Big Decisions – [Morray]

Morray may very well be the next mainstream rap artist to breakthrough from the state of North Carolina. Today the Fayetteville, North Carolina artist shares new visuals for his newest record “Big Decisions.” This is only the fifth record since Halloween that the 19-year-old emcee has dropped and his star power seems to rise with each release. He’s definitely in a very unique place in his career because the first record he released “Quicksand” has turned into a viral hit. This has caused some hip-hop talking heads to speculate that Morray is an industry plant. I myself on the other hand am deciding to focus on how moving his music and story. If you’re a fan of rappers who rap about struggle, pain with vivid stories like Lil Durk, Polo G, Rod Wave, Kevin Gates then Morray would seem like a perfect save for your music library. One thing I’ll give Morray an advantage over the rappers I’ve mentioned is how good his vocals are on his records. It makes sense how he’s received cosigns from his other rap peers like J.Cole, DaBaby, Rick Ross, and more. Watch Morray’s new video for “Big Decisions” for yourself after the break.

Behind the Scenes of 24kGoldn + DaBaby’s “Coco” video

When you think about artists who have made a massive impact in the music world over the past year or two, it’s impossible to not talk about the young king 24kGoldn. Yesterday, we dropped the music video for “Coco” by 24kGoldn + DabBaby, directed by Cole Bennett, and today we are back with the behind the scenes video from the day of that shoot. This type of content provides a peek behind the curtain to show how some of your favorite music videos are created, and they can be found on our Lyrical Lemonade 2 YouTube page. Don’t waste any more time, dive into the latest ‘behind the scenes’ below!

Coco – [24kGoldn] x [DaBaby]

24kGoldn is the perfect example of what a successful artist looks like in 2020, especially when you look at how he was able to overcome the pandemic and continue his rise to stardom against all odds. 24kGoldn has come through time and time again with hit records and he hasn’t slowed down in the least bit, as he released his song “Coco” featuring DaBaby about a week ago, and now he is back with the new music video for the track! 24kGoldn connected with Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett to direct this visual, and although this is the first time they have linked up for a video, you wouldn’t be able to tell by the quality of the final product. I really hope to see 24kGoldn and Cole do some more work in the future, let’s keep our fingers crossed there, but for now, press play below! Produced Omer Fedi + 94Skrt • Photo by @andrewcaso

Coco – [24kGoldn] ft [DaBaby]

Having proved himself with a viral sensation earlier this year through City of Angels and another hit, Mood reaching the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, 2020 has proven to be 24kGoldn’s year. He has had an astronomical rise from attending USC to being one of the biggest names in the music industry, it’s clear that 24kGoldn is here to stay. He returned on Friday with another hit accompanied by DaBaby (who has also had an incredible 2020 with two albums) to drop Coco. The energetic track delivers an upbeat feel juxtapositioned with lyrics riddled with relationship issues. This leads to one of the most interesting tracks of the year that is catchy as it is real. DaBaby delivers high-energy rhymes that perfectly fit between 24kGoldn’s chorus establishing their undeniable chemistry together. Make sure to check out this future hit down below or check out his interview with Lyrical Lemonade here Produced by Omar Fedi and 94Skrt

Delete – [Benji Blue Bills]

Hearing an artist completely spazz on a record will always be a winning recipe in my eyes. The dominance of acts like DaBaby and Megan Thee Stallion has since set a new precedent for rappers who are now taking those same trap beats we love and applying a lethal amount of pressure from a writing standpoint. This brief preamble brings me to my introduction to Atlanta based rapper Benji Blue Bills and his relentless delivery. His most recent release, “Delete,” is characterized by the aforementioned hard-hitting trap production style, produced by wakeupf1lthy, delivered alongside equally aggressive raps. Benji Blue Bills doesn’t waste a single moment on his single, taking the time to deliver quotable verse after quotable verse while maintaining a lively bounce. Benji Blue Bills may be a new name, but his music is refined, making him an artist to keep an eye on moving forward. Listen to “Delete” by Benji Blue Bills below.

Big Jade: Fully-Automatic

In Big Jade’s video for “RPM,” the Beaumont-raised rapper jumps on a reworked Ludacris beat for a minute and six seconds straight. No breaths, no breaks, no wasted time. She makes every lyric count, and throughout the song’s brief runtime, displays an entire rolodex of different flows, none of which seem to make Jade break a sweat. She raps to dizzying ends with machine-like consistency, and yet, barely pays attention to the camera documenting the whole thing. She’s preoccupied braiding someone’s hair, and just so happens to be rapping at the same time – that is, better than anyone I can think of and with a fraction of the effort. This unrivaled skill, confidence, and charisma are the attributes that make Big Jade so interesting. By day, she did hair until recently signing a deal with Alamo Records. But by night, she’s taken the influence of her mother’s battle-rapping days and turned it into a rapidly-growing career in music, now backed by the legendary BeatKing, whom Jade is signed to in partnership with Alamo Records. This team is an important part of the story, but Jade is the centerpiece here. She’s better than everyone and she knows it. Now with …

34Corine – [TiaCorine]

I know I’ve been saying this all 2020, but women are running rap music this year. I don’t think I’ve heard a project from a woman emcee I didn’t believe that was at least solid and that I didn’t run back multiple times. Tia Corine is a rapper from Winston Salem, North Carolina who is quickly making a name for herself and her lyrics and flow stand out from the typical content. It’s the Dragonball Z skits and the lyrics and flows for me on Tia’s newest project 34Corine. This is only the tip of the iceberg for her, no I’m serious it is. She’s gotten co-signs and singles in the vault with people such as SZA, Isaiah Rashad, and an ep with Kenny Beats in the works. The South Coast Music Group affiliate looks to follow in the success of fellow label mates Dababy and Toosii heading into 2021 and to build a household name for herself. Press play on TiaCorine’s new 8 track project ‘34Corine’ after the break below.

Pick Up – [DaBaby] ft. [Quavo]

In the entire Rap industry, few people have the respect and loyal fanbase that DaBaby has grown for himself over the past couple of years. While I have been on record saying that his flow can sometimes get repetitive and tiresome at times, there’s no denying his hitmaking ability and fans have been eating up his music ever since he came on the scene. His voice is just so smooth and unwavering, never getting interrupted by last-minute breathes or pauses, and he knows exactly what he plans on doing as soon as he hops on any beat that’s put in front of him. Quavo has a similar talent considering he is known as one of the most catchy, enthralling hitmakers in any genre you can think of, and he has had this ability ever since he first took the music scene by storm. When they hopped on “Pick Up” together for the second track off of DaBaby’s album Blame it on Baby a few months ago, it was a banger from its very conception, and luckily, we were just gifted a brand-new music video to pair with the single. As the visual opens, a cell phone is buzzing on the …

Neeko Baby: It Gets Sunny After the Rain

The world is essentially on pause right now. COVID-19 has resulted in lockdown on a global scale, businesses aren’t open, and whatever the summer of 2020 might have looked like is now far from its normal form. As a result, there’s nowhere to go and not a whole lot to do, leaving many people with a decision – what to do with all this new free time, and how to fill up the days until some sort of normalcy is regained. South Carolina producer Neeko Baby decided to get rich. Two years ago, Neeko helped produce DaBaby’s “VIBEZ” – a Billboard-charting release, and the song that would break Neeko into the music industry, where he’s now become one of the most exciting names around in conjunction with his long-time friend and partner, jetsonmade. Since quarantine began back in March, Neeko has found himself locked in the studio, emerging every few months only to add new placements to his fast-growing resume of production credits. He’s been working countless hours with Jack Harlow, who continues to soar off of the jetsonmade-produced “What’s Poppin,” he landed a production credit on Playboi Carti’s “@ MEH” just a few months back, and perhaps most importantly, …

A Conversation w/ Nils: Working on ‘Legends Never Die’, Upbringing in Germany, Staying Humble and More

When it comes to the pioneers of the vast sea of producers in the states, many of us can name a lot of them without even thinking twice. However, when it comes to producers making a name for themselves overseas, they may not be as openly recognized as they may like. The hurdles in which they have to overcome, and the barriers that they need to break, happen to be a bit tougher than it can be for those who may be born here in the states. The one thing about hip hop, is that it is accepting to all kinds, no matter what. We will accept anyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, heritage, native language, anything–as long as that musician respects the culture. Hailing all the way from Hamburg, Germany, record-producer Nils has been making a massive impact in the game, and has been working his way up to becoming a household name in the music industry. The German rap scene, or any foreign rap scene for that matter, is very different than what we may be used to over here in the states. Nils made a name for himself by learning and adapting to music at a very …