Walked In – [Kevin Powers]

As of late, it feels as if the state of North Carolina has been doing nothing but pumping out talented acts which includes artist Kevin Powers. His latest release “Walked In” is accompanied by a very clean and fun visual directed by Kosmic Shots which Kevin went coast to coast to shoot. The video set in Los Angeles, showcases contrast in the daily life of an artist, hanging in the pool by day and grinding in the studio at night. A bouncy and upbeat instrumental produced by Whit Kane sets the tone as Powers comes in with an incredibly smooth flow that immediately hooks you in. Speaking of hooks, the chorus is infectious and incredibly well, while also further cementing the braggadocios tone of the song. While the song is boastful, Kevin reminds us of where he came from with his blunt and to-the-point lyrics. All in All “Walked In” is a lively track that is put together well in all aspects. I recommend playing this song in the car with your friends as the 1:36 track time is perfect for the aux, plus you’ll get to say you put your friends on. Watch Kevin Powers’ “Walked In” for yourself …

Misguided – [Kevin Powers]

Raleigh, North Carolina crooner Kevin Powers impresses with his genre-defying single “Misguided.” I’ve been diving into the North Carolina scene pretty heavy over the last couple of months. Like Charlotte, Raleigh, North Carolina has some acts ranging from a variety of different sounds that deserve more recognition on a national level. Some of the previous artists from the area that have made appearances on the Lyrical pages are Pat Junior and YSB Tril. Today Kevin Powers makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his single “Misguided.” I’ve been jamming to this song for about a month now and finally got around to giving it the proper coverage it deserves. This record shows off a range of different genres that Kevin could dive into making him a great hybrid artist similar to Post Malone. Kevin still needs to become more consistent with his sound and continue to develop as a songwriter. However, Kevin is still an artist out of North Carolina that everyone should be keeping tabs on for the future. Stream Kevin Power’s bubbling single “Misguided” after the break.  

Space Cadet – [Kevin Holliday]

As an artist, longevity is achieved when there’s more than “just the music.” Looking at examples such as Tyler, The Creator or even Yung Lean, there needs to be some sort of world or character for the music to revolve around, and furthermore, there needs to be a moment or a feeling that runs far deeper than a few songs. This very concept plays a major role in what has drawn me toward the rising talent thus far. Maybe it’s the space helmets or maybe it’s the general aesthetic of his releases, but with Holliday, there’s something larger at play, just as we see in his new project, Space Cadet. 8 tracks and 22 minutes in length, Space Cadet is a culmination of sounds, styles, and thoughts from a striking young man, bursting with energy and infatuated with the powers of his guitar and supporting band. It’s open and honest, ambitious and vulnerable, booming with a sense of widespread relatability that turns Holliday’s otherworldly character from a “space cadet” to a familiar face, all without losing the power of such imagery. In addition, the project benefits from its musical curiosity, stepping over boundaries with heartfelt guitar riffs and pure, polished-but-unpolished energy that …