bodies – [fearofmakingout]

We all know that Lyrical Lemonade is a predominantly hip-hop and rap-related site, and I write for them because these are two aligned genres that I have been in love with for decades. As LL has grown, so has the team, the creative endeavors that we pursue, and the audience we serve. Along with this transformation, we have become a much more well-rounded group of writers that cover a lot more than these two styles of music singularly, and while they still have my heart, I love the diverse submissions that come across my screen. A little while ago, one of my industry homies sent me some music from the Phoenix-based alternative/indie band fearofmakingout, a quartet of unbelievably talented musicians who bring something different but equally impressive to the table in order to truly bring out the best in one another. I can sit here and claim that I regularly listen, but that’s because I really only regularly listen to a handful of my favorite artists on repeat, which is probably more of a problem than something I’m proud of, in all honesty. Regardless, every time I have the chance to experience some new music from FOMO, I seize the …

b4ckup – [fearofmakingout] ft. [SAIAH]

fearofmakingout might be the newest group of artists to come across my radar, but that doesn’t mean that my own naivety makes their music novice or unpolished. Instead, after listening to just one song, I found myself fully encapsulated in the world that they have created with music, and I can’t wait to wrap up this article so I can go and listen to more. Made up of Cesar Cruz (guitar/production), Jacob Kellen (drums/production/vocals), Marissa Harrington (bass), and Ryan Moreno (production/vocals), these musicians are breathing new life into the music industry one record at a time. Although the subgenre desert alternative might be a new term in my own dictionary, it is certainly an amazing way to describe their sound. Most recently, they teamed up with the remarkably talented artist SAIAH to create their song “b4ckup”, a feel-good and carefree cut that makes me want to do nothing but go out into nature and enjoy the world the way it is meant to be, without any sort of electronics, vehicles, stress, or worries, and that is exactly what is being done in the music video thanks to some amazing direction courtesy of beewax and Matt Keough. As it begins, a …

Stockton – [Papichuloteej]

Papichuloteej is back with his second release of 2021 with a record entitled “Stockton.” For those of you who are familiar with Papichuloteej, this new single is a change of pace. With “Stockton” Teej gives his take on what an alternative rock record would sound like in his eyes. The guitar and production by fearofmakingout compliment Teej’s grungy vocals well along with the distortion effects that are added to his voice. Papichuloteej is a heavy single-driven artist so it’s not a surprise that he’s blessed us with another solid showing. That being said after talking to Papichuloteej he claims that “Stockton” is one of the singles that’s featured on his forthcoming project which name and date have yet to be announced. By showing his versatility on this record it should be pretty interesting in seeing what kind of sound he’s going to run with for his next project. Stream Papichuloteej’s newest record “Stockton” for yourself after the break.