Transportation – [Your Old Droog]

Just a couple months back, Brooklyn’s Your Old Droog blessed us with his album It Wasn’t Even Close, a great return after a quiet 2018. And now, just two months later, he has delivered to us a new project, titled Transportation, proving that he was working on multiple projects during his hiatus. While all of the great elements of Droog’s music are still present on Transportation, it is a change of pace compared to It Wasn’t Even Close, which makes for a refreshing listen considering these albums were released less than two months apart. Transportation isn’t as gritty or hard-nosed as It Wasn’t Even Close, it finds a more introspective and vulnerable Droog (at least as vulnerable as Droog can get). The production reflects this as well, it’s more easygoing, with more jazz-influenced production as opposed to the eerie and hard-hitting beats heard on It Wasn’t Even Close. Along with this, Droog handles the entire record himself, outside of features from Wiki and Quelle Chris on the bonus tracks, which is a contrast to his earlier 2019 album, which featured the likes of MF DOOM, Lil Ugly Mane, Mach Hommy, and more. If there’s one song to check out on this …

Sweetness – [Deadmall]

Western Massachusetts has a burgeoning underground music scene, at the forefront of which is duo called Deadmall, made up of Gabe Gill and Honeyfitz. Their new single, “Sweetness,” offers an upbeat vibe that is sure to have you moving on your feet while simultaneously missing your (potentially toxic) bae. Released on their own Not Here Records, the song combines a cheerful instrumental with melancholic lyrics about a relationship they wish blossomed into more. The Carlos Semedo-directed visual features Gabe Gill and Honeyfitz singing and dancing around their new neighborhood in Brooklyn. Deadmall may be new to the bustling music scene, but they’re here to stay. Check out the new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

In Uh Breeze – [Monica Riskey]

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Monica Riskey is the true definition of a DIY artist. With natural warmth and sweetness in her tone, Riskey gives a notable and silky vocal performance on “In Uh Breeze.” The smooth, bubbly instrumental produced by 8roke boy creates a homey and sentimental atmosphere for anyone blessed to hear this song. As the New York-based singer/rapper normally does, Monica mixed and recorded the track by herself, which provides an explanation for as to why “In Uh Breeze,” feels so personal for all listeners. If you’re in need of a friend, turn on some Monica Riskey. Listen here and be sure to connect with Riskey on Twitter!

Glad – [T’nah]

Just a few days ago I was wondering when I was going to get some new music from Brooklyn native T’nah, and sure enough she popped up right on time with a brand new offering titled “Glad”. I have always thoroughly loved T’nah’s music and style, but one thing I love even more is production from J. Dilla, so when I saw she was rapping over one of his beats my jaw damn near dropped to the floor. Just as I figured she would, T’nah absolutely ripped this beat to shreds, providing a good mix of singing and rapping. Stream this brand new record below to get in tune with one of New York’s many gems!

I Wanna Know – [Jay Gwuapo] x [TJ Porter]

The New York hip-hop scene may be as vibrant as ever, and helping push the envelope are NYC artists Jay Gwuapo and TJ Porter, from Brooklyn and the Bronx respectively. The young duo collaborated on their new track “I Wanna Know” in which the two seek closure and answers in their relationships. “I wanna know, yeah I wanna know, should I hold in all this pain, should I let it go? Should I find another bitch, and take her on the road?” Gwuapo’s auto-tune infused light vocals complement his calls for help with his love life. I’ve been following Gwuapo for a little over a month prior to his latest project, From Nothing Pt. 1, and I’m genuinely impressed with his versatility, ranging from upbeat money-waving flows like his most popular track “Lifestyle,” to a deeper R&B wave such as he did with TJ Porter in “I Wanna Know.” This is hardly the last we’ll see of the dynamic duo that is Jay Gwuapo and TJ Porter, as they have featured in and out on each other’s tracks consistently for the past half year approximately. Each of their collaborated tracks have been hits in the Soundcloud community, surpassing five million streams …

These Women – [Lauren Declasse]

Lauren Declasse harnesses his feverish cadence in his latest single, “These Women.” The East New Yorkian returns with his first single of the new year appearing to be eager to get back to work and deliver. In a currently saturated market where artists feel they need to flood you with music in order to get your attention, Declasse chooses to hold his offerings close to the chest, making each release even more special. The song kicks off with a brief moment of stillness, suddenly the beat drops leading in Declasse’s reverberating vocals. Business and women, Lauren Declasse doesn’t sugarcoat his feelings towards what he chooses to champion. The rapid-fire ability of the Brooklyn rapper is on full display finding an artful balance between lyrical demolishment and song-crafting ability that at the very least should have your shoulders shimmying. This is Lauren Declasse’s first single of the new year following in the footsteps of his visual for his single “Evisu” shared in July of last year. Fingers crossed his latest offering receives the same treatment as his last. Listen to Lauren Declasse’s single, “These Women” below and make sure to show him some love by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

A Conversation with Omar Apollo, the Soul, Funk, Rock and Hip-Hop Showman Who’s One of the Most Refreshingly Real Rising Stars Around

Preternaturally gifted, singing, dancing artists with effortless charisma who seem destined for pop stardom simply do not just come around every day. And ones who don’t feel corny, canned or prepackaged? Ones who defy genres and deftly maneuver between R&B and hip-hop, funk and acoustic pop-rock? Ones who haven’t come up with the promotional force of a giant corporation (e.g. Disney) or a network talent competition behind them, but rather emerged organically through Soundcloud connections, from a truly hardscrabble, blue collar, midwestern, immigrant background? Well, now we’re talking about something that happens with the frequency of a total solar eclipse. But that’s all a fair description of what we’ve witnessed for the better part of two years in Omar Apollo, the first generation Mexican-American showman from small-town Indiana who through great, often remarkably vulnerable songs featuring irresistible melodies and earworm beats; electric live performances; affecting if largely modest videos and no-bullshit charm, has only seen his profile rise. The buzz began as far back as 2017, but with the April release of his second EP Friends and a sold-out tour to go along with it, it’s turned into a low roar.   By all rights, Omar should have canceled lunch …

To the Top – [Melvoni]

Most people at age 15 are attempting to navigate their awkward bodies through the stages of puberty. However, Brooklyn native Melvoni seems to have matured much faster – though his voice may not show for it. His luminous vocal range spread thin over exceptional lyricism and flow shows his raw talent in his latest single, “To The Top”. “I pray to God I don’t lose myself, I pray to God I don’t abuse my health – I still keep the deuce-deuce under my belt.” Melvoni preaches his harsh realities as a teenager in Brooklyn while trying to maintain his sanity in attempting to make it out of his current situation. Further exemplifying the fact that he is beyond his years, he exclaims struggles with his love life and plans of reaching goals of fortune and fame. “I will not stop, I want the guap, I’ma keep rising until I get hot.” This is the first track I have heard from Melvoni, but with his smooth, light vocals infused with his experiential coming-of-age realities, he’ll have a returning listener. His early tracks on Soundcloud have amassed hundreds of thousands of streams across the platform, with “To The Top” already reaching 167k plays in …

Solange – [Madwiz] [Radamiz]

Brooklyn’s back in the house, as Tough Boy Madwiz and Radamiz connect and drop a lyrical barrage on their new track “Solange.” I was actually in a studio session and actually got the privilege to hear this cut early and I’m glad it’s out to the public. Madwiz and Radamiz were able to flip Solange’s “Dreams” track off of her latest album ‘When I Get Home’ effortlessly as they take turns going back and forth. The two emcees cover topics ranging from hustling, the manifestation of their dreams, ex-girlfriends and current girlfriends and more. Listening to some of the other songs that he currently has out and the ones in his fault Madwiz is really putting a fresh twist on and a new perspective on a hip-hop sound that would be considered dated by a younger audience. Hopefully, Radamiz and Madwiz continue to grow together and the spotlight on their movement will continue to grow even larger. Press play on Madwiz and Radamiz’s new single “Solange” below.

Lonely Suburban Blackboy – [Myles Cameron]

Making a very special return to our pages today, New York native Myles Cameron delivers his new, remarkable project titled Lonely Suburban Blackboy. This project follows the release of the three standout singles; “Picket Fences”, “Nothing Gold”, and “Yellow”. Lonely Suburban Blackboy can be simply described as a bond between his magnetic vocal deliveries and his close-to-heart songwriting. Quoted by Myles himself, “Lonely Suburban Blackboy is a character portrait. It’s based on two major themes; blackness in white spaces and warm colors and aesthetics. The process of writing was pretty difficult honestly. I had to do a lot of digging within myself and put some of my biggest insecurities and worst memories on the page. After having gone through that whole process though, I feel more confident and secure in myself than ever before.” I was very impressed with how raw and authentic this project was, for it was refreshing to feel as though I was experiencing what Myles had felt during those times. Furthermore, Myles will be playing a show in Brooklyn, New York on May 30th that will be centered around this project so make sure you check his socials for details. All in all, be sure to stream Lonely Suburban Blackboy …