mememe – [bbno$] & [Lentra]

First off let’s have a moment of respect for our friend bbno$ who was weeks away from embarking on his biggest tour to date that had dates all around the world. Being that the current state of things is affecting revenue streams for artists severely, being able to double down on releasing music and content has become essential to stay connected with fans. It’s no surprise that this time coincides with bbno$’s work ethic well as he is one that will most certainly come out of quarantine with albums worth of music ready to go. He recently dropped a new single called “mememe” that is one of his bounciest tracks in recent memory. Produced by global icon in the making Lentra, the two blend together perfectly as usual to create something that is incredibly funky and wildly unique. The visuals fit the light-hearted nature of this song well, following the tour life on his most North American tour he just wrapped up last fall. Don’t be surprised if we see a lot of creative and weird music come from bbno$ in the coming months, he’s also streaming quite often so if you’re looking for entertainment he’s got you in more …

Welcome to Chilis – [Yung Gravy] & [bbno$]

The powerhouse duo of bbno$ and Yung Gravy have always provided us with some of the bars that make you both laugh due to what they saying and impressed with how cleverly put together they are. Their most recent single “Welcome to Chilis” is one of their best to date, both artists truly at the top of their game in terms of melody and wordplay. This one is pretty much nonstop gems, bbno$ publicly stating he is changing the no to yes now that he’s seen those Lalala checks. If the song wasn’t enough, Baby Gravy blessed us with an insane new video that has the rappers star as Starsky & Hutch. This comparison works almost eerily well, all they were missing was a Snoop Dogg cameo as Huggy Bear. This is the second single leading up to the sequel to their collab EP Baby Gravy, be on the lookout for more heat from these two. Watch the video for “Welcome to Chilis” below! Directed by Reggie

iunno – [Yung Gravy] & [bbno$]

Baby Gravy is back! The duo that got their start trading intricate witty bars back and forth has never taken a break from putting out their weird brand of music together. With the release of this latest single “iunno” the pair announced this would be the lead single to their upcoming collab project Baby Gravy 2. This may come as a surprise as we are only weeks away from the release of bbno$’s wild album i don’t care at all and if anything it seems that album title is perfectly accurate for the way bbno$ drops his music. What makes Gravy and bbno$ such a great pair is their chemistry every time they record together. The two started working on music long before either of them ever saw fame, now that they both have certified hits on their own it will be interesting to see the type of heat they will create now that each of them has leveled up. The production on this one is provided by Lentra, who always seems to create the perfect triumphant sounding beats for Yung Gravy and bbno$ to go absolutely crazy on. It looks like we’ll be getting Baby Gravy 2 this holiday season so keep your eyes …

i don’t care at all – [bbno$]

Alright we don’t have to play around here, its understood bbno$ moves different than a lot of these rappers out right now. 2019 has been an incredibly busy year for the Vancouver based artist, dropping his sophomore album Recess earlier this year and following with a run of hit singles, one that just so happened to crush hundreds of millions of streams. With more attention than ever, he finds himself at an interesting point in his career being that he could sign with any label looking to cash in on his chaotic energy. By the sounds of it, ever since he deactivated stealth mode they’ve been hunting him down to finally give him some money. To no one’s surprise, he’s remained independent as one of the largest artist’s to bet on himself and become one of the top 100 streaming artists on Spotify without a label. By doing this, he is creating a pathway to show how to become a thriving artist in quite possibly the craziest time in the music industry. Today marks the release of bbno$’s third studio album i don’t care at all, an amply titled project considering the more fame he seems to get the less interested he is in …

Shining On My Ex – [bbno$] ft. [Yung Gravy]

This has been an insane week for our favorite Canadian weirdo. First, he dropped the remix to his smash hit “Lalala” alongside Enrique Iglesias and fellow Vancouver-born pop phenom Carly Rae Jepsen. Yeah, you read that right. Completely out of left field, but this type of maneuver has come to be expected from bbno$. This Friday he released another absolute slapper alongside his partner Yung Gravy titled “Shining On My Ex”, a song that is a true classic from the powerhouse duo. These two have developed a certain formula when it comes to putting out music, they effortlessly trade off verses and the topics of their bars are usually lines that you’ve never even thought of. One of my favorites from this single comes with a reference to PnB Rock’s neck. As mentioned in our interview, bbno$ teased the release of Baby Gravy 2 sometime soon, this song has me insanely optimistic for what’s to come when these two release another full-length project. Stream “Shining On My Ex” below!

Slop – [bbno$]

We recently did an in-depth interview with bbno$, where he got some insight into the insanely creative mind that has produced one of the weirdest smash hits of 2019. To close out the year strong, bbno$ is back with “Slop” a single that both flexes his personality and witty lyricism. The production on this track hits hard, simple strings and a kicking 808 pattern allows bbno$ to go absolutely dumb in his typical fashion all over the beat. This record was produced by Y2K, their chemistry at this point is undeniable and fans will be excited to hear he will be the executive producer on bbno$’s upcoming full-length project releasing later this year. One thing that is clear is that the Vancouver rapper has no signs of slowing down any time soon. He just wrapped up his North America and European Tour, only to immediately announce the next run of shows in early 2020. Capitalizing on the success of “Lalala”, what the next year holds for bbno$ will be groundbreaking, to say the least. Listen to “Slop” on all platforms here!

Mommy – [So Loki]

The gruesome twosome that is So Loki has always been two wild personalities that just so happen to make incredible music. Fresh off the release of “Daddy” it’s only right that So Loki followed up with “Mommy”, an equally hilarious title that has begun to have a similar impact on Triller and TikTok. The duo wants their presence to be felt immediately as emcee Sam Lucia comes with an intense delivery that is reminiscent of an angrier SAINt JHN. So Loki is known for the playful nature of their music, but the overall quality of their music has been increasing rapidly. Producer Jaja Blinky consistently provides the perfect production for Sam to contort his voice in an insane amount of ways on this record alone. They’ve been teasing their upcoming project Planet Bando 23 for the better part of the year, a follow up to last year’s Planet Bando. Since that project, they released a collab EP with Lyrical Lemonade favorite bbno$ and founded their own imprint Owake Records, signing their first aritst rising emcee BAINS. So Loki is gearing up for a big release with their next project, be sure to get familiar with their extensive catalog. Stream “Mommy” below!

From Memes to the Masses: The Wild Rise of bbno$

Growing up homeschooled in the south of Vancouver, bbno$ never really planned on his career of choice being a rapper. Yet here we are, a few short months after the release of “Lalala” the rapper’s first venture into the Billboard Charts. This is no small feat being that he began is rap career laughing over a Chief Keef beat with his friends before realizing this is something he was talented at. Several years and a few million streams later, it seems that bbno$’s eclectic style of hip-hop has connected with people across the globe in a real way. bbno$ is an incredibly laidback person, which he attributes to his upbringing in Canada, this shines through in his music that is always playful in nature. He has done something out of Vancouver that nobody has really done before, a sign of the times that there is real talent brewing in the often-overlooked Canadian city. While he is a trailblazer of sorts, his career is getting incredibly more serious as he becomes a mainstream artist that gets recognized on the streets by Grandmas, Toddlers, and everybody in between. His brain understands how the internet works, his marketing tactics are crazy but they’ve …

[Lalala] – [Y2K] & [bbno$]

Legend has it while at the beach in Santa Monica, Y2K discovered a flash drive while digging up sand to build a sand castle. Excited to find out what was on the drive, he ran home and plugged it into his computer. There was one file, and it was an acapella from Canadian rapper bbno$. In love with the vocals, he wound up making the beat around them and emailing the finished product to the email in bbno$’s Instagram bio. Bbno$ had no recollection of ever recording the vocals, and decided he was going to let Y2K have it for his debut EP, Dream Eater. “Lalala” is the first single from Y2K’s debut project, Dream Eater. The duo has been working together frequently, so it’s no surprise that the super producer in the making had bbno$ on the introduction to his first full project. The silky strings that Y2K provides match bbno$’ cadences perfectly, and each artist has a unique approach to the music they create together, demonstrating further proof of their incredible chemistry. Stream the track here and follow the artists to be the first to hear their upcoming releases!  

Sensational – [Yung Gravy]

Yung Gravy has to be one of the most entertaining characters we’ve seen in rap in quite a while. His silky smooth braggadocio and endlessly charismatic personality are just two pieces to one of the weirdest, wildest, and most fun puzzles that we’ve been blessed with in some time, and the best part of it all is that Gravy is seemingly one of rap’s most unlikely heroes. Nevertheless, the man himself has grown into an international star, and today, he’s here to bring this home with his long-awaited new album, Sensational. 13 tracks long, Sensational is just about as Gravy as it gets. The random soul samples and hilarious, vivid lyrics make for an endless supply of anthems, and just as we’ve seen in the past, Gravy’s lovable personality helps turn the new album into an oddly captivating release, all the way through. Sure, I love “serious” rap and I definitely appreciate the art of it, but that’s not to say that I don’t love sitting back, taking a break from everything, and listening to someone as fun as Yung Gravy think of 10 million ways to say he’s going to hit on your mom. It’s absolutely fantastic and honestly, more fun than a lot …