Vote for “Godzilla” by Eminem + Juice WRLD for ‘Video Of The Year’

Despite the setbacks that everyone inevitably had to deal with due to the virus, 2020 has still managed to be a special and productive year for us here at Lyrical Lemonade. Back in March, Cole Bennett of LL released easily the best video he has created to date with “Godzilla” by Eminem + Juice WRLD. When he was gearing up to drop this video, Cole told a lot of us around the office that he believed that this visual would win a VMA, so you can only imagine the excitement around the office when it got nominated for ‘Video Of The Year’ last week! Although being nominated is a huge honor within itself, it would mean the world to everyone at LL to bring home the award. So we are asking our fans to visit the link below to vote for “Godzilla” by Eminem + Juice WRLD, you can vote every day, thank you in advance! VOTE FOR “GODZILLA” HERE!

Picture This – [Awon] x [DJ ZID]

Awon is back with a new single titled “Picture This” following his recent debut on Lyrical Lemonade. The Newport News, Virginia based emcee collaborated with DJ ZID, a DJ and producer out of Zurich, Switzerland. ZID’s production is soothing, incorporating soft tambourine-esque production with a mellow chopping melody. Despite the soothing instrumental, however, Awon’s lyrics reflect the apocalyptic state of current affairs, stating that he’s “seen it all, heard it all couldn’t picture this, only in the movies is the way I pictured this.” I am not sure when the song was recorded, but its release is eerily timely given the current pandemic, upcoming election, and worldwide protests. As Awon reflects, he wishes that he “had magic cause the day to day is tragic, woke up one morning and the population is ravished on the earth, now you can’t even go to church.” These lines very much align with the COVID-19 epidemic, with the virus having a seemingly indefinite life span. Moreover, Awon broadly speaks on the state of misinformation, which has recklessly been perpetuated by the media, as well as the incompetent leaders currently in office. Awon also sheds light on the “for profit organizations taking advantage,” which befits the …

A Conversation With Mild Orange: A Gem Out Of New Zealand

Mild Orange is a four-piece band out of New Zealand who I first got familiar with earlier this year when I saw their sensational music video for “Making Things”, which led me down a rabbit hole to discover more of their content and soon enough, I was hooked! The band consists of four members; Josh Mehrtens, Jack Ferguson, Josh Reid, and Tom Kelk. These creatives have put together some of the most beautiful music that I have heard lately and I wanted to learn more about them, so I originally was trying to bring them by the Lyrical Lemonade office for an on-camera interview. After realizing that probably wasn’t going to work because they are halfway across the country, and because of the national pandemic, we agreed to do a written interview for the website until I get to meet them in person! If you are a fan of alternative or rock music, this band is going to be right up your alley, so stream their new album via Spotify as you learn about them below!   JM = Josh Mehrtens / vocals, guitar, production, creative direction JF = Jack Ferguson / drums & photography JR = Josh Reid / …

Remember Their Names – [Pyrex Pryce]

Pyrex Pryce is an artist who we have had a close eye on here at Lyrical Lemonade over the past several months, he is an extremely skilled young creative who is back on our website this afternoon with his brand new track called “Remember Their Names”. Up to this point, I have grown to know Pyrex Pryce as a fun-loving, energetic + youthful artist who makes straight slappers, but I have to say, he truly impressed me with this joint. Pyrex Pryce stepped up to the this instrumental and let his soul spill, he spoke like a seasoned veteran in the game + kicked some game that you would think you’re hearing from an OG in the community. Pyrex spoke on several different cases of people who were unfairly murdered by police officers nationwide while touching on the struggles + fear that the black community has to go through on a day to day basis because of crooked cops. Pyrex Pryce painted a super vivid picture on this joint, if this one doesn’t hit a chord with you, you’re not human. Listen to this brand new release via Spotify below. Produced by @beatsbylmc, @rioleyva, @prodspaceman

Kill Your Idols – [Kemba]

If there is anything certain about a new Kemba song, it will never be dull. The Hunts Point legend has impressively been active in 2020, as a result of dropping three unforgettable singles: 1. “More A Man” –  a powerful Mos Def esque record where he vows to be “more a man’ than his father was,” and “more aware when [he] falls in love.” 2. “none of this matters,” a short, enticing, UK-drill inspired track where Kemba flaunts his versatility and ability to produce a hit regardless of  style or sub-genre. 3.  “Pisces” – Self-revealed as one of Kemba’s favorite songs to make, the banger uniquely aligns with the life experiences and content that he has shared so far. Fun fact: In “none of this matters,” the background “shut the fu** up ni***” vocals (around the 1:45 mark) are taken from this record. Refusing to stand still, the Bronx native has returned with a fourth single titled “Kill Your Idols,” with mellow production from Brasstracks and Frank Drake. From a lyrical standpoint, this record is undoubtedly the most adept of the four, as well as the most experimental sonically. Whether intentional or not, the song’s subject matter eerily corresponds with tragic …

A Conversation With Chicago Native Wastedju

WastedJu is an artist from Chicago that I first got familiar with probably about five or six years ago when I discovered his music on Soundcloud, I was instantly a fan of his music, his unique voice and the way that he approached his music. Over the years we have developed a friendship and I have covered his content here on our website every chance that I could, and it’s been awesome to watch his growth as an artist. He has evolved to a point where I feel like he has major potential to be a future pop star. While I was at an event during the super hectic NBA All-Star Weekend that took place a couple of months ago here in Chicago, I ran into WastedJu after not seeing him for a minute because he moved to LA, and we got a chance to catch up and I told him to slide by the LL office soon. Sure enough, a week later I had him come by the office to shoot a new interview that we are finally releasing today, which is only fitting because he just dropped a new song titled “One Night”. Take a few minutes out …

My Soul – [Young Moe]

This afternoon we have an artist that goes by Young Moe who is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his brand new music video for “My Soul”. I recently got put onto Young Moe when someone who I really respect sent me this music video and recommended that I check it out, and this morning when I got to the office I finally got a chance to sit down & give this video my utmost attention, and I honestly haven’t stopped watching it since the first time I turned it on, I’ve watched it all the way through at least twenty times now. The song itself was super catchy on the hook and Young Moe viciously rapped his ass off on the verses, but the visual aspect brought it to another level for me, it’s a great story about a rat trying to bring him down, but I’ll let you see what happened for yourself. Take a few minutes out of your Monday to watch this awesome new visual below! Produced by Pedro

Supa Freak – [Kye Colors]

Kye Colors is someone who I have been giving high praise to here on our lemon filled pages for a few years now, but especially over the last six months or so, and today he is back on our website with his brand new offering titled “Supafreak”. When Kye Colors was in Chicago a few months ago for a show, I had him stop by the Lyrical Lemonade office for an interview, and after the conversation + some pickup basketball, we sat down and he played me some of his unreleased music. Out of the handful of songs that he showed me, there was a standout track that I couldn’t have enjoyed more, and that song was just released bu him, and he titled it “Supa Freak”. This version of the song is certainly newer than the original that I had heard, and it sounds even better than it did before, it’s more polished and the production + vocals sound smoother. This record is another example of how good of a storyteller that Kye Colors is, it’s based around a girl that he seemingly grew up with, and how they reconnected + the struggles that she faces. I loved this …

AI Nash – [Youngboy Never Broke Again]

Youngboy Never Broke Again is arguably the hottest artist on the planet of the past few years when you take a look at his YouTube streams as well as his numbers on all of the major streaming platforms, he has a die-hard + loyal fan base that only seems to keep growing day by day, and today Youngboy Never Broke Again just unleashed a brand new music video for “AI Nash”. When Youngboy Never Broke Again was recently in Chicago, you may have noticed that he stopped by the Lyrical Lemonade office, so you probably had a good feeling that he and LL’s Cole Bennett were up to something, and you were right as they clashed their powers together to give the fans something special. Although these two have worked together in the past, I am sure that the fans would love to see them keep connecting for content in the future, so hopefully we get to see them work together again soon. Take a few minutes out of your weekend to check out this brand new visual below!

Fan – [Barton]

Barton is an artist out of Chicago that I first got to chop it up with last summer when I brought him to the Lyrical Lemonade office to pick his brain and hear some of his music, and since that point I’ve been waiting to hear some more material from him, lucky for me just a few days ago he dropped a new record titled “Fan”. Barton truly excels at making straight-up melodic R&B bangers, I swear every song I’ve heard from him to date, I always find myself thinking how he’s not too far off from giving us radio hits one after another. The rest of 2020 is looking promising for Barton, I am eager to see what he does moving forward, but for now stream this new tune below!