Behind The Scenes of BabySantana’s + KA$HDAMI’s “14” music video

Behind the scenes of our latest music video for “14” by BabySantana and KA$HDAMI, enjoy!   Sorry about the audio, it was windy 🙂

14 – [BabySantana] x [Ka$hDami]

BabySantana is a fourteen-year-old artist who we are MASSIVE fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade, on any given day, you will find us blasting his music throughout our office. A couple of weeks ago, we dropped a brand new interview featuring BabySantana, and now today, he is back on our pages with his LL music video debut for “14” featuring Ka$hDami. These two young creatives are blossoming into two of the leaders of their class of musicians, they are both going to be superstars in due time, but for now, they are just teenagers making amazing music. Please keep a close tab on these two artists as they move forward in their careers because one day we are going to look back at this music video release and realize just how crucial it was in helping propel two stars.

Watch BabySantana’s new interview on The Lemonade Stand

BabySantana is a fourteen-year-old phenom who has been capturing the attention of many music industry folks + fans alike over the past few months, we are big supporters of him here at LL, and we recently brought him by the office for a new Lemonade Stand interview! We spoke to Santana about plenty of topics such as growing up in Georgia, how he first met Lil Tecca, his performance on “Antisocial”, being a three-time spelling bee winner, his friendship with Ka$hdami, working with Galactic Records, and much more. I have a great feeling that BabySantana is going to become one of the best new artists of his generation, but luckily for us, we get the privilege of watching him grow into the star that he is inevitably going to be. Learn a thing or two about BabySantana by pressing play below!

Pick a Strain – [Ka$hdami] ft. [Matt Ox] & [TyFontaine]

Ka$hdami is a relatively new name to me, but it’s a name that I’ve seen popping up left and right, so I figured it was about time for me to get in tune. While I don’t know much about him other than the fact that he’s young, from the DMV area, and has drawn comparisons to Tay-K 47, I decided to tune in to one of his most recent JayPluggz-produced songs entitled “Pick a Strain” for an awesome music video directed by none other than DotComNirvan, a talented videographer that has been blowing up alongside some of the smaller acts that he has worked with in recent memory. Teaming up with Matt Ox and fellow DMV rapper TyFontaine, the trio pretty much hangs out in a fairly simplistic, clean white room. Thanks to some large windows and a bright, sunny day outside, the natural light just illuminates the room, making it look as if they’re chilling inside of a room that’s located in heaven. Although they don’t leave the room at any moment, one of my favorite things about Nirvan and his videography is his editing skills, because no matter what the scene at hand looks like, he adds in …

i know – [Ka$hdami]

Ka$hdami is an artist that we have been keeping a close eye on here at Lyrical Lemonade, he is a multi-talented teenager who we believe is going to become a big-time artist in the music world. He has been turning heads in the music industry lately due to his magnificent rapping ability and superstar potential, trust me when I say that a lot of power players in the music industry are watching every single move that Ka$hdami is making. Keep checking our website within the coming weeks, because we are trying to bring Ka$hdami by the Lyrical Lemonade office in Chicago for a brand new interview ASAP. For the time being, watch this new visual below! Directed by @1karlwithak

Dior – [Ka$hdami]

Last week I premiered a song on our website called “Dior” by the mega-talented Ka$hdami, and today, he is back on our website with the brand new music video for the song! When you have a young artist who is trying to grow their fanbase in 2021, good visuals might just be the most important aspect, and it’s clear that Ka$hdami and his team understand that because all of his music videos are solid. This is one artist that we here at Lyrical Lemonade are going to be keeping a close tab on in the coming months, he’s been growing his fanbase rapidly over the past few months, and I expect him to continue to skyrocket. Watch this brand new visual on YouTube below!

Dior! – [ka$hdami]

Just over a week ago, we announced the lineup for our Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash music festival, there were plenty of talented musicians on the lineup, but one of the rising acts included on there that we at LL are excited about is ka$hdami! Today, ka$hdami is making his debut on our website with the premiere of his brand new music video for “Dior”. ka$hdami is an artist who is originally from Las Vegas but now stays in the DMV, and he has a sound that I believe is easily digestible and really hard to not enjoy. This is extremely exciting considering that he is still only sixteen years old, he has plenty of time to continue to craft + refine his sound, but honestly, I give it a couple of years before he really blows up. This is an artist that I suggest our audience keeps a close eye on, before you know it, he will be one of the biggest artists in his lane. Listen to this brand new tune via YouTube below, and be sure to give him a follow on Twitter here! Produced by fwthis1will