Bad Idea – [YBN Cordae] x [Chance The Rapper]

If you are an avid fan of Lyrical Lemonade then you know that all of us here at LL have been big fans of Chance The Rapper for years now, and you also know that we love & support YBN Cordae a ton, so you can only image the excitement around here when this new joint titled “Bad Idea” by the two emcees dropped earlier today. I couldn’t find who produced this record but the first thing that caught my ear was the soulful, feel good production that paved the way for the two, and as soon as I heard the instrumental I knew it was about to be something special. The way that these two bounced off of each other was impressive to say the least, they displayed great chemistry and I hope that we see them work together more in the future. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like it then be sure to share it with a friend!

Double Dare (Soapy Anthem) – [TisaKorean]

Fresh off his collaboration with Chance The Rapper, TisaKorean has released a single that he’s been hyping up on his socials over the past few months. The infectious summer anthem is the essential Tisa, exuding positivity and a light-heartedness that is known from one of the most creative artists coming up. One thing that has always stood out to me about TisaKorean is his originality, his music stands out from the pack because it can’t really be compared to much other music out there. As mentioned, Tisa has been doing a good job of getting his fanbase excited for this release. With the dance he created for it called “The Strut”, I’m sure this will be the soundtrack to many Triller videos for months to come. Check out the new single here and be sure to follow TisaKorean on all platforms to stay up to date with releases!

Lyrical Lemonade Presents: The Johari Noelle Q&A

Johari Noelle is one of the newer Chicago creatives that I have got in tune with in 2019, and when I heard that she was gearing up to release her new project Things You Can’t Say Out Loud, I figured why not bring her by the Lyrical Lemonade office for a brand interview? You can expect her to speak about plenty of interesting subjects such as the previously mentioned project, all of the talent that has come out of her high school HF, her strong relationship with her family, how Chicago has influenced her and her headlining show that will be taking place this week in Chicago at The Promontory. Learn a thing or two about Johari by reading this brand new interview below, and you can purchase tickets to see Johari live June 5th here.     Elliot: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself? Johari: My name is Johari Noelle I am a singer, song writer and actress from Chicago. I recently released two singles one of them is called “Show Me” and the other one is called “Too Much and I just released a new EP called …

The Era of Arizona: Welcome to the Best Time to be an Arizona Music Fan

By: Jacob Blieu What’s the best thing about no one expecting anything from you? You can do whatever the hell you want. This is the mentality surrounding the Arizona music scene – not something most people picture when conjuring images of the Grand Canyon State. However, amidst the desert sands and thorny arms of aging saguaros, is a bubble that’s been growing steadily for years; when it pops there will be a world of music released from those least expected. When looking out over the Arizona scene following the increasing successes of its inhabitants, such as the experimental Hip-Hop group Injury Reserve and Pop sensation Kailee Morgue, resident spitter Jawyop feels, “…we’re really onto something out here, like it’s not really talk anymore – artists are starting to show. However, this is a game of building bridges and paving lanes and the reality of it is, the bridge takes time to be built but SOMEBODY has to see the other side first…” And just like Wop, people everywhere are starting to see the other side of this new land of musical pioneers. Known mainly for our involvement in the Punk world, Hip-Hop music was initially pushed to the edges of …

The American Reject – [Taylor Bennett]

A few days back we released our exclusive interview with Chicago native Taylor Bennett where he spoke on plenty of subjects including his upcoming album, and we just got blessed with the final product, as Taylor just dropped “The American Reject”. I was blessed enough to get an early listen of this tape when I interviewed Taylor, but it sounds even better in my headphones at maximum volume, he created without a doubt his best project to date. My favorite song on this project is either “Singing The Blues” featuring Femdot or the track “No One Outside” with Bianca Shaw and Chance The Rapper, but this entire tape is flawless in my opinion. Stream this sensational new album below and if you like it check out Taylor’s website and cop some of his merchandise!

Watch DaBaby Freestyle On Hot97

As we’ve come to find throughout the years, every rapper who gets the chance to showcase their skills in front of the legendary Funkmaster Flex needs to be prepared to impress. Hot97 has seen some of the best freestyles in rap history and today, none other than the explosive North Carolina star, DaBaby, is here to try his hand at the task. If you’re familiar with DaBaby’s music, then I’m sure that just like myself, you’ve fallen in love with the incredibly fast and consistent speed at which the rising talent raps. He never gives any instrumental much time to breathe, and as a result, I always end up stumbling upon more and more lyrical gems every time I relisten to one of DaBaby’s songs. With this in mind, you can be sure that this lyrical skill and more is exactly what DaBaby brought to the table in his Funk Flex freestyle. Not only is each and every bar packed with the alluring braggadocio that we all know and love DaBaby for, but this one also comes packed with some of the most technical skill that we’ve seen from NC’s own to date. Needless to say, this one is a …

Taylor Bennett Speaks on The American Reject, the Cover Art, TBE + more!

Taylor Bennett has been one of the biggest pieces in the puzzle that makes up Chicago’s music community. He has been rapping and creating music for damn near a decade and has become not only one of Chicago’s best rappers, but more importantly one of the brightest business minds that the city has to offer. The growth of his company Taylor Bennett Entertainment has been amazing to watch to say the least: he has built up a still small yet unbelievably talented roster with Bianca Shaw who has blossomed into one of the best talents that the city has to offer, as well as Zxxk who is one of the most talented producers & creatives in the game. When we look back ten years from now, these two will be far along in their careers under the guidance of Taylor & TBE. Next week Taylor is releasing his forthcoming album The American Reject, and when I saw him tease the cover I knew I had to bring him by the Lyrical Lemonade office to pick his brain about the project, the cover and so much more. As we gear up for the project that appears to be Taylor’s biggest and most …

Sydny August: One Of Chicago’s Gems is Continuing to Thrive

Sydny August is one artist out of Chicago that we have been covering since damn near the beginning, and if you are a hardcore & long time LL supporter you may remember way back when we first did a Q&A with Sydny in November of 2016, but today she is back as the feature of a brand new interview piece! Obviously Sydny has grown since the last time we sat down for a interview, at the time she was barely out of high school and was just getting started in her music career, and now she has become one of Chicago’s best young singers & is well on her way to a degree in English Creative Writing at University Of Kansas. About a month ago Sydny released her latest project titled Uni (You and I), and it is easily one of my favorite tapes to come out of the city this year, so I recently sat down with her to catch up with everything she has been doing and get a closer look at the idea that became this project. Stream her brand new project via Spotify  + watch her new visual below while you read through the interview, and …

GRoCERIES – [Chance The Rapper] x [TisaKorean]

Earlier this week Chicago leader Chance The Rapper dropped a TikTok video where he and others were dancing to a previously unreleased verse of his, and it had many wondering what song it was from, and lucky for us he just dropped the brand new record titled “GRoCERIES”. One other thing that many of Chance’s fans were expecting sometime soon was a collaboration between him and Murda Beatz because of the pictures they posted in the studio not too long ago, and this new joint is not only produced by the mega talent Murda Beatz, it’s one of his best instrumentals to date in my opinion. Chance and Murda also connected with Houston’s own TisaKorean on this track, and I don’t think it’s a reach to say that you would think that this trio has been working together for years if you didn’t know any better, because they displayed immaculate chemistry and created a HIT in the process. Stream this brand new offering below and if you like it then be sure to share it with a friend.

Mama – [Raveena]

From Kanye West’s “Hey Ma” all the way to Chance the Rapper’s “Hey Ma” and even Tupac’s “Dear Mama,” there’s a profound beauty in music that pays tribute to some of the most important women in our lives: mothers. Needless to say, I found myself listening through all of the aforementioned songs yesterday afternoon, but none of them hit me as hard as Raveena’s new ode to immigrant mothers simply titled “Mama.” Lush as can be, “Mama” finds courage in vulnerability, allowing Raveena’s undeniable talent to seep through a bed of smooth instrumentation and heart-led lyricism. Above anything else, this song establishes the beauty and strength in our mothers and their roles, all while taking into thoughtful consideration the sacrifices that our mothers make, going to ends of the Earth to provide for their children and families in whatever capacity that may require. I’m sure we all have different upbringings and relationships with our mothers, but if there’s one thing that this song is meant to do, it’s to unify these experiences under one common condition: an undying love and appreciation for those who raised us. So, thank you — thank you to Raveena for this wonderful song and thank you …