We Bored – [Jazmyn Alexis]

Ohio-based songstress Jazmyn Alexis is certainly no stranger to our pages, I’ve been posting her music ever since the homies at Illanoize interviewed her a couple of years back, and today she is back with a brand new music video for “We Bored”. This release was a little bit different than Jazmyn’s other videos because she decided to give this song more of a storyline background that displays a situation between her and a love interest. The song itself is fantastic, Jazmyn really caught a groove on this up-tempo instrumental, and delivered an ear-pleasing record that is only strengthening her great catalog. This is the first release from Jazmyn Alexis in a minute, well over a year if I am not mistaken, but it’s good to see her back to making great music. If you enjoy R&B music, this is right up your alley, check it out for yourself below! Produced by Darius Byers

Watch femdot’s new interview on Illanoize

femdot is fresh off of the release of a fantastic new project, so you know he had to stop by Illanoize to chop it up with the homies Pretty Riot, Bekoe, and Illinois Jones! They asked fem about plenty of topics including his new project Not For Sale, performing at the Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash, Delacreme Scholars, the idea of how money affects his relationships, music being scientific, freedom, the creation process of his song “Digits”, some of the creative lyrics in his music, his listening party in New York, attending Penn State + DePaul and so much more. Much love to the crew at Illanoize, they do some great work for the city and it’s appreciated. Check out this brand new interview below!

Watch Ausar’s new interview on Illanoize Radio

Illanoize Radio is a fantastic platform based here in Chicago that consists of Bekoe, Pretty Riot & Illinois Jones, and they all do fantastic work that benefits the Chicago music community. On their latest episode, the three of them interviewed Ausar, an amazing artist + good friend of mine. They spoke about plenty of subjects including his experience on Rhythm & Flow, auditioning for American Idol, his new project Flight Of The Honey Bee, the idea behind the cover of the project, asking Lupe Fiasco about arpeggios on Clubhouse, what he’s learned about himself during the pandemic and everything else that he has been up to. Take some time out of your Tuesday to watch this new interview below!

Watch femdot’s new freestyle on Illanoize radio

A few days back, the homies over at Illanoize radio released their new interview with Chicago’s own femdot, and earlier today they dropped their new “illstyle” featuring fem. The beat that femdot decided to rhyme over was Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart pt. 3”, a classic record that only the purest of emcees can rhyme over, and fem did his thing on this joint. The clip of this freestyle has been going pretty viral on Twitter, as most of fem’s freestyles do, so I thought why not share this video on our website. Take a couple of minutes of your Friday below to watch one of the illest Chicago rappers do was he was born to do.

Watch Femdot’s new interview with Illanoize

Chicago artist femdot has been on a steady upward trajectory for a few years now, he has made his mark as not only one of the hottest artists out of Chicago, but the entire midwest. Femdot recently stopped by Illanoize Radio for a brand new interview that just was released, and it’s a solid conversation that touches on everything that femdot has been up to. You will find Bekoe, Pretty Riot + Illinois Jones asking fem about plenty of topics including his project 94 Camry Music, his Delacreme Scholars program, his ‘slide-by’ program where he delivers free groceries to families in Chicago, how the pandemic has affected him, his live performances and more! The good people at Illanoize have an awesome platform that I strongly believe in, it will be dope to see where they go from here, but in the meantime, check out this new femdot interview below! Follow femdot on Twitter here!

Watch Matty Wood$ new interview will Illanoize

Matty Wood$ is certainly no stranger to the Illanoize platform that is based out of Chicago, he did his first interview with them about a year ago, and he recently stopped by for his second appearance here in this new interview! The three great hosts asked him about things such as moving to Chicago from St. Louis, the release of his new project The Marvelous Misadventures Of Tony-T, what’s changed for him in the past year, how he has been handling the pandemic, the team that surrounds him, the creative process behind “Kelso”, possibly investing in cannabis in the future, how he came up with the cover art and more. Watch this brand new interview below!

Watch OG Stevo’s brand new interview with Illanoize Radio

OG Stevo is someone who has been making some noise within the Chicago music community, he has captured the attention of many people and he is continuing to do so with the release of his brand new interview with the homies over at Illanoize Radio. The three fantastic hosts asked Stevo about plenty of topics such as how he feels since graduating from college, what he majored in, what it was like balancing his music career with school, what influenced his song + music video for “OG Graduation”, his process in the studio, his live performances, his assistance from his management team, his goals now that he has more time on his hands, building a loyal core fan base when we can expect a full-length project from him, his personal favorite track that he has made, how his song “Fishbowl” came about and more. Take some time out of your Monday to watch this brand new interview below!

Watch Jayaire Woods brand new interview with Illanoize

I had just posted about Jayaire Woods + his new song a couple of days back, and this afternoon he is returning to our pages with his brand new interview with the good people over at Illanoize Radio! Bekoe, Illinois Jones + Pretty Riot finally got the opportunity to chop it up with him, and Jayaire spoke about plenty of things such as when he first started in 2015, wanting to win a Grammy, signing to Quality Control when he was younger, touring with Lil Yachty early on in his career, growing up in Chicago, the first time he spoke with Coach K, his forthcoming album Life Is Grand, how he came out with the title, what his studio session looks like, maturing over the years and more. This is easily one of the best interviews I have ever watched Jayaire Woods apart of, if you know about Jayaire you need to check this out & if you are new to him get in tune with him by pressing play below.

Watch 8MatikLogan’s brand new interview with Illanoize Radio

8MatikLogan is an artist who has been extremely consistent in the Chicago music community for the past seven or so years, and he recently stopped by Illanoize Radio to chop it up with the homie Bekoe + his co-hosts. The four of them spoke about several things such as mental health, his record “House Of Pain” + the visual for it, getting more mature + growing as an individual, having a two-year hiatus from music, when he first started making music, experiencing PTSD about having a near-death experience, being a studio rat, his family, coming up in Chicago’s underground scene, going through an artist identity crisis at one point, the days of selling out Reggies, Juice WRLD, working with ATS & Hitco, having an unreleased song with G Herbo, advice he would give to younger artists, his plans in 2020 and more. Watch this awesome new interview below!

Watch Ju Jilla’s brand new interview with Illanoize Radio

I’ve found a handful of pretty dope upcoming artists from the city via the homie Bekoe + his Illanoize radio platform (along with Illinois Jones + Pretty Riot), and Ju Jilla is the latest emcee I got to know via their new interview! The amazing trio of hosts asked Ju Jilla about several subjects including how he came up with his name, growing up on the southside of Chicago, his latest album Fear The Wise, how he created the title of his project, being influenced by his little brother, being apart of a talented family, his prior mixtapes, being a true lyricist, his creative process in the studio and he even gave his thoughts about the major Chicago radio stations. There is a plethora of musical talent in Chicago & Ju Jilla is definitely one of the best spitters out, take a couple minutes out of your day to learn a thing or two about him below!