Stars Align – [Papichuloteej]

Las Vegas singer and songwriter Papichuloteej returns with his second release of 2020 with a new record entitled “Stars Align.” It seems as if Papichuloteej continues to progress and get better with each release. With this new record “Stars Align” embodies an 80’s disco sound with a modern twist. However, Teej isn’t alone on this single the Vegas crooner enlists the help of newcomer Gabby Trinh who delivers some impressive vocals in her own right. When you listen to a Papichuloteej record one of the things that you’ll come away with is how infectious his hooks are. They keep the listener coming back or they just end up trapped in your head until you have to submit to playing the song over and over again. Along with the hook of “Stars Align,” the unique and refreshing production from Todd Zack Jr. and Pelham & Junior combined with Gabby and Teej harmonizing is just flat out soothing. Stream Papichuloteej’s new summer anthem “Stars Align” after the break below.

How Does It Feel – [Papichuloteej]

Las Vegas crooner Papichuloteej is back with his first release of 2020 with his pop heartbreak ballad “How Does It Feel.” Teej is one of those pop acts that’s been getting better with each release. From the first time I wrote about him on the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his is 1080p EP the one thing that’s left a lasting impression on me is his songwriting ability. Teej puts this on full display once again with the lyrics and hooks in “How Does It Feel.” The hook is very memorable and very Instagram caption catchy, “how does it feel to know that you lost me, don’t say you love me I hear that shit too often.” This track relates to the feelings of getting over an old relationship and reflecting on the toxicity that stemmed from it. If Papichuloteej continues to apply pressure in 2020, there could be big things ahead later in the year for him as he releases more material. Stream Papichuloteej’s new single How Does It Feel” for yourself below.

S.O.T.R. – [papichuloteej]

Papichulooteej looks to close out the summer with a sun-soaked pair of singles. His new release, S.O.T.R. includes lush features from the equally impressive talents of Marcos G and Victor Internet. This is one collaborative effort I think we can all agree was needed as our summer begins to wind down and we transition into fall. S.O.T.R. kicks off with its opening track, “S.O.S” a light-hearted produced record that finds its center between groovy guitar progression and crisp kick-drum patterns. Reminiscing on old memories of a past relationship, papichuloteej pleads his case to be saved by his former sweetheart. The Nevada crooner passes the baton to his feature-mate Marcos G who continues to build on the sultry-smooth agenda. It’s easy to get caught up in the glittery nostalgia created by these two as they paint a vivid picture of old flames and the fondness we attach to their memory. A soft transition finds us amid the two-packs second record, “Distant.” Where the previous record reveled in the past-glimmer of an old flame, “Distant” is an anthem for those willing to go the extra mile, both literally and metaphorically. Check out the new two-pack from papichuloteej below, stream the two-pack other …

Getaway Driver – [papichuloteej]

Las Vegas, Nevada artist papichuloteej returns with a new pop and r&b infused single with “Getaway Driver.” The last time we saw papichuloteej was earlier this year when he released a 6 track extended play entitled ‘1080p’. Now that it’s the summertime Teej is gearing up for what appears to be another roll-out process with this new summer anthem. “Getaway Driver,” tells a story about his love interest in being his serenity. Papichuloteej further paints imagery of young love with lines like “I use to be alone you make me feel at home” and “you’ll be my getaway driver and take me away from all my problems.” Teej continues to show people how strong his pen his with his songwriting ability and as he continues to grow it’s going to be hard to deny him from blowing up soon. The “Getaway Driver” video should be right around the according to the emerging vocalist, but the should serve as a nice appetizer while we wait. Stream papichuloteej’s single “Getaway Driver” below:

1080p – [Teej]

Quite simply, Las Vegas emcee Teej should be on your radar after his new 6-track extended play, 1080p. I started following Teej not too long ago because of his aesthetic caught my eye, which is another reason why I stress for artists to have a dope concept or a unique look about their brand! Fast forward a couple weeks and I get a DM to listen to some music. I like to check out as many people as I can so, of course, so I took the leap of faith and pressed play. With the first listen, I can’t help but feel a sense of blissfulness in his flows and music, causing me to notice similarities to artists like Chance the Rapper and Kyle. My personal favorite track on this one is “Rosecrans,” which, honestly, I ran back more times than I’d like to admit. Teej gave me some insight into the creative process of 1080p via email and stated the following: “This project is about me finding my clarity after losing focus during a bad break up. The relationship hurt me to the point to where I couldn’t really learn how to fall for someone else until I got …