ReRoute – [BigMouf’bo]

From the SouthSide of Chicago, BigMouf’bo is native to the Chicago drill scene with lyrical prowess enough to impress Chance the Rapper on the new Netflix series ‘Rhythm and Flow.’ The show features Chance the Rapper, Cardi B, and T.I. acting as judges to determine the next hip hop sensation. Chance’s visit leaves him impressed with BigMouf’bo’s performance delving into Chicago crime through thick rap without beats. While the verdict of the show is yet to be determined, she released ‘ReRoute’ to Spotify this past week complete with her standard clever lyrics backed by repetitive, fun beats. It is a track that would be expected of an upcoming young artist, however, her track ‘Fate’ on SoundCloud shows her potential through a thought-provoking honest depth. She is a standout talent and a rising female star in the Chicago hip hop community. I would expect more greatness out of her in the very near future as she continues to develop as an artist. Words by Sabrina Hand

We Go High – [Chance The Rapper]

Chance the Rapper can seemingly do no wrong. From his philanthropic way of life to the uplifting messages in his music, he’s such a great role model that the city of Chicago really needs. He demonstrates this with the release of his most recent music video for his song “We Go High” off of The Big Day. Directed by Elijah Alvarado, the viewer is taken on a journey through different emotions and mindsets. The video opens up with a woman finding a suitcase in a closet, picking it up, and leaving. Our first glance at Chance is in a club, where he looks lost and unamused, right before it begins to rain. He heads to an apartment where he picks up a suitcase of his own and begins to walk down a street full of people. He walks past construction workers, paparazzi, and hoards or people walking in the opposite direction. Finally, what seems like a simulation of his life starts flashing before him as he looks inside himself at his life, values, and morals. To round out the video, he meets the woman from the beginning of the video at a giant door. Soon after, a mass of people …

Watch Chance the Rapper Ride Around with James Corden on the Latest Episode of Carpool Karaoke

Chance the Rapper is the most recent guest to grace the passenger seat of James Corden’s whip for the latest episode of Carpool Karaoke. As they cruise around Los Angeles on this Emmy award-winning show, the duo sings along to some of Chance’s most famous tracks such as “No Problem”, “Hot Shower”, and “All Night”, among others. In between the actual karaoke parts, they get into various topics such as Chance’s relationship with Obama, Kanye and the extremely random last-minute plans he makes, as well as the process he takes when he gets a lousy verse back from someone he asked to collaborate with. The part of the segment that sticks out most is when Corden brings up the fact that Chance isn’t a fan of vegetables and proceeds to lead him into a blind taste test. Sure, I wish they threw in some classics off of 10 Day and Acid Rap, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part. Either way, this episode is definitely worth the watch, so buckle up and give it a play! Words by Dan Adams

An Honest Conversation with Kembe X

Photo by TooSam By: Jacob Blieu “I just want to push to be human.”  Kembe X has found his voice; he knows who he is and he’s back to loving music. After settling into one of the rooms of The Alter, an understated studio tucked away in the guts of Los Angeles, Kembe’s rediscovered passion becomes immediately clear. By embracing the daily mix of sadness and happiness instead of looking to escape it, Kembe’s found his pocket–a place that shows life as the real, complex, and beautiful thing that it can be if you tilt your head a little and look at it from a new angle.  At 24, Kembe has faced many personal doubts, and even clashes with alcoholism, forcing him to step outside of himself and the music to uncover a new sense of purpose. Since working alongside fellow Illinoisian juggernauts such as Chance the Rapper and Alex Wiley early in the Chicago scene, Kembe’s career has developed in ways no one could’ve predicted, encouraging a sharp shift in perspective as he steps into a new chapter of his life. With the support of his close friends and fans around the world, Kembe is back and ready to …

Chance the Rapper’s ‘The Big Tour’: A Legendary Moment In Chicago History

Post by Lee Mcintosh “I am so grateful for the love. Thank you Chicago for selling out my first ever show at THE UNITED CENTER” -Chance The Rapper, via Instagram Image via Twitter One of the greatest joys that any fan could have is being part of a city that has major cultural impact. Sports, artists, fashion, architecture and all. In terms of music, there are a handful of cities across the country that have been consistently feeding the culture year after year. LA is responsible for legends like NWA, Dr. Dre, The Game and Kendrick Lamar. New York being the birth of hip-hop brought us legends such as Biggie, Wu-Tang and Dipset. Of course, the south has been providing to a sound that is still dominant today with Trap Music. At last, there is the great city of Chicago providing us with legendary artists like Common, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and none other than–Chance The Rapper. For those who have been fans of Lyrical Lemonade since day one, you would be well aware that we have been covering Chance’s come up for years now. To see him blossom into the star that he is today has been nothing but …

A Dark Night in Gotham – [Lunchbox]

Consistency is key. Too often, we see albums with 3 or 4 clear radio singles and then, what seems like filler in between. Cohesivity almost feels like a lost art in this way, especially when the window for catching new fans is so soon after the release of a project. Every artist wants a hit and every artist wants to run up the streams by all means possible, but this can come at the cost of lasting music. Harlem native Lunchbox — immortalized for creating the sounds around Sheck Wes’ Mudboy — is here to transcend such, releasing a blue-chip project with his newest, A Dark Night in Gotham. On a surface level, represented by the haunting title and some of the most vivid, eye-catching artwork I’ve seen in a long time, Lunchbox’s latest wears its heart on its sleeve. Harlem’s own isn’t hiding anything from anybody, and the project relays the message, delivering muddy, hypnotic records, one after the next, with machine-like consistency. Accordingly so, A Dark Night in Gotham takes on a unique drive to maintain the attention of listeners, introducing an entire underworld of braggadocious, sometimes paranoid, and ever-progressing rhymes. The result is a creeping sense of atmosphere that leaves …

always – [Medhane] prod. [yang]

Following his track “routine” which dropped two weeks ago, Brooklyn-based rapper Medhane doesn’t seem to be finished clearing his mind just yet. Today, he releases yet another song that charters a moment of self-reflection for him titled “always”. Continuing to prove himself as a perceptive poet in his raps, Medhane uses the yang-produced beat as his own form of therapy. He lays out his current outlook on life, grounding them in his past and letting listeners in on his journey through his lyricism. “Trying to make it to the sky from the dirt,” he repeats on the song’s outro, wrapping up the song with a final decisive thought. “always” feels like a moment of meditation for Medhane, giving him a chance to find clarity in the best way that he knows how. Listen below:

Watch Chance The Rapper’s brand new interview with BigBoyTV!

Chance The Rapper is fresh off of a trip to Los Angeles to spend some quality time with his oldest daughter, and while he was out on the west coast he stopped by the neighborhood to chop it with Big Boy and his amazing staff! You will find Big asking Chance about several topics such as his brand new debut album The Big Day, the idea of albums vs. mixtapes, his close relationship with Kanye West, Jeremih, controlling his own narrative, getting married, meeting his wife when he was nine, fatherhood, postponing his tour to spend more time with his family, his relationship with God, social media, and Big Boy even gifted Chance his first-ever lottery ticket. Big Boy never fails to give us fans amazing interviews, so trust me when I say that this was a great conversation, get in tune below!

Sober Freestyle – [Wasteey Monroe]

Between malleable flows and a head-turning sense of individuality, Wasteey Monroe’s creativity knows no bounds. Both sonically and aesthetically, the Dallas native is setting himself aside as a must-watch artist, all while building up a strong reputation in the fashion world thanks to his runway-walking personal style. Today, here to raise the bar yet again, Monroe is back on our pages with a brand new release entitled “Sober Freestyle.” Coming in at just over a minute and a half, the “Sober Freestyle” is a fast-paced, high-energy chance for Monroe to display his skills as a rapper. The deliveries, raw and confident as can be, mix perfectly with the clever lyrics, and once the soul-stricken instrumental comes in as the spine of the release, “Sober Freestyle” proves itself as an undeniable concoction of sounds. As always seems to be the case, the intersection between soul and hard-nosed raps never seems to fail — especially when placed next to the unfiltered creative ambition of an artist as exciting as Wasteey Monroe. That said, if you weren’t rooting for Monroe before now, then this release will be the one to change your mind. Put simply, no one is making anything quite like Dallas’ …

Watch Chance The Rapper’s brand new interview with Power 92

The homie Hotrod has been doing some great work at Power 92 and he has been killing DJ sets all over the city, he has been giving artists a platform with The LitPit and the latest Chicagoan to stop by their studio was Chance The Rapper! Hot Rod always provides fantastic interviews on he asked a ton of great questions here about topics such as getting married and how his life has changed, how making of The Big Day, his personal favorite songs off of the album, Open Mike, Reggies Rock Club, being the leader of independence, donating a million dollars to mental health institutions in Chicago, Social Works, G Herbo & Joe Budden helping him out and what it was like growing up with people like Noname, Reese, Taylor, etc. Watch this brand new interview below! shot by Miguel Visuals