Pain In Me – [Luh Sparq] ft. [EasyMoneyRoe]

Recently I was introduced to Nashville artist Luh Sparq on a normal trek through the BJProductions615 YouTube page and from the first bar I was blown away by Sparq’s innate talent as well as his ability to make such an emotionally potent track. The mood is set immediately from Trent Waters’ guitar-driven instrumental that establishes a clearly melancholic atmosphere that is perfect for Sparq’s heartbroken delivery to take over. “Pain In Me” is a tribute to their friends that are no longer with us and this message is truly beautiful. There is no denying how genuine Sparq’s emotion is and you can hear the sadness permeate through his vocals. If he can continue to make songs like this there is no doubt in my mind that he will quickly progress through the dense ranks of Nashville artists. This is one of those songs that are undeniably special, especially for those from the place that Luh Sparq comes from. “Pain In Me” is sincerely unforgettable. Watch the “Pain In Me” visual here: