[Premiere] Like That – [marcos g]

Floridian crooner marcos g is back with a fire visual for his groovy jam “Like That.” “Like That”, produced by Frequency, is his latest release for marcos following “stay” as he builds towards an EP release slated to drop in November. The video tells a story of crafting his sound amongst the controlled chaos of the New York City streets. Marcos finds himself uniquely in the midst of a sea of people, at one point overlooking the concrete jungle from the Brooklyn Bridge. Marcos stated to via email “I’m mad excited about this release! The song is more upbeat and more pop than a lot of my music that’s out right now and I hope listeners vibe with it (: Frequency is such a sick producer It’s awesome to be able to work with someone so talented like that, he helps push my sound to new levels.” Check out the video to marcos g’s “Like That” shot by videographer Dane Ray below.

S.O.T.R. – [papichuloteej]

Papichulooteej looks to close out the summer with a sun-soaked pair of singles. His new release, S.O.T.R. includes lush features from the equally impressive talents of Marcos G and Victor Internet. This is one collaborative effort I think we can all agree was needed as our summer begins to wind down and we transition into fall. S.O.T.R. kicks off with its opening track, “S.O.S” a light-hearted produced record that finds its center between groovy guitar progression and crisp kick-drum patterns. Reminiscing on old memories of a past relationship, papichuloteej pleads his case to be saved by his former sweetheart. The Nevada crooner passes the baton to his feature-mate Marcos G who continues to build on the sultry-smooth agenda. It’s easy to get caught up in the glittery nostalgia created by these two as they paint a vivid picture of old flames and the fondness we attach to their memory. A soft transition finds us amid the two-packs second record, “Distant.” Where the previous record reveled in the past-glimmer of an old flame, “Distant” is an anthem for those willing to go the extra mile, both literally and metaphorically. Check out the new two-pack from papichuloteej below, stream the two-pack other …

stay – [marcos g]

Hialeah, Flordia native marcos g is back with another soulful single in “stay.” Marcos has been laying low and working since the release of his hit “Single (on the weekend)” which has amassed nearly 2 million plays across the streaming platforms. “Stay” is the next single up at bat and is the next track that will be on his forthcoming EP “another late night” which is set to drop next month. What’s even more impressive is that marcos has only been making music for about a year now. “Stay” is a slight switch up from “Single” with the track’s clever use of autotune in certain areas. This provides a sound that we haven’t heard from marcos before and he executes it flawlessly. Marcos stated to via email “I only started making music about a year ago, and really just for my friends at home. I never imagined that people would actually hear it, let alone even like it – but I’m so glad they do! It’s completely changed my world! I’ve spent the last 9 months working on tons of new material, and I’m so excited to finally share them with you guys. So much more coming soon.” Stream marcos …

Megatron – [PNTHN]

We first started covering San Marcos group PNTHN in the opening months of 2018, and now that we’ve made it to 2019, the group has gone from a cool find to an undeniable favorite here at Lyrical Lemonade. Today, proving why they deserve all of this coverage and more, PNTHN is here to gift fans with a brand new single for the new year, “Megatron”. Just as the title connotates, this song is an absolute wrecking machine of a single, offering up an addictively hard instrumental as well as some high-voltage flows that will keep fans clicking repeat on this one. PNTHN works because they all bring out the best in one another, and “Megatron” is cement proof of this concept. I could talk about this song all day long, but I’ll just let you stream it below to understand what I’m talking about. PNTHN got next.

single (on the weekend)-[marcos g]

Last week, I wrote about a song that was centered around the feeling of falling for someone who was just your type; This week, I’m back with a song that has the complete opposite feel, but nevertheless, its a banger! If you haven’t heard of ‘marcos g’ yet, its about time you took notice. Marcos Garcia is a musician from Hialeah, Florida who has been creating his own waves lately, and rightfully so, his latest track, “single (on the weekend)”, has already garnered 300,000+ streams on Spotify. Even more surprising than this, the 22-year-old has only been making music since April of this year, and with one song officially underneath his belt, it’s safe to say that he’s off to a very promising start. That said, “single (on the weekend)” is a track that steers clear from the classic love song status quo as marcos g explains what it’s like to deal with a girl who wants to be loyal on the weekdays, but single on the weekends. Even if you haven’t experienced a relational situation like this one, you’ll still be blown away by the overall production and easy going nature of this song, as it truly brings listeners into …

Public Enemy – [PNTHN]

San Marcos based rap collective, PNTHN has released the second video from their recently released EP, Rico. The talented group of rappers and producers capture their boundless energy in the form of their new video for “Public Enemy.” Dripping in psychedelic energy the video documents the groups recent trip to Atlanta, where they performed at the A3C Festival. The video for “Public Enemy” exudes the DIY nature of the group and their undeniable talent in developing gritty, seamless transitions between members. PNTHN is setting a precedent, bring everything you have or don’t bring anything at all. There is no doubt the South Texas collective will remain quiet for long as they continue to grow with every release. Whether it be a new video or music we will be eagerly waiting. Watch PNTHN’s new video for “Public Enemy” below and tell us what you think of the rap collective in the comments section!

Watch episode 2 of Shoreline Mafia’s ‘OTX Tour’ vlog series

L.A.’s powerhouse rap group known as Shoreline Mafia wrapped up their ‘OTX’ tour last month and decided to take us with them in the form of a behind-the-scenes vlog series. From shopping at Gucci stores, chilling out with fans and turning up every venue on the schedule, the all-star collective does no wrong on the sold-out tour. Plus, it’s really no surprise that they’re hitting the road once again for their ‘Still OTX’ tour kicking off in Brooklyn on May, 10th, and you’d have to suspect that this next tour is going to be even bigger than the previous. Be sure to check out the first two episodes of Shoreline Mafia’s ‘OTX Tour’ vlog’s below and last but not least, shouts out to @outkastmarcoss  for the BT’s of the Shoreline gang.

Fable(Hold On) – Thouxanbanfauni

Fauni Figueroa is back with some real bars as always on his latest track titled, “Fable (Hold On).” Kasimgotjuice is in charge of the production which sets the trill tranquil vibe of the song while Fauni lays out his lyrical ammunition. I must give credit to ForgiveMeLvrd aka Marcos Artista for handling the beautiful artwork featuring varieties of mystical equestrian creatures, he is certainly one of the most talented visual artists involved in the rap world at the moment. You can bump “Fable” below and hear the magic for yourself.