SahBabii Just Wants To Have Fun

The world’s first major exposure to the name SahBabii arrived in the form of a bubbling street anthem entitled “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick”. Combining bright melodies and a lighthearted sound with threatening lyrics and all the appeal of a street-raised rapper, it combined two worlds of rap music into a refreshing blend of joyous and hardened charisma — an odd combination, but one that worked with a degree of unexpectedly seamless chemistry. SahBabii had arrived, and in an unconventional fashion, he had taken the spotlight in what many might have predicted would be a short run in the limelight. As is the case with many viral internet stars, the Atlanta bred artist had made way to the front of every blog with an eclectic sense of artistry as his support, but it was still unclear whether he would last or not. The truth is, especially in the run-and-gun age of streaming, not many viral hits offer any sense of longevity, and while “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” remained on repeat for the time being, the future was uncertain. It wouldn’t be long until another viral sensation came along and took the throne, consequently leaving SahBabii in the dust. Then …

Cruel (Peter CottonTale Remix)-Monica Martin

Chicago native Peter CottonTale is back today with a new tune following the success of his well received track, “Forever Always”. This time around, the social experiment producer has teamed up with the former PHOX lead vocalist, Monica Martin to remix her latest solo song “Cruel”. The best remixes are those that add their own artistic stamp to the song, while still staying true to what makes the original so great; and Peter CottonTale does just that. His instrumental work on this song is nothing shy of simplistic genius, but what else can you expect from him by now? Before hearing this remix I wasn’t very familiar with Monica Martin, but after hearing her soulful vocals paired with Peter CottonTale’s groovy bass, drum and piano addition, it’s easy to see why her following as a solo artist is growing more and more each day. If you’re sick of Christmas music and looking for an extremely dope joint to blast through your speaker system, this is the track for you! I’ve attached the Spotify link for your listening pleasure, but keep in mind that the song is available on all streaming platforms! Enjoy!

Happy December – [Femdot]

There isn’t many Chicago artists that have had a better year than recently DePaul graduate Femdot, and he is putting the cherry on top of 2018 this afternoon with his brand new offering titled “Happy December” featuring Shawnee Dez! If you have been following Femdot’s career up to this point you know that this is common for Fem to drop these type of loosies, as he dropped “happyoctober” last year and “happynovember” a couple years back, but this new joint is my favorite of the three by far. Femdot has been one of the best story tellers & lyricists coming out of the city for a minute now and this new song furthermore backs that statement, he glided over the soulful Charles Lauste production as he reflected on how he got to this point. It’s been amazing to watch Femdot grow as an artist but he’s just getting started, take a few minutes to listen to this new record below! If you’re in Chicago grab tix to see Femdot @ Lincoln Hall here!

Muddy Vuitton – [Muddy Mick]

Muddy Mick is a Chicago artist who has been featured on our website a dozen or more times in the past, and this afternoon he is back with his brand new tune titled “Muddy Vuitton”. It seems like every time Mick drops a song it’s produced by his right hand man Luke Almighty, but I think that they should keep it that way because it’s clear that his best music comes from Luke’s instrumentals, especially when the bass hits as hard as it does here. It’s an extremely quick listen coming in at just over a minute in length, so there’s no reason to not give it a chance below!

Back To You – [Qiyah Abdul]

Chicago native Qiyah Abdul is making her Lyrical Lemonade debut today with her brand new record titled “Back to You” featuring Alton N The Flesh. You will find the two emcees going back and forth in their verses, literally telling a story and speaking to each other in perfect harmony, and they each had their own minute or so to provide a solo verse. The vocal performance from Qiyah Abdul was truly impressive, she gained a new fan today and I am sure I won’t be the only one, check out this brand new song below!

Not Around – [Duffle Bag Buru]

Chicago talent and Lyrical Lemonade favorite Duffle Bag Buru has been having a great year so far in 2018, and he is finishing it on a stellar note with the release of his brand new music video for “Not Around”. Buru has made a ton of music that I really enjoy but when I heard this song It was instantly my new favorite from him, the way that he attacks the Luke Almighty production was flawless to say the least, he is continuing to get better and better with every release. This new visual has accumulated nearly fifty thousands views in just a couple of days and for good reason too, check out this fantastic new visual below!

Depression – [Brent Rambo]

The growth of Brent Rambo has been dope to watch over the past few years, and today the Chicago native is back with his brand new record titled “Depression”, which is a remix of Valee’s “Awesome”. We all know Brent Rambo to have an entertaining & light heartedness to him so I didn’t think this was going to be an actual song about depression, but instead we got his signature rhymes over the banging beat, leaving many witty & funny bars behind in the process. Brent is extremely talented & creative and those traits shined on this offering, take a few minutes of your day to check it out for yourself below!

Too Serious – [Brill]

Savemoney affiliate and Chicago artist Brill is certainly no stranger to our website, and today he is back with the release of his brand new music video for “Too Serious”. Brill is one of the most talented new R&B acts out of the city, there isn’t too many newcomers in his lane (at least that I’m aware of) so he certainly stands out, and once you hear his impressive vocals you will see the appeal. This record is a love song to the core and Brill picked the right man for the job as video director Ryder Visuals went above and beyond to hook him up with a great visual to match the song. Check out this brand new music video below! produced by The 25th Hour

Milk – [David Ashley]

We here at Lyrical Lemonade love sharing new underground music with our audience, but it’s even better when the talent comes from the crib, as today Chicago rapper David Ashley is making his LL debut with his new song titled “Milk”. He created a catchy record loosely based about the saying of crying over split milk, and he truly created one of the best songs I have heard so far today, he flexed his impressive story telling skills & did not waste a single bar. I really enjoyed this one and I believe you will too, check it out for yourself below!

Dog Years – [XVRHLDY]

XVRHLDY is a Chicago based emcee who I have been listening to for a minute now, and just a few minutes ago he releases a new record via Soundcloud titled “Dog Years”. I quickly found a liking to the Meraki handled production just a few seconds into the song, it was matched by a short spoken word start that led perfectly into his hook & then eventually his impressive verses, all in all these two created something to be happy with. Take a few minutes of your day to listen to this new jam below and if you enjoy it be sure to give him a follow here!