Watch Action Bronson’s new interview on Hot 97

Action Bronson is one of the most entertaining creatives in the world, he is an extremely skilled emcee + an enjoyable guy to watch & listen to, so I was overjoyed when I saw that he dropped a new interview with Hot 97. The three hosts asked plenty of great questions about topics such as his weight loss journey, his new record “Latin Grammys”, his change of lifestyle, his radio show on Beats 1 Apple Music, his forthcoming album “Only For Dolphins”, creating his own cologne called “Splash”, writing his books, Guru of Gangstarr, MMA, strong man competitions, the New York Jets + New York Knicks, Mike Tyson’s comeback, his new baby and more. Watch this brand new interview below!

iamlegend – [Flatbush Zombies]

I remember when I was put onto the Flatbush Zombies back in high school, I immediately became obsessed. Although I didn’t necessarily connect with all of their wild drug references or anything on that end of the spectrum, I was drawn into their gritty personas and descriptive personalities. Meechie Darko’s raspy, deep, and individualistic voice along with his ability to rap at different tempos and timestamps was always intriguing. Erick the Architect’s mixture of masterful bars and even more impressive production skills impressed me time and time again. Finally, Zombie Juice’s higher, more melodic voice was typically a nice opposing sound that evened the playing field, but he also had an aggressiveness while remaining playful, consistently drawing me in wanting more. I have to be honest, I lost touch with the group a bit in the last couple of years, but when I was scrolling through Twitter and noticed that they’re back with a new song, music video, and have a project entitled Now, more Than Ever on the way, so I was sucked right back into the wormhole that once consumed me years ago. This new single is called “Iamlegend” and it’s as eye-opening, dark, and hostile as ever …

Watch Eminem on Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson

Eminem is one of the GOATs and a living legend in the hip-hop community, and Mike Tyson is also the GOAT in his own right, so when two living legends sit down for a great conversation like this one, it’s only right that you give them your utmost attention. You will find these guys talking about several subjects including how he got started making music, being inspired by LL Cool J & Run DMC, The Hip Hop Shop in Detroit, J. Dilla and Slum Village, losing to MC Juice in a rap battle back in the day in Ohio, how he first got in tune with Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, how proud he is of his daughter Hailie, Mike being a part of the “Godzilla” music video directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett, Em sparring with his buddies as a youth, working with Jay-Z, Mike’s appearance in The Hangover, Eminem’s his greatest accomplishment and he even asked Mike a handful of questions about his fighting days. This is by far the best Eminem interview that I have ever watched, Mike and Eben brought out the best in him, hopefully we get the part two soon but for the …

Watch IDK’s brand new interview with Real 92.3 LA

One of my favorite projects to come out this year is without a doubt IDK’s amazing effort titled Is He Real, so when I saw that he linked up with the good folks over at Power 92.3 LA for an interview, I couldn’t wait to dive into the discussion. You will find the DMV talent speaking on everything such as the previously mentioned album, religion, building his fan base, meeting Kanye West, dropping the ‘Jay’ from his name awhile back, the title of his project, producing some of his own material, his album cover, his hometown, moving to California, the documentary, exercising, part-owning two gyms, his relationships, having a conversation with Mike Tyson, DMX, his live performance, his favorite books and so much more. This was an all-around great interview that you shouldn’t miss out on, check it out below!

Watch B-Real’s brand new interview on Joe Rogan

B-Real is one of the most legendary rappers of all time and he has transitioned into an awesome interviewer, and he was recently bought onto the Joe Rogan Experience for an interesting new interview that’s filled with some great stories. They spoke about plenty of topics such as performing at Woodstock in 94, how his rapping cadence came about, Mike Tyson, the cannabis industry, some classic Cypress Hill moments, hemp, how he first got started, not putting their images on any of their first cover arts, being in metal, being heavy into paintball tournaments, fans stealing his shoes while he crowd surfed,  practicing different martial arts, social media, touring overseas and so much more. Check out this in-depth conversation below.

Ruthless- [Luke Almighty] x [Supa Bwe]

We are only days away from the December 6th release of Finally Dead  and Luke Almighty has decided to bless music fans everywhere by giving us an explosive exclusive to premiere here at Lyrical Lemonade while we await the arrival of Supa Bwe’s self described “creative tomb”. “Ruthless” starts out with the famous Mike Tyson speech he made after beating an opponent in 38 seconds, rightfully segueing into Supa spazzing off the jump crooning, “Jumped off the porch as a shorty I was ruthless!” and thus diving into the polarizing mythology of his crazy life. It is evident Freddy has been with the shits since day one and after 10 years in the game, whether you like him or not, is one of Chicago’s seasoned veterans; having spawned countless rappers who are competing in the arena he built brick by brick through every emotion filled trip hop/alternative rock anthem released. (Before everyone was a sad, dead boy walking off the drugs we already had Supa Bwe- this is only facts.) Luke Almighty is no stranger to our pages either, having had an incredible 2017 working with some of the best talent Chicago has to offer, but it is not his placements …