Shift EP – [Simon Sea]

LA-based artist Simon Sea makes his debut today with ‘Shift’, a four-track EP comprised of hazy guitar riffs and enticing songwriting. Sea puts out just enough material to let a listener know what he’s about, mixing a raw indie sound with shoegaze synth textures and punchy 808s. It’s a style that’s not too far off from what his cohorts have been putting out, and while Sea’s self-produced aesthetic fits with other artists in the west coast indie scene, he manages to distinguish himself at the same time. He bookends the EP with two of its strongest tracks, opening with the pop-punkish banger “Broke Boi’ and closing with the trappy Yeek-assisted track “Planet”. On the song “Hurricane”, Sea brings in fellow LA artist DOTHA, who’s also in the midst of his own come up right now. Short but effective, ‘Shift’ offers a tempting introduction to Simon Sea and leaves the door open for what’s next from the west coast creative.

Daily – [DOTHA]

Before he takes off on your with Yeek this summer, DOTHA wants to make sure you have something to bop to this summer with his new single “Daily”. The rising artist out of Los Angeles floats on this track with a mumbly summertime anthem. Lyrically, he keeps things simple and introduces a listener to his daily routine while letting his melodic style carry the track. The video matches the song’s laidback energy with shots of DOTHA donning a Gucci bucket hat, cruising around LA with his crew in a convertible. It seems DOTHA is in the midst of something big, and while “Daily” is the only track up right now by him, his social media activity seems to suggest he has other music in the vault. Watch the video for “Daily” below and catch DOTHA on tour with Yeek this summer in your city.

Party Pack – [Shoreline Mafia]

The Summer of Shoreline Mafia continues as they make their way back to our pages with a fresh EP titled, Party Pack. Consisting of 4 tracks, the Shoreline crew was in their respective bags throughout the entire tape as the energy kicked off right away in Pop Up and ceased to let up until the finale in Boot It Up that was first heard back in January of 2016. Following the hit-filled ShorelineDoThatShit from earlier this year, it would be hard to think that this will be the last project we get from the Mafia for the rest of 2018 but until the next one, kick off your weekend with the Party Pack EP streaming below!

Whuss Da Deal – [Shoreline Mafia]

In a matter of months, Shoreline Mafia has become one of the hottest acts in music and the latest visual for Whuss Da Deal is all the proof you need of that fact. Revisiting their ShorelineDoThatShit tape from earlier this year, the Ron Ron-produced track was brought to life courtesy of Ronnie Lewis Productions which sees the likes of Ohgeesy & Fenix busting out their savage verses while the rest of the crew provides an intimidating backdrop. Following the most recent cuts for Nun Major and the classic Musty record, the ball keeps on rolling for Shoreline and with their next tour set to start in the coming days, the word of L.A.’s hottest rap group is only going to continue to spread at a rapid pace. Be sure to let loose the visual for Whuss Da Deal below and let us know if you’ll be catching them on their ‘Only The Xclusives’ tour!

Intro – [Shoreline Mafia]

A few days ago, Shoreline Mafia released the second episode of their ‘OTX Tour’ series and to accompany that was a can’t-miss visual for the intro-track from their previous ShorelineDoThatShit projected. Directed by John Rawl, the Ron Ron-produced hitter was brought to life with Shoreline mobbing out in foreign whips, sporting their designer clothes and counting up the ridiculous amounts of cash they have on them. The best part of the visual might have been the young’in who was seen turning up alongside Geesy sporting a BAPE sweater as well, which I thought was the perfect touch on this entertaining cut from L.A.’s hottest emerging rap group. Let’s not waste any time on the details though, give the Intro visual from Shoreline Mafia a shot below and leave a comment letting us know what you thought about it!

Staff Picks: Top Songs of the Month (March 2018)

March was undoubtedly the busiest month for new music so far in 2018. From XXXTentacion’s chart-topping album ? to Rich The Kid’s highly-anticipated debut project The World Is Yours, it was pretty well close to impossible to keep up. Luckily, the LL writing team has helped put together another Top Songs list that features tracks that may have gone under the radar throughout the past 31 days. Check them out below and here’s hoping April brings much of the same heat! _ – Get Up With Me One of the undisputed highlights from the beginning of this month was latest effort in Get Up With Me. Featuring production from BLKYTH, the vicious instrumental and high-octane lyricism was yet another hype setting record for his forthcoming Chest Pains album in which assured in the description that its release is ‘soon.’ Let’s hope that day isn’t too far away, but for now, don’t slip-up on one of his most impressive tracks to date. _ Bernard Jabs – End Goal Georgia rapper Bernard Jabs is somewhat of a newcomer on our pages, and he very well could have been on a number of these Top Songs lists in the past. Enter his …

LL Presents: The Shoreline Mafia Q&A

Today we are more than happy to introduce you to the powerhouse collective Shoreline Mafia. The LA based rappers recently made Fox News where they were criticized for their lean use. Shoreline responded with an insane project titled, “ShorelineDoThatShit,” which featured snippets from the Fox story. Shoreline consists of Ohgeesy, Fenix, Rob Vicious, and Master Kato. The four rappers naturally blend their different sounds together perfectly and are quickly proving to be a huge force in the next wave of rap music. We we’re lucky enough to ask the young rappers a few questions; check out the Shoreline Mafia Q&A below:   JM: Before diving into questions tell our readers who you are. MK: Master Kato aka Master Finesse aka the Master Piece. RV: Bitch Im Rob Vicious. F: Fenix Flexin. – JM: How did you guys all meet? O: Me and Fenix originally met through the graff scene. Turnin the skreets up. MK: I met Ohgeesy 5 years ago at the last Rock The Bells out here. Fenix, I met him at the “In The Field” video for the first time. RV: I met Fenix through Instagram like 5 years ago, and we linked up on some music shit …