1 Minute Of Your Time… – [Katori Walker]

Here we are on the final day of the year, and I don’t think I’ve heard an offering pack a punch just as concisely and effectively as Katori Walker’s “1 Minute Of Your Time…” all 2018 long. Between the lyrical mastery of the song, the realness and storytelling of the visuals, and the perfectly fitting sonic direction to match, my introduction to Katori Walker has most definitely made me a fan of his, and if anything, it just makes me regret that I wasn’t hip to Walker earlier in the year. That said, the genius of “1 Minute Of Your Time…” arrives within the way that it illustrates the plight of Walker in various situations that he has had to encounter in life. With a striking lyrical and visual presence, each new set of scenery is sure to grab the undivided attention of the listener, showing the mark of a true storyteller and a lyricist whose prowess simply can’t be denied. I’m just going to let this offering speak for itself, but keep in mind that 2019 is going to be a huge year for Katori Walker. Show some love on “1 Minute Of Your Time…” below and follow the …

1 Minute of Your Time – [Katori Walker]

California emcee Katori Walker takes an interesting approach for the release of his most recent project ‘1 Minute of Your Time.’ In a music industry full of obscure and corky marketing ploys, Katori Walker comes up with a unique strategy of making a 5-minute project. With the amount of music being released each week, it’s hard for even someone like me to be able to keep up. Now imagine how much time the average listener gives a body of work to an artist they know or even a new artist. Katori can condense a solid project showcasing his skills and versatility within five minutes. Think of its kind of like a small portfolio for listeners to view so you can dive deeper into his discography. The tracks “Act II” and “Act V” are my personal standout favorites on 1MOYT. Take five and stream Katori Walker’s new project ‘1 Minute of your Time.’