Tech – [fijitrip]

This has to be one of my favorite projects of the year so far. The consistency, emotion, and feeling that formulates fijitrip’s Tech is something every musician needs to learn from. All six of the songs on this project are straight to the point and meaningful. The nineteen-year-old Norwegian had a few words to describe his indie label (Dreams Never Die) debut EP, noting that “Tech consists of both familiar and artificial sounds, combined with uncanny, glitchy production and me singing about love. It feels like I made this EP ages ago, and it’s really me just tryna find a sound.” He added that “these songs were all written very fast—they’re sneezes, as you call them. In creating this EP, I think I found my arsenal of sounds to pursue in the future.” These statements become very real and evident as you listen over and over and over again, as this EP isn’t something that you can just listen to once – or twice. fijitrip is one of the most exciting new artists out and in my opinion, Tech has now solidified his future to consist of something extremely special. Stream fijitrips’ Tech below and be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter!

Not Like – [fijitrip]

Norwegian phenom fijitrip recently released his debut single titled “Not Like”, and it’s an honor to bring it to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade today. As it seems to be more common by the day, fijitrip has his hands on every aspect of the creative process, from the writing and producing to the actual recording and visuals. Specifically, one of the most striking elements about “Not Like” is the magical production that gives off a very nostalgic, warm-hearted feeling; one of those feelings that takes your mind back to some of the best moments in life. In addition to the production, fiji’s melodies are nothing short of infectious and mesmerizing. After just the first listen, I found myself singing the melodies in my head over and over again. As talent and potential run through his veins, I’m beyond excited to see what future offerings we’ll be receiving from the young star. Be sure to stream “Not Like” below and follow fijitrip on Instagram and Twitter!