Much Higher – [J-Hop]

I apologize because I am about a week late to this one, but recently the St. Louis native now based in Chicago, J-Hop, released an amazing new cut titled “Much Higher.” This track was produced by the super talented Charles Lauste (AKA DJ Chi) who I have been warning our audience to keep an eye on because everything he produces comes out so fresh and clean & this new release is certainly no exception. This record is a single that is off of J-Hop’s forthcoming album titled Black Onyx that is set to release next month in December, and it is one of my most anticipated releases left for the rest of 2019, I have been waiting to hear a full length from Hop & I am thrilled because it is just around the corner. This song finds J-Hop sampling a fellow St. Louis legend on the instrumental and then just massacring the beat with his always rapid & impressive flows, making for an all-around great listen, stream this new song below! Additional vocals from Sherren & Manasseh • Art by RellBrodie

Uncommon Nasa: The Backbone of The Underground

Uncommon Nasa is authenticity at its finest. He’s comfortable in his own skin, and he’s been operating on his own terms for years now. His unapologetic commitment to himself and his art for over a decade is what has solidified him as an impactful legend in the New York Indie scene. Nasa’s music is deeply rooted in New York culture, which is to be expected, considering he’s been there his whole life. It’s his default, in a sense. All of his music references home, sometimes more than others, but it’s always there. Despite some of the topical similarity that echoes throughout his music though, he refuses to stick to one sound. The classic, New York boom-bap influence is there, but Nasa understands the importance of pushing the ball forward, and makes his art with the intent that it won’t grow stale. His style is hard to pin-point, as his delivery can almost be classified as slam poetry at times, with extremely tight rhyme schemes and lyricism that demands the listener’s attention. Incredible amounts of time and detail go into Nasa’s art. He takes his time to make sure that every aspect of a record makes for a cohesive and engaging …

Bad Name – [Gangstarr]

I apologize because I am about a week late to this one, but not too long ago Gangstarr released another brand new release titled “Bad Name”. It’s a pretty quick just over two minute listen that has that old classic hip-hop feel to it, it features from gritty & iconic rapping from the legend Guru and of course a godly instrumental from the GOAT DJ Premier. This release came along with the announcement that Gangstarr will be releasing their new album titled One Of The Best Yet in the near future, very near considering it is set to be released on the first of November, but it is one of my personal most anticipated releases of the year. For many reasons, but for starters because I did not see this coming at all, this was a pleasant surprise to me & hearing these new releases is just pumping me with nostalgia. Stream this brand new release via YouTube below and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the previously mentioned upcoming album!

Something Else – [Famous Dex]

Famous Dex seems to be slowly but surely returning to the spotlight with all of his most recent releases. The Chicago hitmaker is back once again with an entertaining visual for his track “Something Else”. This video has a sort of record on the run look, with a few different backdrop changes and some excellent color manipulation throughout. The song itself is without a doubt an absolute bop and brings me back to the days when I first got into Dex. The simple beat, full of distorted 808’s and simple synths give Dex room to do what he does best and bring the energy like no one else in the music industry can. His world play, although not super intricate, is a spectacle in itself considering the talents he brings to the table that other people couldn’t replicate even if they tried. With this being the first follow up release to his track “Proofread” featuring Wiz Khalifa that he dropped last week, I think some of the questions I posed in that article have been answered. He wasn’t necessarily changing his entire image and sound; he was just experimenting with it. “Something Else” takes him back to his roots, I’m …

Watch Lil Tjay’s brand new interview with Hot 97

Lil Tjay is one of the best artists to come out of New York in the past couple of years, and he recently stopped by Hot 97 to chop it up with Ebro, Peter & Laura for a great interview! You will find them speaking about several topics including growing up New York, the first time he recorded in a studio, getting locked up, singing vs rapping, wanting to release R&B music, some of his biggest influences growing up, his new album, working with Lil Wayne & Lil Baby, Soundcloud, when the record labels started reaching out, Polo G, social media, overcoming adversities and more! Watch this brand new interview below and if you’re rocking with Lil Tjay then give him a follow here.

Icy Girl Remix – [Polo G]

Polo G is a young Chicago native that is absolutely killing it in the music industry right now. Drill music is one of those genres that rap listeners just can’t seem to get enough of even when smaller artists try and replicate some of the Drill legends that have emerged from the city. That’s why it’s so refreshing seeing someone like Polo G deliver a new and completely unexpected remix of LA-Based rapper Saweetie’s 2017 hit “Icy Grl”. The production for this song is totally West Coast from the percussion to the melodies and everything in between, but Polo G wasn’t afraid in the slightest to deliver some hardcore and aggressive lyrics over the vibey beat. He also presented us with a video to accompany the song which made it even better. In my opinion, one of the greatest types of videos are drill videos where you can see quick flashes of money, guns, and the whole squad going crazy for their rapping friends. This video, filmed by Ryan Lynch, follows the stylistic inspirations of some classic Chief Keef, Lil Bibby, and G Herbo videos along with a touch of Cole Bennett-inspired animations. I can almost guarantee that the “Icy …

Believe – [Don Neil]

I apologize because I am a few weeks late to this, but not too long ago the young creative Don Neil released a brand new offering titled “Believe”. The playful and colorful production that was handled by Lewis Cullen left a feel-good aura and Don Neil picked up right where he left off with the same energy, singing his way into making a positive anthem about having patience and believing in yourself. This release is a nice change of pace type of sound that Don really excelled with, if I had to guess I would say he’s probably going to explore in this lane again, but until then stream this brand new song below.

11AM In Williamsburg – [Envy Caine]

New York can’t be stopped right now. It seems as though every new week, another artist from the city pops up onto my radar, always topping the last with new styles, new sounds, and yet another new reason to be paying attention to NYC. Today, marking the most recent talent to strike my ear, Envy Caine is here with a brand new offering entitled “11AM in Williamsburg.” Backed by a soulful, sample-based instrumental, “11AM in Williamsburg” feels like a refreshing burst of energy in a world of dark instrumentals and menacing deliveries. Sure, Caine has engaged in these styles in the past, but his most recent release is a chance to diversify his sound a bit, blending street rap lyrics with unapologetic New York character and a triumphant instrumental to match. In such a way, the song is unique without losing its roots, mending Brooklyn-induced pride with endlessly quotable lyrics, equal parts ambitious, quotable, loyal, and to-the-point braggadocious. Envy Caine and his lyrical abilities are a must-watch sight coming out of NYC right now, so don’t sleep. Be sure to check out “11AM in Williamsburg” at the link provided below! Produced by Alau on the Beat

Watch Polo G’s brand new interview with Real 92.3 LA

Polo G has arguably had a better year than most Chicago artists in 2019 & he is one of the best new emcees in the game, so when I saw that he linked with the homie Bootleg Kev + DJ Hed for a brand new interview I couldn’t wait to watch! They spoke about plenty of topics including growing up on the northside of Chicago, who inspired him musically, wanting to do a collab with Juice WRLD, his tattoos, his well-received project, the meaning behind the title of his album, how he connected with Lil Tjay, his recording process, evolving as an artist, his spending habits, his relationship with his father, being multi-dimensional and much more. This was a solid interview so shout out to the great hosts, they brought out the best in Polo G & I suggest you check out this interview below!

Gucci Polo – [Stix] x [Supa Bwe]

Stix and Supa Bwe are two Chicago legends who have been focal pieces in tons of timeless music to come out of the city this decade, and this afternoon they are back with the premiere of their brand new visual for “Gucci Polo”. This record itself was released just a couple months ago as the first (if I am not mistaken) release from Stix as an artist, and it has gained some great traction in recent months, so of course, they had to go above and beyond for the visual! They shot this video on beautiful Lake Michigan in Chicago along with some assistance from video director Todd Barrett, and when you pair that type of visual with these sonically pleasing artists, you simply can’t go wrong. This may be just the beginning for Stix in this new lane but I believe he is going to have much success, and if you need convincing of that point all you have to do is press play below!