Shia LaBeouf – [Goon Des Garcons*]

If you’ve been a frequent visitor of the Lyrical Lemonade pages throughout the past year or so, you have definitely heard of the name Goon Des Garcons* at least once or twice. This unique talent, well-known in the way that he is able to garner energy and excitement, has been on a steady ascent towards the top as of late, and today, he’s ready to keep it going with a dope new release titled “Shia LaBeouf”. Sprinting in the midst of powerful melodies and clashing drums to match, this song acts as the perfect showcase of the talent that Garcons* holds, highlighted by the production courtesy of lilcobaine. His style is a polarizing blend of honesty, enthusiasm, and determination, all of which are complemented wonderfully with visuals from Sascha Amir to match. “Shia LaBeouf” is well-executed both sound and visual wise, so be sure to click play below and follow Goon Des Garcons* on Twitter here!