Legacy! Legacy! – [Jamila Woods]

Chicago gem Jamila Woods has been releasing some of the best music to come out of the city for the past several years, and just a week ago she released more of it with her brand new album titled “Legacy! Legacy!”. Jamila is truly one of a kind artist and has the voice of an angel + I loved the singles, so walking into this project I had a good feeling about what I was about to hear, but she well past exceeded my already high standing expectations. Each on of the thirteen songs provided had their own unique qualities about them but they were all apart of this bigger idea and they flowed together in the track list so seamlessly, making for easily one of my favorite Chicago projects of the year thus far. Stream this brand new album via Spotify or Soundcloud below and if you like the music then be sure to visit Jamila’s website and purchase some of her merchandise or a vinyl here! features from Saba, Nico Segal, theMIND, Jasminfire and Nitty Scott

Break The Check – [Joel Q]

Joel Q is a rising rapper coming out of the city of Chicago and he is finding himself back on our website this morning with his brand new offering titled “Break The Check”. I have been a fan of Joel Q’s music for a few months now, he is a exceptionally intelligent individual and skilled emcee & you can hear this in his music, but this new jam still blew me away aside from me being a fan prior. He switched up the pace and hit me with something I did not see coming, I have known him to be a proficient lyricist who can go bar for bar with anyone but on this joint he provided us with a R&B/foot-working type of jam that sounds great. He managed to create a sonically pleasing jam that you could just nod your head to as it plays, or you can take a closer look at the lyrics are hear the vivid picture he is painting about women bossing up! Don’t take my word for it though, press play below and judge for yourself. produced by @trippy4rmdacrib

Satisfy My Soul – [BigBodyFiji]

BigBodyFiji is a Chicago gem who has been a fan favorite on our pages here for some years now, and earlier today he released a brand new record titled “Satisfy My Soul”. You can always trust that BigBodyFiji is going to stretch the creative imagination when he creates music, he has never made a dull song and he didn’t’ start now, in fact he created one of his most abstract tracks to date and let me be the first to tell you it’s a banger! The crazy instrumental that producer Seer whipped up on this was nothing like I have ever heard before, and Fiji took advantage of the beat in front of him and made a track that’s sure to be in rotation for the rest of the year. Check out this new song below and if you like it follow Fiji here.

Honest – [Cdot Honcho]

There has been a large number of artists to blow up out of Chicago over the last few years, but one of my favorites out of the bunch is easily the south side native Cdot Honcho! Cdot is many things: he is a leader in the Chicago community, an entrepreneur, a visionary, an adept rapper & lyricist, a charitable individual and more than anything he is a extremely skilled & multifaceted artist and this new song displays just that! Cdot switched it up on this track and offered more of a damn near R&B sound, but it all honestly he did a great job and I hope to hear him experiment more in this type of way in the future. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like it then be sure to give Cdot a follow here. Photo by Cole Schwartz

Losing It – [Mecca Esura]

Chicago singer Mecca Esura is making her way back on our website this afternoon with her brand new record titled “Losing It”. Mecca is a super talented creative out of Chicago who has been on my radar for quite some time now, so I was thrilled when I saw her finally release music, not to mention it’s the first song she has released on Soundcloud in over a year! Mecca has a smooth and glossy voice that shined over this instrumental, it has elements of both R&B and Soul, maybe even a little jazz at times. Mecca showed a level of  vulnerability this track, speaking about her she has been losing it but more so how she is going to prevail and overcome the challenges. Enough typing about it though, check this one out for yourself below.

House Of Pain – [8MatikLogan]

After taking a hiatus for the past year or so, Chicago legend 8MatikLogan is finding himself back on our website with his new visual for “House Of Pain” and it feels so good! Logan connected with fellow Chicagoan Jake Osmun of No Future who was the man behind the camera for this video, and if those two creatives don’t sound like a fantastic duo to you then I don’t know what will! This is Logan’s first release with independent Chicago label, At The Studio, and it’s clear that this team is starting off on a great note. This record is a up-tempo jam that is undeniably sonically pleasing, I am more than excited to see what else he has in store for the future, but for now check out this new release below. Along with the release of this joint Logan left us with a few words adding: “we made “House of Pain” on one of those windy Chicago nights. It was freezing outside and we were stuck in the studio. OzOnTheTrack and Lil Mexico were making the beat and from there it only took me 15-minutes to finish the whole song. I smacked it with one take, and the …

3k19 – [Monster Mike]

I apologize because I am a couple weeks late to this post, but not too long ago Chicago native Monster Mike released a new EP titled “3k19”. This eight track project comes in at just about twenty minutes in length and it’s a well rounded and all around pleasing tape from the OG, it has a few remixes or odes to other tracks that I liked like the outro “Old Town Road”. One thing that has always stood out to me about Monster Mike is his ability to make the most profound sports references casually, it’s something I have always enjoyed and this tape is chop filled with witty & well put together bars. This entire EP was executive produced by Justiiice, while all of the other production came from Sheriff, Neej and Lil Smoke, shout out to them for helping make this tape possible. Stream this brand new project via Soundcloud below.

Know That Now – [Doso]

It’s been a little minute since the last time we received some new music from rising Chicago emcee Doso, but just a few minutes ago he put out a brand new track titled “Know That Now”. I have been supporting Doso’s music for awhile now and I have always known him to be a up-tempo and high energy type of emcee, but he really slowed it down here and damn near made an alternative sounding type of track, it feels like rap meets Blink 182 or something. Whatever it is I dig it and I think you will too, check out this brand new release below. produced by fike – cover art by owen ziliak

GRoCERIES – [Chance The Rapper] x [TisaKorean]

Earlier this week Chicago leader Chance The Rapper dropped a TikTok video where he and others were dancing to a previously unreleased verse of his, and it had many wondering what song it was from, and lucky for us he just dropped the brand new record titled “GRoCERIES”. One other thing that many of Chance’s fans were expecting sometime soon was a collaboration between him and Murda Beatz because of the pictures they posted in the studio not too long ago, and this new joint is not only produced by the mega talent Murda Beatz, it’s one of his best instrumentals to date in my opinion. Chance and Murda also connected with Houston’s own TisaKorean on this track, and I don’t think it’s a reach to say that you would think that this trio has been working together for years if you didn’t know any better, because they displayed immaculate chemistry and created a HIT in the process. Stream this brand new offering below and if you like it then be sure to share it with a friend.

Practice & Supplicate – [Brittney Carter]

I have been on these pages raving about Chicago talent Brittney Carter time and time again so far in 2019, and today she is back with not one, but two brand new records titled “Practice” and “Supplicate”. The first joint is kicked off with the classic Allen Iverson comment about “practice”, and it led straight into a groovy ass beat that was created by Lil Kydd and DJ Scend, before Brittney came through with a charismatic flow & some killer bars. The second offering had me HYPED when I saw the production credit because Brittney connected with the GOAT Ro Marsalis, and I don’t think i could whip up a better duo of young Chicago talent that I would want to see on a track together more compared to these two, and g they went dumb! I have been planning on bringing Brittney Carter through the office soon for an interview, so hopefully we can knock that out soon and get the Q&A to the fans, but as you wait for that go ahead and check out these two new tunes below!