Believers – [JUSTEND]

It’s always funny to think of the potentially-classic songs that artists never release, unbeknownst to the world. Thankfully, in today’s day and age, the non-album cuts aren’t always stashed away forever. Especially with more casual platforms like SoundCloud to release music on, demos and random throwaways sometimes make it to the light, meant for the fans who are engaged enough to dig beyond an artist’s streaming catalog. While not meant to generate any revenue, these demos speak to the progression in an artist’s career, and are often the Easter eggs that make being a fan that much more fun. JUSTEND recently blessed us with just this, offering up a 2017 throwaway called “Believers.” Produced by moflo music, “Believers” is a heartfelt release, swinging across the vine of its ever-infectious hook. JUSTEND’s lyrics ooze of sincerity, and best of all, his cadences speak to an equally-impassioned sense for delivery. These elements, mixed with the song’s motivational message, all come together for a moment of reflection, reminding us how far JUSTEND has come and likewise, how far he’s meant to go. If there’s one way to start the year off, it’s to take a look back for a second, just to remind …

Arrested – [JUSTEND]

It’s been so much great music that’s dropped in October it’s been kind of hard to keep up with everything. Justend released one of my favorite songs of the month so far with his new single “Arrested.” This is the New York native’s 3rd release of the year and it seems like he just improves with each one. The first single I heard from Justend was “Everythang” which dropped back in April of last year. From then until now it’s refreshing to see an artist taking the slow single route and gauging his progress off of that besides just dropping two projects a year. This gives the listeners time to actually sit with the music and track how much an artist is improving with their craft. Now that he has a handful of tracks that’s come out this year and last year I look forward to seeing a full-length project from Justend in 2020. Stream New York crooner Justend’s new single “Arrested” below.

Quartz – [JUSTEND]

Control is one of our most prized possessions in life. Losing this, whether emotionally, mentally, or in any number of other ways, creates uncertainty, and well, uncertainty is uncomfortable — that’s just part of being human. Here to soundtrack his own loss of control is a supremely-talented rising artist, JUSTEND, with his brand new single, “Quartz.” In regards to both sound and lyricism, “Quartz” finds its perspective on the verge of a breaking point, dangling between the certainty and uncertainty of an emotional cliff. As JUSTEND begins to fade away, these emotions spill out through his impassioned vocals and troubled instrumentation, placing a notably high emphasis on the way that his worries rock him to his core. With that said, anyone can make a song about the struggles of love, but few can do it in such a sincere manner, especially while maintaining a head-turning balance between earnest truths and entertaining music. Needless to say, JUSTEND has not only discovered this balance, but also knows how to translate his deepest emotions into a universal sound that I’m sure a widespread palette of listeners can resonate with. In such a way, “Quartz” feels like a new high for JUSTEND, and quite certainly, this …

Figure It Out – [JUSTEND]

Making a well-deserved appearance on our lemon-filled pages today, we’re here to welcome an artist by the name of JUSTEND and his newest single, “Figure It Out”. Impulsive in emotion and ready to get things back on the right track, this song acts as an anthem to self-improvement, working toward the theme of creating the life that you want for yourself. JUSTEND’s vocals are alive right over the soulful instrumental, and the passion that he possesses in regards to “figuring it out” is nothing short of brilliant. This song is food for the soul for anyone who can’t seem to gain balance right now, and naturally so, it’s an uplifting track to throw on repeat all week long. JUSTEND is on the rise, so stream his new single below and stay updated by following JUSTEND on Twitter here! Produced by Moflo Music

They Don’t Know Me – [JUSTEND] Ft. [Kye Colors]

JUSTEND is a promising artist from Long Island, and today, he is making his debut on our pages with an impressive record in They Don’t Know Me featuring Kye Colors. Produced by Moflo Music, both JUSTEND & Kye unraveled their newfound chemistry with coalescing bars on these people not knowing them and simply not understanding them at the same time. Being recently put on the 18-year-old, I was pleasantly surprised by his infectious vocals and ability to ride ultimately any beat put in his way (go check out the Nnaye-produced everythang from last month.) You can bet you’ll be seeing a lot more of JUSTEND on this side of the web so without further ado, get familiar by checking out They Don’t Know Me and look out for more from him and Kye Colors in the near future.