Tell Me-[Era]feat.[lilspirit]

Era is an artist who has made it onto our pages before and it’s a blessing to bring him back onto Lyrical Lemonade for an offering that music lovers everywhere just can’t refuse whatsoever. I’m honestly pretty upset that I haven’t heard of Era’s music before this moment, but from now on, there’s no way that I’m not going to be championing his stuff any chance that I get. Being from Arizona, it’s always a great feeling getting to see amazing artists emerge from that area and the fact that Era just so happens to be one of them is so dope. If you were a fan of his other music, this new one I’m writing about today is going to raise your obsession even higher. Era’s distinct voice just isn’t something you hear often and whenever you get a taste of something unique, it’s like a drug; You just want it more and more. “Tell Me” is an offering that just doesn’t miss. I’ve spent the whole entire morning listening to it and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Sonically it’s just so pleasing from every single angle. What’s even better is that Era enlisted help from well-known …

Ain’t Too Proud – [Moe Young]

Moe Young is going to be one of the biggest newcomers in r&b by the end of the year. The talent is just too immense and he’s surround by what seems like the best production team in the industry right now in Internet Money. His latest record “Ain’t Too Proud” is another solid flushed out single that will have r&b lovers pressing play over and over again. Moe’s sound is a great balance between the new and production of r&b. What is going to get hardcore traditionalists to listen to his music will be the passion in his vocals and songwriting. On the other side of the spectrum for the new generation, the trap soul leaning sound of his production he’s normally on will be more than enough to keep their attention along with his content. It’s disappointing that Moe hasn’t put any music on Spotify or Apple Music yet, but Internet Money did the same with TyFontaine and LilSpirit. It shouldn’t be long before we see Moe rolling out singles leading up to a project on DSPs. Stream Moe Young’s latest release “Ain’t Too Proud” below.

lilspirit: the making of a popstar

While SoundCloud has lost some of its prestige in the public eye with the rise of DSPs, it’s undeniable that there are still artists building core fanbases on the platform, and with time, shifting far beyond the limitations that “SoundCloud rapper” or “SoundCloud artist” might imply. California native lilspirit is a perfect example. Tapped by Internet Money via the infamous “I want to sign you” Taz Taylor DM, spirit has grown from self-described “SoundCloud emo rapper” into a full-force pop artist in less than a year’s time, using SoundCloud to build out his early-stage foundation. Now having released numerous singles to the tune of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of plays, the SoundCloud-bred development stage for spirit has proven to be instrumental. Easily recognized by his light blue hair and relaxed demeanor, he’s grown a rabid fanbase, and one that helped spirit gracefully make the lauded jump from SoundCloud to DSPs – a historical pain-point for many “SoundCloud” artists looking to grow out of their bubble, but a signature move for the Internet Money camp. Fast-forward to the present, and with american spirit out now – a title alluding to the light blue American Spirit cigarettes he used to …

droptopbitch – [lilspirit]

Since his initially picking up some buzz a couple of months back, lilspirit has been working tirelessly, releasing a healthy quantity of singles and videos that very quickly familiarized him to his current sizable audience, earning himself comparisons to legendary acts like Justin Beiber along the way, and from visuals like his latest for his track “droptopbitch” make it easy to understand why. At a young age, his vocals are already radio-ready and his songwriting abilities are top-notch early on, and while early comparisons are often foolish to invest too much thought in, it is definite that lilspirit is one of the most talented young crooners in the game. The visual for “droptopbitch” was directed by Nicholas Jandora and the track was produced by Charlie Ehrman. Keep an eye on lilspirit as 2020 keeps rolling along, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing his name for a while.

Shot With Me – [Moe Young] Feat. [lilspirit]

If you’ve been reading our site lately, you’ll notice the praise we give to the artists who have been rising the ranks of the Internet Money family. Two of the most impressive stars in the making to come from the otherworldly production crew are Moe Young and lilspirit. Both artists have remarkable voices that capture the listener’s attention immediately, they are wildly different but are both some of the smoothest new voices to emerge as of late. Nick Mira has become the industry’s go-to hitmaker but watching him build artists up from the ground level is something that never seems’s to lose its cool factor. Moe Young and lilspirit are in slightly different lanes sonically but this song is able to highlight the talents of both artists in a completely unique way, a track that is as suited for the radio as it is for the clubs. With this being a simple SoundCloud upload, it is scary to think about the music both of these artists are loading up as their profiles continue to skyrocket. Listen to “Shot With Me” below! Produced by Nick Mira & Eli Brown


I live for the artists who unexpectedly grab your attention without any type of notice. There truly aren’t many things that are more refreshing than that. This morning, it’s my pleasure to bring to our pages one of those artists. As I was tuned into the New Music Friday Spotify playlist. I stumbled upon an artist who goes by the name of lilspirit. The up and comer just dropped a brand new track today entitled, “droptopbitch” and it’s truly a head turner. Right off the bat, you’ll notice the infectious production that boasts some vibes that are unbelievably groovy. This is a track that will be blasting in your car no matter the destination. It’ll put you in a mood that you truly won’t be able to shake. Coupled with the stellar production, lilspirit lends his amazing vocals to round this thing out. He sings with the style of a professional serenader while at the same time maintaining his own unique swagger that allows the lyrics to hit hard in every way. lilspirit has it all in this song and it’s definitely one that you’ll have on repeat for a really long time. This joint is a banger and I’m …

Public Target – [ericdoa]

Today I have the pleasure of introducing the Lyrical Lemonade audience to one of my favorite rising artists out of the underground ericdoa. He is apart of this group of up and coming rappers still sticking to SoundCloud to grow their rapidly expanding fan bases. Ericdoa is one of very few artists who have been welcomed into the Neila World collective and last week he dropped his strongest project to date Public Target. The Charlotte-based production crew has been gaining more and more attention as the roster of artists they have been are usually some of the most unique young artists in the underground scene today. As the first few tracks get going it is evident that ericdoa brings a lot of passion in his voice, with that you feel an emotional connection to the content of his lyrics quite quickly. A track like “Mirage” is a perfect example of his display of emotion, a modern ballad that deals with stresses an artist faces when questioning if they’ll make it or not. What really stands out for me is how well the production on each song blends perfectly with ericdoa’s voice, further proving the kind of talent Neila World has …

come home – [lilspirit]

If you’ve been reading our website over the past few weeks than you should be incredibly familiar with the superstar in the making named lilspirit. This blue-haired artist has one of the most powerful and truly authentic voices we have heard in a minute. His soulful melodic vocals cut through the simple strings that give this track an intro that immediately hooks any listener. As the song builds, so does the complexity of the production as things begin to disintegrate around lilspirit’s voice. This kind of production style pairs perfectly well with the raw emotion that can be felt in his lyrics. The Internet Money Team have found themselves yet another star, with an outpouring of hits on his SoundCloud it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing his name atop the charts. Listen to “come home” below!

Premiere: Slatt – [Ty Fontaine] [lilspirit]

Much talk has already been made of who the breakout artists of 2020 will be and beyond a shadow of a doubt, I can say that both lilspirit and Ty Fontaine will end this year as bona fide stars. The two recently connected on a new single titled “slatt” that has one of the most simultaneously thumping and beautiful instrumentals I have heard in the past couple of months. This beat was constructed by the trio of RioLevya, sidepce, and lilspirit who provided the guitar. Spirit and Ty go back and forth showing each of their individual skillsets that have been lauded by many although they were largely unknown quantities just a few months ago. I don’t think that I will stop playing this song anytime soon and I am beyond excited to see what each of these artists is capable of in the coming year.

droptopb*tch – [lil spirit]

In addition to TyFontaine who I wrote about previously today, another wildly talented up and coming act who has been linked to Internet Money closely is lil spirit. While lil spirit’s name may make some readers think he is a certain type of artist, his voice is incredibly powerful and seems like he is destined to hit the pop charts sooner, rather than later. On his latest single “droptopbitch” is a perfect display on how smooth lil spirit’s vocals truly are. He matches with Internet Money’s top tier strings that have become an iconic element of their production. While this is only a SoundCloud upload, lil spirit is an artist you want to keep locked on your radar to be a breakout artist of 2020. Listen to “droptopbitch” down below!