komla experimented with how he approached creating his songs on this project, providing us with plenty of different types of flows depending on the song, it was a nice display of how much that he has grown as an artist. I could keep going on about this tape, but I will let the music speak for itself, stream this new project below!