Grim – [Wiki] ft. [Denzel Curry] [Lil Ugly Mane]

Songs that act as reunions have a special place in my heart. When artists spend some time apart and then join back together to make something great, the result isn’t just a song. It’s a testament to growth. The new Wiki track, titled “Grim”, featuring Denzel Curry and Lil Ugly Mane, features a couple of reunions, and the result is a great new cut. The production here is a nice middle ground for all of the artists involved. Woozy background synths add to the ethereal mood that suits Ugly Mane’s reflective, self-doubting lyrics, and the head knocking bass complements Denzel’s flow. Wiki brings it all together, and proves the fact that these three only get better with time. All three bar out on this track, bringing a focused energy, and complementing each other perfectly. It’s exactly what you would expect from three artists with such great ability as rap artists. This one came together quite nicely, and is an indicator that Wiki’s new album, Oofie, dropping tomorrow, will be great. Get ready for the new album by checking out this new track for yourself on Spotify down below.  

The Art of the Ten Minute Rap Song

With the line between albums, EPs, mixtapes, and compilations more blurred than ever, it seems fitting to reflect on two projects that may fall into their own category: Earl Sweatshirt’s Solace and Lil Ugly Mane’s Uneven Compromise. While two-part songs in hip-hop have become somewhat common practice, the format adopted by these two artists with these projects is pretty special, especially within hip-hop. You may be thinking, “well, these are just EPs”, and there’s nothing wrong with calling them that. If they had to be classified, calling them EPs is probably fair. However, these artists’ projects are in a format that acts as a single long song. There’s something to be said about this structure. Listeners must listen to the entire project at once because it’s just one track, and thus hear the entire artistic statement. Singular sections of the project can’t be conveniently accessed. This doesn’t impair either project though as, upon hearing them, most can agree that it only makes sense to listen to them in full.  The single-track structure results in laser-focused, concise projects, and with that, two of the best hip-hop EPs ever (if we’re indeed going with EPs). The frameworks of these projects don’t stray …

Transportation – [Your Old Droog]

Just a couple months back, Brooklyn’s Your Old Droog blessed us with his album It Wasn’t Even Close, a great return after a quiet 2018. And now, just two months later, he has delivered to us a new project, titled Transportation, proving that he was working on multiple projects during his hiatus. While all of the great elements of Droog’s music are still present on Transportation, it is a change of pace compared to It Wasn’t Even Close, which makes for a refreshing listen considering these albums were released less than two months apart. Transportation isn’t as gritty or hard-nosed as It Wasn’t Even Close, it finds a more introspective and vulnerable Droog (at least as vulnerable as Droog can get). The production reflects this as well, it’s more easygoing, with more jazz-influenced production as opposed to the eerie and hard-hitting beats heard on It Wasn’t Even Close. Along with this, Droog handles the entire record himself, outside of features from Wiki and Quelle Chris on the bonus tracks, which is a contrast to his earlier 2019 album, which featured the likes of MF DOOM, Lil Ugly Mane, Mach Hommy, and more. If there’s one song to check out on this …

It Wasn’t Even Close – [Your Old Droog]

Your Old Droog blessed us out of nowhere this past Friday with his brand new LP, titled It Wasn’t Even Close. The Brooklyn-native has been dropping consistently solid east coast rap soaked in grit for a few years now and he makes quite the statement here with his 2019 return. This follows up 2017’s Packs, a lyrically focused record featuring the likes of Danny Brown and Wiki. This time, he brings with him an absolutely star-studded lineup, featuring underground legends such as MF DOOM and Lil Ugly Mane (who steals the show on “Smores”), along with Wiki, Roc Marciano, and Mach Hommy, who also executively produced the record. The gritty production on the record is mesmerizing from top to bottom and was clearly meticulously chosen, which shows in the stacked production lineup featuring names like Sadhu Gold, Tha God Fahim, Ohbliv, and many more talented beat-makers. Droog is at the top of his game, dropping witty and blunt bars oozing with confidence along with top-notch storytelling. Every verse on here keeps the bar high and leaves a lasting impression, not only from Droog, but from the features, too. This is definitely a stand-out boom-bap project from this year with all-star …

Lucky Charms 5 – [Lil Xelly]

Lil Xelly immediately became an LL favorite after we covered his #RROCKETPOWER tape on our pages last month and though it seems it’s barely been a week since his last project, it’s totally normal for Xelly’s roll-out as he is back again with Noir Brent for, Lucky Charms 5. Coming in at 5 tracks, the tape saw executive production from Noir Brent with additional sauce from UglyFriend, Lulrose & Cortdot who helped in the finale titled Over Again. Word of Xelly’s ecstatic energy & unmatched work-ethic has quickly spread throughout the music world and after having his latest video for Maneuver premiere on No Jumper, it’s safe to say the ball is rolling for the promising newcomer. Make sure to let loose Lucky Charms 5 featuring below and stay tuned for the next work from Lil Xelly & Noir Brent!

LL Presents: The Nedarb Q&A

Even if you haven’t heard Nedarb’s name before it’s almost impossible you haven’t heard at least a few of his beats. Nedarb has been producing for a few years now and has made a name for himself as an underground legend. Nedarb is known for producing a ton of music by Lil Peep, other GBC artists, Ghostemane, Xavier Wulf, and many others. Ned is also a DJ, and we were lucky enough to meet up with him at his Chicago stop on the Ghostemane tour. Check out what he had to say below:   JM: Before diving into questions tell our readers who you are. N: What’s good, I’m Braden, or Ned, or Nedarb, and i’m a producer/DJ based out of LA. – JM: Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there? N: I️ primarily grew up in New Hampshire and there is little to no music scene where I’m from. The only scene was a hardcore/emo/metal scene, but I️ was barely involved in it. I️ was just a fan of music. I️ was in a band though, and actually made rap music in high school. Shit was all trash though lol, but yeah there wasn’t really any scene. …

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2016

As we are only a few hours from entering the new year, we here at Lyrical Lemonade decided to put together a list of the best Chicago projects IN OUR OPINION! Each and every of the artists included created something special this year for the world, but especially for the city, so it’s only right that we acknowledge their efforts. I want to shine some light on our writers Lane Cowherd & Jacob Lusted really quick, they really helped me a ton on this Top 50 project, thank you guys for being dedicated & for all the assistance, I truly appreciate it! Also, I want to thank all the supporters out there. Lyrical Lemonade has grown tremendously in 2016, we have gained a few thousand followers on our Twitter in the past few months alone! So to all of our supporters, whether you just came across Lyrical Lemonade or if you have been showing love since day 1, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I promise we have some exciting stuff in store for the fans in 2017. To Cole & the rest of our writing team, let’s keep improving & getting better every …

Amazon Wishlist – [Antwon] ft. [Lil Ugly Mane]

Apart from Gucci’s love of Christmas and all things cold, we don’t get enough holiday-themed hip-hop tracks. Thankfully, California rapper Antwon has come through with a new smooth, humorous ode to checking off items on a girl’s Amazon Wishlist. Sporting a rare feature from underground legend Lil Ugly Mane (who also produced the track under his birth name, Shawn Kemp), Antwon croons to his significant other about the ways he’ll be checking items off her Amazon wishlist over some spritely southern-tinged production – it’s a short but sweet track, and it’s always good to hear new work from both Antwon and Lil Ugly Mane, who are too often slept on by a large majority of hip-hop listeners. Listen to “Amazon Wishlist” below.