On Time – [RonSoCold] Ft. [PG Ra]

Charlotte’s own Ron$oCold has been blessing his fan base with a ton of new music over the summer, and just a few days back he released his latest offering titled “On Time” featuring PG Ra! The first thing that I noticed was the dreamy production that was handled by Jetsonmade before Ron causally jumped on the beat and floated over it for awhile, leading perfectly into the solid contribution from PG Ra on the back end of this joint. Ron has been thriving this year and I just got the chance to see him perform in Chicago the other night & trust me when I say his stage presence was electric, I see nothing but good things from him moving forward, press play below!

Cursed – [Frais]

This afternoon we have an artist that goes by the moniker of Frais is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his brand new mixtape titled “Cursed”. I got word from my homie Jake that I should check out this project so today I made sure to take out thirty minutes in order to give it my upmost attention, and after running though the track list a couple of times through, and he really put together a great collection of songs here. He provided hard hitting records such as “Bandos” and the outro featuring Lil Gnar & Germ, but he also switched it up a bit in tracks like “Dying” that had a slower tempo & a introspective vibe. I have been noticing a ton of new talent coming out of Charlotte like DaBaby & RonSoCold to name a couple, but Frais is looking to be one of the new leaders of his community in the near future, keep an eye out for him and press play below!

Watch DaBaby’s brand new interview with In The Trap

DaBaby was recently featured on this new platform called In The Trap that is set up overseas in London and hosted by Sarah Harrison, and it was really good conversation especially for a new set up! On this episode Sarah asking DaBaby about plenty of interesting topics such as growing up in Charlotte, the making of the instrumental for “Suge”, charging $25,000 for a feature, gimmick rappers, his lyrical ability, the A$AP Rocky situation, some of the label executives he has met, when the labels first starting hitting him up, wanting to work with Drake, performing at the BET Awards, his verse on the Dreamville tape and more. Check out this awesome new interview below!

All This $auce – [Rad Luck]

I have been patently waiting for some new music from Charlotte native Rad Luck who hasn’t released a new track in almost two months, but that ended a few days ago, as he just put out a new record titled “All This $auce”. It didn’t take me too long to become a fan of the video game like instrumental that Rad pieced together himself, and by the time the track was over I was immediately smashing the repeat button, it’s that good. I think I have always preferred the tracks that find Rad Luck rapping over his own beats, don’t get me wrong because he can definitely tear apart someone else’s beat, but when he constructs the whole song himself it always sounds flawless. Listen to this brand new release for yourself below!

We Rich! – [Ronsocold]

A couple of days ago Lyrical Lemonade favorite Ronsocold unleashed a brand new record titled “We Rich” and it’s been performing very well, but what else can you expect from the Charlotte native at this point though? Ron has never let us down when it comes to creating ear pleasing bangers and he wasn’t about to start now, instead he teamed up with super producer Richie Souf & they created one of his best offerings yet! One thing that I love about Ronsocold aside from the music is that he is just a real dude, he is a extremely kind individual & when artists have those traits I root for them that much harder. Take a couple minutes of your time to listen to this new song below and if you enjoy it then follow Ron on IG here!

Catch Tobi Lou, Femdot & Liltrxptendo on tour this fall!

Chicago star Tobi Lou will be going on a nationwide tour this fall along side the mighty talented Femdot and Liltrxptendo! The only thing that can be better than these three artists hitting the road together is the fact that Tobi Lou purposely made the tickets as fan friendly as possible, coming in at only $15! For more information about where you can get these tickets (pre-sale goes live Friday morning, Spotify users can cop now) you can visit Tobi Lou’s website here! 09/12 – Minneapolis, MN 09/13 – Kansas City, MO 09/16 – Denver, CO 09/17 – Salt Lake City, UT 09/19 – Vancouver, BC 09/20 – Seattle, WA 09/21 – Portland, OR 09/23 – San Francisco, CA 09/25 – Los Angeles, CA 09/27 – Santa Ana, CA 09/28 – San Diego, CA 09/29 – Phoenix, AZ 10/01 – Houston, TX 10/02 – Dallas, TX 10/04 – Orlando, FL 10/05 – Atlanta, GA 10/06 – Charlotte, NC 10/08 – Washington, DC 10/09 – Brooklyn, NY 10/12 – Philadelphia, PA 10/13 – Cambridge, MA 10/15 – Toronto, ON 10/18 – Detroit, MI 10/20 – Chicago, IL

Groupi3 – [Gnarl3y Boyz]

Rap trios are always fun, but a recent find of mine is exceptionally fun. The LA-based hip hop group, Gnarl3y Boyz are a vivacious and lively squad that are beginning to stir things up. Their latest single, “Groupi3,” is an undeniably bouncy summer smash. The group, originally from Charlotte, NC, consists of 3D Dash, 3D Jelani, and 3D Jawana. Each of the three rappers somehow manage to shine on the short but incredibly catchy track. With mesmerizing melodies, I found it hard to sit still while listening to “Groupi3.” Produced by Do$ “Groupi3” has an equal amount of bounce to the young, rising stars that perform on the track. Drawing comparisons to Rae Sremmurd (in terms of energy), the group is set on taking over the entire game in the upcoming year. Don’t sleep on these boys. They’re about to do big big things. Listen to “Groupi3” here: Words by Barry R

I’m Staying Home – [Cyanca]

Charlotte, North Carolina songbird Cyanca makes her first drop of 2019 with her three track EP, I’m Staying Home. If you’ve been following her plight up to this point, then the release of new music from Cyanca should come as a relief. For many artists, following up a standout single can be extremely tough, but this Charlotte vocalist was able to rise to the challenge. Cyanca jumped on to the R&B scene with here smooth single “New Phone, Who Dis” last year, and she very well may have her next standout in the I’m Staying Home project. Out of the three singles, the one that I keep coming back to and gravitating to the most is “Patti Mayonnaise.” Not only is the name perfect, but the song could possibly be an absolute hit if the right people catch on to it. Don’t just take my word for it, though — stream Cyanca’s short-but-sweet extended play, I’m Staying Home, after the break.

Miss Me – [Hish]

Port Charlotte, Florida singer Hish returns with another amazing new single entitled “Miss Me.”! Like his other records, Hish’s latest track will definitely be stuck on replay for the next couple months, as this latest track has elements of funk & R&B infused into a whole new genre. Produced and co-written by Shepard Hues “Miss Me” is quite the tune. Hish & Hues make a dynamic duo, not even a month ago they released another track “Give Me A Chance” that racked up over 250,000 streams in a very short amount of time on Spotify alone. Hish has been able to flash big potential in a short amount of time and this is something I can see labels picking up on the more they get wind of his music. Fans of artists such as Kevin George, Reo Cragun, and Johnny Yukon will appreciate Hish’s tunes the most as his music will be right up their alley. Stream Hish’s new single “Miss Me” below.

Willpower Film – [Mavi]

Charlotte artist Mavi has become somewhat of a frequent flyer here at Lyrical Lemonade in recent months. Blessed with the talents of soul-stricken, reflective lyricism and an enchanting sense of character attached to his music, the buzzing talent has become one of my favorite artists out as of late, and today, he proves this prowess by taking things a step further than music with the ‘Willpower Film.” Taking on more the form of a short film as opposed to a regular music video, this visual offering takes fans deep into the emotive motivation behind the song. Mavi seamlessly communicates the constant ups and downs that he feels throughout his daily life, and as a result, even during what seems like more trivial scenes, this video takes on a profound meaning that delves far below the surface. Not only is Mavi’s music stellar, but with this offering, it can be confirmed that his entire creative vision is ahead of the curve. Charlotte has a special one on its hands, so be sure to show some love and click play on “Willpower Film” below! Director: Sean Breitkreutz