No House Parties (Stay Inside) – [MEECH] ft. [Luke Bar$]

While the title of the song is often just whatever lyric takes up the bulk of the chorus, I believe that it’s far more important than anyone gives the title credit for. Not only is the name of a song a preview as to what idea the song communicates, but further, it’s a chance for the listener to think about the connotation of the name and what the artist’s mindset was when creating it. Here to speak to this function, Brockton, MA artist MEECH and Luke Bar$ are here with a brand new single, “No House Parties (Stay Inside)”. The reason that I mention the title of this song is that although it is comprised of the chorus’ central lyric, this one goes far beyond the surface, speaking to the reflection and overall thoughtfulness that each of the two emcees put into this one. One verse after another, they explain the exogenous elements of life that determine the way we think and behave, pointing to notions such as love, violence, friendship, and ambition to explain why they’re not heading out to any house parties. In such a way, “No House Parties (Stay Inside)” is one of the best lyrical performances …

Pressure – [Lucki]

It goes without saying that Freewave 3 is still one of the best projects released this year. Quite frankly, Lucki is one of the best lyricists alive, and to say that it’s always a gem when we receive new music from the Chicago native is an understatement. Today, hitting us with a gift as we head into the weekend, Lucki is back on our pages with a brand new loose release, “Pressure.” Using a sleek, slightly ominous melody, this offering attests to the fact that Lucki is a diamond of an artist, always thriving under pressure and performing his best when the stakes are high. In this song, he maintains a wide-eyed slew of lyrics and an effortlessly alluring cadence, pointing to ease with which it takes Lucki to impress. Freewave 3 sparked a well-deserved conversation about Lucki being a king of the underground right now, and with songs like these as proof, I don’t think there’s any more debate as to whether or not this is true. Stream Lucki’s brand new single at the link provided below!


Today, we are introducing an artist out of Vancouver named Quamon who has been quietly dropping some noteworthy singles over the past few months. His latest single, “GUAP,” features a stuttering hook that blends seamlessly over a bubbly beat that almost feels like it was taken straight out of a video game. All three singles released by Quamon have been produced by the talented young producer Joseph L’étranger, who has worked extensively with XO’s 88GLAM and recently became a member of Murda Beatz’s Murda Gang. Quamon always brings a high level of energy to his music that pairs perfectly with Joseph’s upbeat production style, and further, he’s been on my radar for some time now, improving his lyrical and melodic abilities with every new release. There is no doubt that the pair will work continue working together, creating underground hits as both of their profiles continue to rise. Check out “GUAP” and other singles from Quamon below.

Things Change – [Danny Diamonds]

One of the most impactful properties of music is its ability to soundtrack both the highest and lowest moments of our lives. Whether used to celebrate or to heal, music is a constant that makes emotions more fervent and further, a medium through which artists and listeners can find unity under a common feeling. Today, we see this through Danny Diamonds’ latest single, “Things Change.” Reflecting on the overdose of a close friend, “Things Change” is a solemn, thoughtful, and downright beautiful release that tracks Diamonds’ thought process in dealing with and understanding his friend’s death. Over a gorgeous bed of instrumentation, complemented by a slew of emotionally complex lyrics, the song finds comfort in the idea of inevitability, understanding that “things change” based on the decisions and actions we decide to take in our lives, as simple and profound as this may be. Naturally so, “Things Change” arrives with a refreshed sense of artistic purpose and further, a reminder that songs as personal as this one only strengthen the bond between an artist and a listener. With that said, let’s all extend our thoughts and prayers for the subject of the song, Adam, and all of his friends and …

Delaware’s Free Spirit With the Wild Mane, Lil West, Talks Mining Relationships, Finding ‘Balance’ and More on the New Vex Part 1

It’s a safe bet that the vast majority of Americans, asked to name someone from Delaware off the top of their heads, could only come up with that of Joe Biden, the former vice president currently dragging out a will-he-or-won’t-he-run guessing game regarding the 2020 presidential race. But that doesn’t mean the nation’s “First State”—our second smallest in area—hasn’t produced other accomplished individuals, including, in the hip-hop world, one of the more quietly promising young talents to emerge in recent years: melodic genre-buster Lil West. The southern Delaware town of Bridgeville—population, 2000 and change—isn’t what you’d call a hip-hop mecca, but then 20-year-old West is hardly a conventional singer and rapper. The first thing I notice as West and I sit down in a booth at the midtown location of Manhattan favorite Blue Ribbon Sushi—is that his famously wild hair has been brought under control. If the artist has one signature visual trait that’s helped stand him out from the pack during his come-up, it’s a leonine mane that serves as a nice  visual signifier of his free spirit. The hair has been on full display in videos like last year’s “No More” and the recent “Somedays” – but this …

dreamgurl – [Besphrenz]

With so much music being uploaded to various streaming platforms, it’s always a blessing to find unique talent hidden amongst all of the traffic. Today, making their Lyrical Lemonade debut is a group that goes by the name of Besphrenz. Back in the day, I stumbled upon one of their well known songs entitled Tired Eyes, but today, they’re back with a new offering that has been doing some serious numbers.  The Philadelphia band dropped their newest single dreamgurl last month, but it’s never too late to hop on the wave that they’re creating. If you’re looking for a chill and relaxing track to vibe out to, dreamgurl is definitely the one for you. Once you press play, you’ll automically become enveloped into a care free ambiance which is all thanks to the sophisticated yet natural style that created by Besphrenz. What makes it even better is that they enlisted help from well known artist Keith Goodwin to round out this piece. This adds another layer to an already impressive track that you won’t want to stop listening to. I’ll let y’all be the judges though! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below so give it a listen and let …

Roots – [Madijuwon]

A creative that goes by the name of Madijuwon is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut tonight with his latest release titled “Roots”. Madijuwon is a super dope artist that hails from Lyon, France who I recently discovered while browsing through Soundcloud and man he is really a diamond in the rough. I loved everything about this record from the hypnotizing loops, to all of the additional sounds he added throughout the song to emphasize the feeling, to even to the eye grabbing cover art! I strongly suggest that you check out this new offering below and give Madijuwon a follow on Twitter here while you’re at it.

Everyday – [Monster Mike] [KISHIE]

Monster Mike has been making waves around Chicago’s underground hip-hop scene, and the rising rapper’s hustle already shows in the sheer volume of content he puts out. He’s also no stranger to our platform, and he returns today with his latest song, “Everyday”. If you haven’t been acclimated to Mike’s sound yet, let this track be a perfect introduction. The most distinguishable weapon in Monster Mike’s arsenal—his booming, gravelly voice—really anchors this track, livening up the sparse trap production with raspy, monstrous delivery. Backing Mike’s cold bars is an eerily bright and melodic beat made by KISHIE—a producer whose name is also getting some heavy circulation among Chicago’s current underground heavyweights. A quick survey of KISHIE’s Soundcloud reveals a producer who’s finding his niche sonically with a disorienting combination of ambient synths and hard-hitting 808s making up the bulk of his recent beats. KISHIE’s style creates a unique pairing with Monster Mike’s heavy presence, and “Everyday” is an example of a rapper and producer in-sync in a refreshing, addictive form. Listen below:

Conn(is) – [Connis]

Any artist can catch a quick moment and attract some eyes, but skillfully executing growth and development as an artist is an entirely different feat. It’s not easy to find one’s sound, and in order to do, some risks need to be taken, some failures accumulated, and likewise, some success will be found along the way. Cambridge, MA artist Connis is one of the best examples I know of in terms of this growth. For a few years now, I’ve been hip to the budding talent’s music, and throughout all this time, it’s been an honor to watch him grow into his talent, consistently refining his style until he discovers a level of artistic maturity that matches his truly rare-to-come-by skills. Today, this moment comes entirely full circle, as Connis releases his debut album, Conn(is).  13 tracks long, this is one of those special projects that refuses to be defined by a singular song or instance. Rather, Conn(is) is a compilation of sorts, featuring both the highest and lowest moments of the Massachusetts native’s life. On a path toward self-discovery, Conn(is) is a journal of sorts, with the concluding factor being the idea of the debut project itself, as it reflects all of the growth, both …

Tamagotchi – [Vega Ramon]

An artist that goes by the name of Vega Ramon is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut this afternoon with the release of his brand new music video for “Tamagotchi”. Vega Ramon is a New York based artist that I got a chance to chop it up with while we were down in Austin, Texas last week, and after watching a few of his unreleased visuals I knew I wanted to include him on our website asap. It appears as if this record will be apart of Vega Ramon’s forthcoming EP Thrilla that is set to drop in April, make it a point to be on the look out for that. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like what you hear be sure to give Vega Ramon a follow on Twitter here. Produced by 8ROKEBOY • Directed by @mediadon