CHACHASLIDE – [Barely Legal] & [Jay Browne]

Collectives used to be a lot more common in the music industry, it seems, so when I come across a group of musicians who are really making waves as large as Barely Legal, I have to tap in without question. Although they’re a quartet that I hadn’t yet heard of, I am clearly sleeping considering they’ve already achieved some massive success in their blossoming careers and with a few performances at Rolling Loud, their fanbase is rapidly expanding. For good reason, too, because the crew made up of Chowder Band$, Kid Dre, Miquel Morales, and Jø have a sound unlike anyone else in the industry and after proclaiming themselves the “Black Backstreet Boys”, how could anyone not want to tap in with them? The video single that was sent through my email is for their record “CHACHASLIDE” with Jay Browne, and it’s a video that seriously captivated me in every sense of the word. On the unique Major Seven and Sauron-produced single, every artist finds their perfect niche, showing off exactly how individualistic they are on their own but not overshadowing the fact that they play off of one another in this unforced way that makes me feel as if …

Voodoo – [Young Bull]

Rising rap group Young Bull bands together to create a polished single in “Voodoo.” Historically Durham, North Carolina are no strangers to harboring great a rap collective. In the early 2000’s rap group Little Brother consisting of 9th Wonder, Phonte, and Rapper Big Pooh took off and became one of the more prominent groups in hip-hop. Young Bull is a blend of hip-hop and r&b so you’ll always enjoy a little variety when switching from track to track. You feel the southern influence in their infused with a modern sound that creates a magical listening experience. “Voodoo” is a seductive single that in which Young Bull member Mique croons and glides his way over the smooth guitar and drum laced backtracking. After dropping projects in back to back years in 2016 and 2017 the Carolina collective didn’t drop one in 2018. That can only mean there has to be something brewing on the horizon form Young Bull in 2019. Stream Young Bull’s new single “Voodoo” below.