Unemployed – [Tierra Whack]

Tierra Whack releases a new visual for her #WhackHistoryMonth single, “Unemployed.” In true Tierra Whack fashion, the new video continues to blur the lines between animation and the real world. This time finding Whack as a lethal Chef with a variety of abilities at her disposal. The video opens on Whack cutting potatoes until eventually halting her process to rap directly to the camera. A mountain of potatoes stacked next to the Philly-rapper help echoes the theme of the song which focuses around the conquering of the once perceived impossible. The video plays with the reality in which the video takes place as Whack shares devious looks to a brought-to-life potato who is viewing her sinister decomposition of fellow potatoes. The comedic and visually captivating new video furthers our infatuation with Tierra Whack and her elite ability as a rapper and artist. This is Tierra Whack’s first video accompaniment to her sporadic release of singles over the past month. The latest single, “Unemployed” follows in the footsteps of previously released “Wasteland” and “Gloria.” The new music video has us crossing our fingers for the chance to see some of Whack’s other singles to be given the visual treatment. Check out …

Atlanta House Freestyle – [Chance The Rapper] x [Lil Yachty]

Just a few minutes ago Chicago legend Chance The Rapper dropped a new track featuring Lil Yachty titled “Atlanta House Freestyle”. Chance The Rapper recently spent some time in Atlanta recording and he got up with his longtime friend Lil Yachty and this is the final product, and I have been blasting this joint at maximum volume on repeat a few times through already. These two displayed great chemistry on this one, bouncing their creative energy & witty rhymes back and forth off of each other, it felt like friendly competition as they sparred for three minutes straight. Stream this brand new song via Soundcloud below and if you like it be sure to share it with a friend! Produced by Earl On The Beat

What I Deserve – [350heem]

350Heem is a rapper based out of Lakeland with a possible anthem on his hands in his brand new single and video, “What I Deserve.” I actually found out who he was based on one of my friend’s accounts on the popular music dancing application, Triller. After listening to the song once, I could instantly see other people jigging and turning up to this single, leading me to check out 350heem’s project that dropped back in mid-January this year — Taking Chances 2. Once I hit play on the project, I was left with the impression that 350Heem has a niche in the rap game. At this point in his career, he’s a solid street rapper with quotable lyrics that can last, and beyond this, he has to energy to thrive so long as he can continue to separate himself from the competition. Watch 350Heem’s video for “What I Deserve” after the break.

Just Say Thank You – [Supa Bwe]

Ladies and gentleman, the moment that we have been waiting for is finally upon us, as Chicago superstar Supa Bwe just released his highly anticipated project titled “Just Say Thank You”. This is a huge moment for Supa Bwe is his career, he has been building up his name and sound slowly but surely for years now, and it seems as if all of that hard work is really about to paying off in a big way. The features on this project come from the likes of Chance The Rapper, Duffle Bag Buru, Rexx Life Raj and last but certainly not least, Dounia. I enjoyed every single one of the seven tracks that were provided on this tape, but if I had to pick my favorite I would have to say it’s either “Rememory” featuring Chance or “BOOM BOOM BOOM” featuring Duffle Bag Buru. Of course the shining factor of this entire project was Supa himself, he created some of the best music of his entire life and included it on this masterpiece, congratulations on the release to Supa from all of us here at Lyrical Lemonade, we are proud of you. When we look back on the year of 2019 …

Five Life Lessons From J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’

By: John Matraia Loops surround us in our everyday lives. Rings. Coins. Wheels. Even donuts, a favorite snack of the late producer J Dilla. But loops mean much more than those run-of-the-mill items when looking at J Dilla’s magnum opus: the 31-track journey through life that is Donuts. For those unfamiliar with J Dilla (also known as Jay Dee), he was a music producer and rapper from Detroit, born in 1974. On Donuts, his most acclaimed solo body of work, he proves himself as the master of loops (short, repetitive sample patterns) found at the core of every song. In fact, the album as a whole acts as one never-ending loop, running seamlessly from the first song to the last and then back to the first. Dilla communicates through these loops on this instrumental project, speaking volumes without any vocals from the man himself. Dilla created Donuts entirely on an MPC3000, a device that the Detroit producer knew the ins and outs of more than almost anyone, without any technological help from the machine’s myriad of capabilities. More specifically, Dilla famously made the project without “quantization” — a feature of the MPC that moves certain drum notes in place with …

Intlxl – [Intellexual] [Nico Segal] [Nate Fox]

If you’ve been tapped into Chicago’s music scene, chances are you’re no stranger to the immense talent of Nico Segal and Nate Fox. The two musicians have played an integral role in shaping the sonic framework of the city in recent years, most widely known for their work with Chance the Rapper as The Social Experiment. That collaboration gave us 2015’s Surf—a mixtape whose mingling of neo-soul, hip-hop, and jazz left an imprint that still resonates years later. Today, Segal and Fox embark on their next collaborative effort under the name Intellexual. The announcement comes with a new single, too, that gives listeners a peek at the possible direction this project may take. Staying true to the lush, live instrumentation Segal’s and Fox’s names have become synonymous with, this new track assures that the two artists still find ways to hone their craft even more. An LA-based vocalist by the name of Danielle Davis carries the song with her airy harmonies, playing around with the same lyric throughout the song as if it’s the group’s personal mantra. The project itself will also have a selection of frequent collaborators and friends, with names like Vic Mensa, Grace Weber, Raury, Francis Starlite …

LL Presents TimHueman Torch Q&A

It’s always special when you come across yet another talented emcee from Chicago, and you have probably saw the name Tim Hueman Torch on our pages a few times over the past couple of months, and it’s because he is just that. Not only is Tim a talented rapper that can spit thought provoking lyrics but he is also an extremely smart individual who just thinks different than the average Joe. I recently brought Tim through the office to chop it up about his come up and what he’s been up to lately + much more, so go ahead and learn a thing or two about one of Chicago’s finest underground emcees. EM: Before we dive into the question can you give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself. TIM: I go by TimHueman Torch, I am twenty-six years old from the south side of Chicago. As far as music I went to Salem which was a performance-based school, I started out playing the trumpet & stuff like that. — EM: Can you speak on the experience of going to Salem? TIM: Salem was a very artistic school, it breeds some noble dudes like Rockie …

Supa Bwe releases tracklist for upcoming EP, Just Say Thank You

Supa Bwe is one of the main artists I think of when I think of artists we have been rocking with here at LL from the start, so when I saw that he unleashed his tracklist for his forthcoming EP “Just Say Thank You” I was more than eager to share it on our website. Not to many words here just get a good look at this tracklist and album artwork, and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for this release on April 10th! 1. Hate You 2. Time For Me (feat. Rexx Life Raj) 3. Rememory (feat. Chance The Rapper) 4. Boom Boom Boom (feat. Duffle Bag Buru) 5. Slippin / Apex 6. Problem / Fuel 7. Entropy (feat. Dounia)

La La Land – [Bryce Vine]

Los Angeles recording artist Bryce Vine teams up with fellow west coast star YG to drop a vibrant track in “La La Land.” I first stumbled across Bryce Vine’s music back in 2017 with his song “Drew Barrymore.” Early on I could see the potential with his sound and him being able to craft music that would translate over to a certain audience. Vine’s music has a carefree and blissful tone to it similar to the likes of rappers like Chance the Rapper and Kyle. Bryce’s talent shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if you do some digging. His mother is the talented Tracey Ellis Ross, who played a hand in Bryce getting into music at an early age. “La La Land” is a summer record so everything from the hook to the verses is happy to go lucky and it’s a tune that’s actually really catchy. YG’s verse on this track is the whipped cream on top as he embodies the overall west coast theme of the single. Stream Bryce Vine’s “La La Land” below.

Producer Spotlight-[YOG$]

When you hear a great song, there are so many key pieces that contribute to its success. Everyone experiences music differently, but when it comes down to it, I think it’s extremely important to give credit to the stellar aspects that make a song what it is.  As a music connoisseur, the first thing I pay attention to when listening to a song is the production. Behind every dope track and catchy hook is a producer who makes it all come together in a concise manor. That said, for todays’ fresh find, I want to shine the spotlight on a producer who has all of the talent to be a star in this industry. When Grant Yarber was a college student at the highly esteemed University of Michigan, he knew that the only thing he wanted to do was music. During lectures, instead of taking notes, Grant would be in the back of the class refining his beats and sending a myriad of emails to industry professionals under the name of YOG$. After some time, the young producer started receiving responses from artists who liked his work and from there, the rest is history. I stumbled upon YOG$ after one …