Paid Everyday – [Soulzay]

The Dallas up and coming star Soulzay dropped another vintage-feeling earworm today titled “Paid Everyday.” The instrumental is a slow BPM produced by Dragg, with an R&B influenced vibe and a beautiful sample from Brandy’s 1994 hit “I Wanna Be Down.” The groovy instrumental allows Soulzay to project his signature voice in a perfect manner that meshes perfectly with the energy. “Staying lowkey, and stack a couple of G’s, I’m diplomatic with my ways, stayin’ paid everyday.” Even the flow and lyrics bring me back to 90s hip-hop, and I couldn’t help but smile and jive to the smooth vibrations through the song’s entirety. Stream “Paid Everyday” below! [@soulzaytx]

Our 50 Favorite Kid Cudi Songs

Bravery in vulnerability. Honesty in the face of pain. Effortless trend-setting. Undying authenticity. Inimitable talent. Astonishing hooks, soaring highs, and heartfelt lows. Creative ambition. The list goes on. These attributes and so many more are what makes Kid Cudi a living legend. From his stature as one of the most sonically and aesthetically influential artists alive to an entire catalog of classic albums, mixtapes, features, and chart-topping singles, there’s no denying the sheer impact and importance of the Cleveland-bred artist. His contributions not only to music, but to mental health awareness, fashion, and even acting range over a broad palette of interests and ventures, all of which bring fans back to the one and only Scott Mescudi — a multi-talented star in every right and the kind of artist and human that only comes around once in a lifetime. For our team at Lyrical Lemonade and for countless others, Kid Cudi has soundtracked some of our best moments in life just as much as he’s saved and helped us in our worst. With this in mind, to say that Kid Cudi is an artist for all occasions is an understatement, and furthermore, to say that he’s touched countless lives is …

Personal – [Oswin Benjamin]

A writer, rapper and singer that goes by the name of Oswin Benjamin is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with the release of his brand new music video for “Personal”. Born in Brooklyn and raised in upstate Newburgh, Oswin spent a great amount of time during his upbringing in the church choir, eventually flipping those musical skills and becoming a super talented lyricist & top notch emcee. It’s not everyday that you see an extremely well put together, fire filled (literally flames) music video that features one of the dopest upcoming rappers, but here it is! This record is off of Oswin Benjamin’s last full length effort called Godfrey, which led me to go back and sit down to give the project my upmost attention, so trust me when I say that it’s solid from front to back. I highly suggest you stream the album after you check out this brand new music video, so don’t waste any more time, press play below.

Sunkissed – [Shai Nowell] ft. [Nai Br.XX]

At least in my opinion, “timeless” music is that which is able to capture a specific feeling or moment in time. Naturally, our mind attaches a certain emotion and/or memory to songs or albums of “timeless” classification, and the result is an undying attachment to a given piece of art, regardless of when or where we hear it in life, whether that be two weeks from now or twenty years down the line. Here with a new release that I’m quickly beginning to see as timeless is Shai Nowell and his latest offering, “Sunkissed,” featuring Nai Br.XX. The reason that I’m so quick to pull the trigger on calling this one “timeless” is because of the intense feeling that “Sunkissed” is able to capture. Even after my first full run through the video, I not only found the song stuck in my head, but I also found myself hooked onto every second of the sun-soaked visuals, as they illustrate a feeling of pure bliss in the midst of the endless responsibilities and duties that we incur as we grow older. I, myself, am definitely a culprit when it comes to getting too involved with work to make time for life, …

The Thrill Of The Hunt 2 – [Che Noir]

The queen of upstate New York Che Noir is back with an impressive new body of work entitled ‘The Thrill Of The Hunt 2’. We are only a few years removed from the conversation of there not being enough ladies in rap. Fast forward to now and it seems like women are making their presence felt in the rap game more than ever before. Che Noir is an emcee from upstate New York that’s all about gritty wordplay with a current sound that still has a lane today. I was watching an episode of Everyday Struggle and heard one of the host Wayno mention Che as one of the women who were up next in rap. I decided to take a listen and just off the first couple songs Noir just made me want to go get a bag to be honest. The closest thing I could compare her to would be fellow upstate rising rapper Benny The Butcher. There’s no doubt that Che can spit, so we’ll look to see how she can continue to improve her sound as her music career continues. Check out some of Che Noir’s clever wordplay on her new project ‘The Thrill Of The …

Easter Sunday 97 – [ZelooperZ] Ft. [Earl Sweatshirt]

Detroit native ZelooperZ is certainly no stranger to our website and this evening he is finding himself back on our platform with the release of his brand new music video for “Easter Sunday” featuring Earl Sweatshirt. Hundreds of thousands of songs get released on the internet everyday but this one is by far the best one you will hear all day, I know that’s a bold statement but it’s true, it’s a 10/10 in my book. Between the soulful production and the tremendous verses there’s truly nothing to dislike in my opinion, I’m going to be bumping this for at least the rest of the week and I hope to see these two work together more in the future. Watch this brand new visual below and if you like what you see then be sure to share this track with a friend! Produced by Black Noi$e

Everyday – [Splash Zanotti]

Florida emcee Splash Zanotti killed his Rolling Loud Set over the weekend and today he graces the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his video “Everyday.” The song stems from his project Sz Canis Majoris that dropped back in December of last year. In these FXRBES directed visuals Splash Zanotti is seen tying up a victim and torturing him whiling crooning over the track. Other scenes include Splashing reminiscing on more lighthearted times spent with his family and holding his son. Compared to the other songs in his discography this would be considered a switch up in Splash’s soundscape. On the contrarey, this is far from a feel-good song from the Miami lyricist. The message of the song and the images of the video are meant to portray a message that people hurt other people to feel. Watch the video for Splash Zanotti’s “Everyday” after the break.

i have so much to tell you – [Curtis Williams]

Curtis Williams — the Two-9 legend, himself — is the kind of artist whose effortless cool will never fade. It’s not that he can “adjust with the times” or keep up with new trends, but rather, Williams has an individualistic style that will never burn out, fueled simply by a sense of authenticity that can’t be faked. Needless to say, ATL’s own is still putting out noteworthy music, just as we saw a few weeks ago with his “Darren Waller Freestyle.” Today, Williams brings this full circle with the main entree: a new project entitled i have so much to tell you.  As reflected by the title, this project gives listeners a chance to update themselves on what Curtis Williams has been up to as of late, and if not anything else, I love just how well this project reflects where his spirit is at. Right away, Williams takes things to an intimate, eye-to-eye level with listeners, balancing a beautiful, soul-stricken harmonica run with wisdom from none other than the Based God — and before you ask, yes, this is the best idea for an introduction I’ve heard in quite some time. From there, i have so much to tell you …

Running – [Luna Luna] ft. [Pretty Boy Aaron]

Often times when I hear and enjoy new music, I immediately pair the music with some aspect of my life, seeing how it can act as a soundtrack to my everyday life. Heading into the warmth and energy of the spring and summer, this is exactly how I feel about Luna Luna’s brand new offering, “Running,” alongside Pretty Boy Aaron. Set to the tune of an electrifying, upbeat instrumental, this song is the perfect complement to long, lovely days and nights spent in the warmth of the sun. Riding right alongside the impassioned guitar riffs, the vocals seem to bounce off the production with a lively sense of excitement that I can’t quite put into words, and if not anything else, it just proves how perfect of a pairing Luna Luna and Pretty Boy Aaron truly are. That said, “Running” is the kind of song that you’ll understand once you hear it for yourself, so I encourage all of our readers to check this one out below! There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll have this one on repeat all summer long.

Five Life Lessons From J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’

By: John Matraia Loops surround us in our everyday lives. Rings. Coins. Wheels. Even donuts, a favorite snack of the late producer J Dilla. But loops mean much more than those run-of-the-mill items when looking at J Dilla’s magnum opus: the 31-track journey through life that is Donuts. For those unfamiliar with J Dilla (also known as Jay Dee), he was a music producer and rapper from Detroit, born in 1974. On Donuts, his most acclaimed solo body of work, he proves himself as the master of loops (short, repetitive sample patterns) found at the core of every song. In fact, the album as a whole acts as one never-ending loop, running seamlessly from the first song to the last and then back to the first. Dilla communicates through these loops on this instrumental project, speaking volumes without any vocals from the man himself. Dilla created Donuts entirely on an MPC3000, a device that the Detroit producer knew the ins and outs of more than almost anyone, without any technological help from the machine’s myriad of capabilities. More specifically, Dilla famously made the project without “quantization” — a feature of the MPC that moves certain drum notes in place with …