FAF/Peakin (Music Video) – [Juto]

Following the release of his ‘Wool’ EP in November, Juto is back with a visual for two tracks off the project, “FAF/Peakin”. The singer and songwriter has established his name with a unique blend of RnB, funk, and alternative influences laden with a soothing vocal style, and all of these aspects of Juto’s music come through both sonically and visually in this new video. Directors Tommy Nowels and Matthew Kaplan align their vision with Juto’s musical style in a way that meshes naturally, and the overall cinematography of the video utilizes creative shots that match the tone of the song. Being Juto’s second official music video that’s been released, his character comes through in front of the camera and matches the indifferently angsty attitude that gets portrayed lyrically. The second half of the video switches tones to a much more serene environment, as Juto is seen lounging in a dreamy tropical garden, finding peace of mind as the credits start to roll. Watch the video for “FAF/Peakin” below:

Wool – [Juto]

If Juto’s ‘Velvet’ EP was the romanticist fantasy one imagines before shooting their shot, ‘Wool’ feels like the unforgiving reality one lives out as a result. On his new 7-track project, the alternative RnB songwriter continues to deliver guitar-driven ballads about matters of the heart, sunken in clever lyricism and soothing vocal melodies that carry with them a similar warmth as the fabric referenced by the EP’s title. Striking a unique balance of genres, Juto blends elements of RnB, funk, and alternative to craft a hazy sound that hits hard on first impact and leaves a smooth lasting impression. His vocals act as the force that holds his stylistic experiments down, alternating between soft crooning and angst-ridden shrilling in his tone. Juto comes off as lighthearted in his songwriting, maintaining some sense of humor even as he confronts his woes. Altogether, ‘Wool’ offers an even more comprehensive look at the songwriter’s versatile talent, packaging it in a set of easygoing, diverse new songs that flow together seamlessly. Listen below:

Velvet EP – [Juto]

At a time when constantly inundating the internet with every single thing you’ve been working on seems to be the move for a lot of up-and-coming artists, singer-songwriter Juto is proof that some of the best work comes after you’ve remained low-key. My introduction to Juto’s music came sometime last year when I heard his cover of Daniel Caesar’s “Get You”, and since then, I was hooked to the soulful, guitar-drenched R&B that he carefully crafted in the few pieces of music he’d put out. Today, Juto makes his boldest statement as an artist yet with the release of his new EP, Velvet. Over 7 tracks, he locks a listener into a shoegaze daydream where it feels like you’re constantly stumbling into love with the start of each new song. For an artist who seems decisive about what he decides to put out into the world, Velvet feels like an especially refined step, communicating profound attention to detail that comes through in the selective production choices throughout the EP. In such a way, Juto makes the most of the strongest weapons in his arsenal — his voice and his guitar — giving these elements the most shine while simultaneously creating …

Fling – [Juto] ft. [Family Reunion]

A soulful singer-songwriter by the name of Juto is making his first appearance on our platform today with a new single titled “Fling”. The Missouri-born artist, who records and produces all of his music using his phone, has linked up with Family Reunion, who’s quickly become one of my favorite genre-bending artists out of the Chicago scene. Together, the two trade lyrics about the frustrations of wanting a serious relationship while your significant other may not see things the same way. They package their longing for love in silky harmonies that float above Juto’s mellow production, letting their vocals melt into each guitar strum. Juto previously released a solo version of “Fling”, and while that version of the track is already strong, bringing Family Reunion into the mix feels like a natural, finishing touch. If you like what you hear, Juto has a ton of other music up on his Soundcloud already (be sure to check out his rendition of Daniel Caesar’s “Best Part” while you’re at it), and he’s also been teasing new material over his Instagram. With a forthcoming project titled “Velvet” in the works, this is definitely not an artist you should be sleeping on.