Everyday – [Splash Zanotti]

Florida emcee Splash Zanotti killed his Rolling Loud Set over the weekend and today he graces the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his video “Everyday.” The song stems from his project Sz Canis Majoris that dropped back in December of last year. In these FXRBES directed visuals Splash Zanotti is seen tying up a victim and torturing him whiling crooning over the track. Other scenes include Splashing reminiscing on more lighthearted times spent with his family and holding his son. Compared to the other songs in his discography this would be considered a switch up in Splash’s soundscape. On the contrarey, this is far from a feel-good song from the Miami lyricist. The message of the song and the images of the video are meant to portray a message that people hurt other people to feel. Watch the video for Splash Zanotti’s “Everyday” after the break.

i have so much to tell you – [Curtis Williams]

Curtis Williams — the Two-9 legend, himself — is the kind of artist whose effortless cool will never fade. It’s not that he can “adjust with the times” or keep up with new trends, but rather, Williams has an individualistic style that will never burn out, fueled simply by a sense of authenticity that can’t be faked. Needless to say, ATL’s own is still putting out noteworthy music, just as we saw a few weeks ago with his “Darren Waller Freestyle.” Today, Williams brings this full circle with the main entree: a new project entitled i have so much to tell you.  As reflected by the title, this project gives listeners a chance to update themselves on what Curtis Williams has been up to as of late, and if not anything else, I love just how well this project reflects where his spirit is at. Right away, Williams takes things to an intimate, eye-to-eye level with listeners, balancing a beautiful, soul-stricken harmonica run with wisdom from none other than the Based God — and before you ask, yes, this is the best idea for an introduction I’ve heard in quite some time. From there, i have so much to tell you …

Running – [Luna Luna] ft. [Pretty Boy Aaron]

Often times when I hear and enjoy new music, I immediately pair the music with some aspect of my life, seeing how it can act as a soundtrack to my everyday life. Heading into the warmth and energy of the spring and summer, this is exactly how I feel about Luna Luna’s brand new offering, “Running,” alongside Pretty Boy Aaron. Set to the tune of an electrifying, upbeat instrumental, this song is the perfect complement to long, lovely days and nights spent in the warmth of the sun. Riding right alongside the impassioned guitar riffs, the vocals seem to bounce off the production with a lively sense of excitement that I can’t quite put into words, and if not anything else, it just proves how perfect of a pairing Luna Luna and Pretty Boy Aaron truly are. That said, “Running” is the kind of song that you’ll understand once you hear it for yourself, so I encourage all of our readers to check this one out below! There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll have this one on repeat all summer long.

Five Life Lessons From J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’

By: John Matraia Loops surround us in our everyday lives. Rings. Coins. Wheels. Even donuts, a favorite snack of the late producer J Dilla. But loops mean much more than those run-of-the-mill items when looking at J Dilla’s magnum opus: the 31-track journey through life that is Donuts. For those unfamiliar with J Dilla (also known as Jay Dee), he was a music producer and rapper from Detroit, born in 1974. On Donuts, his most acclaimed solo body of work, he proves himself as the master of loops (short, repetitive sample patterns) found at the core of every song. In fact, the album as a whole acts as one never-ending loop, running seamlessly from the first song to the last and then back to the first. Dilla communicates through these loops on this instrumental project, speaking volumes without any vocals from the man himself. Dilla created Donuts entirely on an MPC3000, a device that the Detroit producer knew the ins and outs of more than almost anyone, without any technological help from the machine’s myriad of capabilities. More specifically, Dilla famously made the project without “quantization” — a feature of the MPC that moves certain drum notes in place with …

Everyday – [Monster Mike] [KISHIE]

Monster Mike has been making waves around Chicago’s underground hip-hop scene, and the rising rapper’s hustle already shows in the sheer volume of content he puts out. He’s also no stranger to our platform, and he returns today with his latest song, “Everyday”. If you haven’t been acclimated to Mike’s sound yet, let this track be a perfect introduction. The most distinguishable weapon in Monster Mike’s arsenal—his booming, gravelly voice—really anchors this track, livening up the sparse trap production with raspy, monstrous delivery. Backing Mike’s cold bars is an eerily bright and melodic beat made by KISHIE—a producer whose name is also getting some heavy circulation among Chicago’s current underground heavyweights. A quick survey of KISHIE’s Soundcloud reveals a producer who’s finding his niche sonically with a disorienting combination of ambient synths and hard-hitting 808s making up the bulk of his recent beats. KISHIE’s style creates a unique pairing with Monster Mike’s heavy presence, and “Everyday” is an example of a rapper and producer in-sync in a refreshing, addictive form. Listen below:

Not A Fan – [The Chess Club]

One feature of music that always seems to connect with listeners is when you can tell the artists are genuinely having a good time on the mic and not taking themselves too seriously. This is exactly the appeal at hand with The Chess Club’s relentlessly fun new offering, “Not A Fan”. Bright as can be in its instrumental, this candidly honest offering presents the life of an everyday man in a way that any and every kind of listener can appreciate. It feels like the audio version of a warm summer day, and by keeping it light and taking the time to laugh at itself, the lyrics of “Not A Fan” are the perfect cherry on top to the infectious, soulful production. With this, The Chess Club — comprised of Abhi The Nomad, Simon Jefferis, and Natty Reeves — is certainly an act to keep an eye out for, so check out their new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Def Jam’s Young Gun TJ Porter Talks Representing for Harlem, Having a “Celebrity” Manager, His Sentimental New Single “Do You Care” and Upcoming Debut Album Voice Of the Trenches

Def Jam Records is in something of a youth revolution. The most iconic label in hip-hop history may be turning 35 this year, but it has its eyes newly fixed on the future, with some seventeen newly signed artists set to showcase on next month’s release of Undisputed, a compilation recorded over several days last November in Los Angeles. Front and center among the Undisputed lineup is Harlem, New York’s latest ambassador to the music world, 18 year old TJ Porter, who in only a couple of years in the game has begun to serve notice of his intention to follow in the formidable footsteps of the greats that put his neighborhood on the rap map, including Mase, Dipset and ASAP Mob. The young MC has versatility on his side: early singles, like 2017’s “Trust Issues”, “Quiet Storm” and “Can’t Wait” offered bar spitting life lessons; last fall’s Pregame, his release first with Def Jam, found TJ in melodic mode – celebratory on the breakout “Glowin’ Up” and boastful on “Tricky”; while his most recent EP, No Disturbance­, released only two weeks ago, goes dark on “The Don”, admits to relationship infidelity in “Cheated”, and claps back at doubters on …

Turning The Camera Around: Interviewer Spotlight

Even in the age of social media, where artists can constantly connect and speak to an endless number of fans with the click of a few buttons, the art of the sit-down interview will never be lost or, for that matter, replaced. From the intricate details of Nardwuar interviews to the knowledgeable conversations of Elliott Wilson, these interviews are what adds a dimension of background and personality to the musicians we know and love, and for that, they demand appreciation. Whether explaining obscure childhood stories, the meaning of albums, their influences, or any other plethora of topics, musicians tend to open up when paired with the right interviewer, and the benefit of these conversations is for all to enjoy. Interviews provide fans with background, insight, and nowadays, viral moments, offering up endless entertainment that satisfies casual listeners and stans alike. They allow artists an opportunity to communicate their messages and aspirations on a level far more profound than a simple tweet, and consequently, an opportunity to breathe new life into the music that soundtracks the lives of so many. Here at Lyrical Lemonade, we’re constantly posting new interviews with all of our favorite artists to learn more about the masterminds …

Everyday – [$teven Cannon]

$teven Cannon is a regular on our platform and a few days back he unleashed an awesome new music video for his record called “Everyday”. $teven Cannon has the uncanny ability to whip up sonically pleasing melodies at what seems like the snap of a finger, and this new joint is certainly no different. He joined forces with music video director waterwippinevan who was the brilliant mind behind the camera for this one, and I believe I speak for a majority of his fans when I say that I hope to see these two work together more in the future. Check out this brand new visual below and if you like what you hear be sure to give $teven Cannon a follow on Twitter here. produced by dilip & dj yung vamp

Smile – [Jae Skeese]

In rap music, I feel as though fans get caught up in a fabricated lifestyle, of course, because it’s entertaining; likewise, fans sometimes pass it off as boring when emcees talk about the lifestyle of an everyday person. I’m the opposite, however. I love different narratives, whether they be real, fake, or even just something from someone else’s perspective. Matching this idea, we’re here to shed a light on Buffalo emcee, Jae Skeese, who just dropped a creative new animated visual for his single, “Smile”. Earlier this month, Jae dropped a thorough conscious body of work with his new album, Subjective Humility. On this project, Skeese talks about adulthood, adjusting to fatherhood, and the lessons that have shaped his mind around these two themes. Following this up, “Smile” teaches you to smile about little things in life, from when you first open a bottle of Henny to when you get your W-2’s or paycheck in the mail. Out of all of the animated videos I’ve seen, the creative Tom Holt really illustrates a unique 2D and 3D point of view on Jae Skeese’s latest story, and it shows simply by matching the idea of presenting a different, appreciative perspective that we can all …