Ambré Releases Sophomore EP ‘3000°’

According to Hip-Hop legend Missy Elliot, sophomore albums are a very PIVOTAL time for [an] artist! She encourages them to take risks and experiment. Ambré sophomore EP 3000° showcases how the New Orleans native stepped out of the box to give her fans an amazing experience. Composed of 8 songs that serve as a musical love letter to her hometown of New Orleans, 3000° is quality R&B music that we have grown to love. With appearances from BEAM, Jvck James, Masego, Destin Conrad, and Jay Electronica, the GRAMMY award-winning singer/songwriter did an amazing job selecting meaningful collaborations on her EP. “For me, the main factors that I took into consideration when seeking features were tone, overall sound, and connection. I’m a fan of a lot of different artists but when it comes to collaborating it’s more than just that, that matters,” She shared. “Jvck was great because we both love each other’s music and had worked before so we knew it would be fire. Jay is a legend, and a hometown hero so outside of him killing his verse he added to the overall story of the ep being a love letter to our, New Orleans.” With production from Mike …

Most Wanted – [Jean Deaux]

Chicago’s own Jean Deaux returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a stunning new EP titled Most Wanted. With eight songs total, Deaux in my opinion has delivered her best work so far sonically. From the opener to the final track, the project flows seamlessly thanks to the well-timed transitions and A1 record mixing. Jean’s vocals sound as crisp as ever; her all-around skillset creates a versatile offering with R&B, hip-hop, and borderline trap influences. As for personal favorites, “Stay Down” is one of the most impressive songs I’ve heard all year; all musical aspects are executed with a quality of finesse as if to illustrate the unmatched flare of her artistry & persona. “ChopNScrew” featuring Ambré is another standout; it flows like a Pinkpantheress single with a slower tempo for a more mature (albeit enthralling) atmosphere. Not only is Jean Deaux the ‘most wanted,’ but after delivering an EP of this considerable quality, she’ll be among the most-listened to artists on my radar for the foreseeable future. Have a listen below!

A Conversation with Mulherin

From the moment I began writing for Lyrical Lemonade, I fell in love with unearthing the true gems of the music industry; Artists who definitively transcend the fad obsessed world that we live in and truly present themselves as individuals who can have a long lasting career filled with success and influence. At first, these types of artists weren’t easy to find, but after some time, I came across two guys who truly made me rethink what I considered great music to be. If you haven’t heard of Mulherin, then allow this article to serve as a PSA for anyone who is in dire need of discovering the next big thing. I use lofty phrases and words like that lightly, but when it comes to this LA-Based duo, I firmly believe that they are generational talents that need to be seen and heard in every way. I really can’t stress how great their art is and I’m so glad that I got the chance to catch up with twin brothers, Parker and Marshall Mulherin to talk about their artists project and everything that they’ve got in store for 2021. Like I said above; If you’re looking for your newest obsession, …

FRAUD – [Destin Conrad] x [Ambré]

Destin Conrad and Ambré connect on their latest collaborative release, “FRAUD.” The two incredibly talented writers and vocalist combine their storytelling ability to craft a narrative that highlights how often women push their dreams aside, dimming their light to give fully and intimately into a relationship. Both Ambré and Conrad play a role on the new record, taking turns in detailing the lives of both characters of the song. Conrad speaks on infidelity and the lack of personal responsibility while Ambré echoes his sentiments and tribulations, confidently boasting his resolve while expounding on the sacrifices she’s made to uplift her partner. Artfully balancing a narrative-driven subject matter with compelling production, Ambré, and Destin Conrad create a record that pulls you back through its storied subject matter and moving delivery. Not only does this record tell a vivid story, but it sounds great too. Listen to “FRAUD” by Destin Conrad and Ambré below.

band practice – [Ambré]

Ambré made her Lyrical Lemonade debut a couple of months back for her sonically stunning album “Pulp”. Since then, the rising artist has been busy dropping various assets to keep the momentum going. It’s safe to say that it’s definitely working. Just today, Ambré dropped a brand new visual for her well-known track “band practice”. Her team describes it as “…a visual journey through what feels like an intimate dream sequence, showcasing Ambré and her lover during a beautifully moody band practice session”. Once you check this video out, nothing will stop you from diving more into her catalog and finding new jams that you didn’t know you needed in your life. I was thoroughly impressed with this stunning visual as the camera angles and story flow are utterly cohesive in every way. This visual needs to be checked out ASAP! Give it a watch and let us know what you think! Link is attached below!

Pulp – [Ambré]

Some music just hits you in a way that’s entirely unexpected. Whether or not you can pin point the exact musical element that causes something to awake inside of you, music that can simply make you feel is the music that is worth holding onto. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been introduced to some unexpected gems, but none more so than a rising artist who goes by the name of Ambré. If you haven’t heard of her name, there’s still a strong chance that you’ve heard some of the music that she’s been involved in. The New Orleans native is actually responsible for writing two tracks on H.E.R.’s Grammy award winning album; a feat that not many artists can say that they’ve accomplished. With all of this talent, it was only a matter of time until the 23 year old singer/songwriter emerged into the spotlight. Earlier this month, Ambré was announced as Roc Nations latest signing. Shortly after the deal was inked, her debut EP, “Pulp” was made available on various streaming platforms worldwide. The whole project is truly a triumph. After listening to the full 8 songs a couple of times through, it’s extremely evident to hear …

Skyfall – [Pell] feat. [Ambré] and [Malik Ninety Fifty]

New Orleans’ native lyricist, Pell returns with a new visual for his recently released album cut “Skyfall.” The newest visual is chock-full of all the things that make Pell’s musical output a quality affair; quick wit, lyrical precision and an authentic sensibility that can be felt through the record and visual. The Dominic Scott directed video begins with Pell and company in celebration. Draped in a home movie-style of aesthetic, Pell delivers his verse with relative ease; detailing his unavoidable stint away from home, purpose-driven grind and optimistic view. With gleaming charisma he raps, “I’m just stayin’ in my lane / Don’t you curse me Ricky Bobby / Fuck a 9 to 5 / I’m on that 9 to 9 / You tryna make a livin’ / I’m tryna stay alive.” The fun-loving spirit of the record and video is passed to Malik Ninety Five like a baton. Coming on the heels of Pell’s verse, Malik delivers a set of bars laced with dream-chasing ambition. Pell’s latest video allows for every viewer or listener to find something they can hold on too, “even if the sky comes falling down.” “Skyfall” is Pell’s third visual accompaniment from his album, Gravity, released in …

Yung Bans Vol.4 – [Yung Bans]

Atlanta native & Lyrical Lemonade regular Yung Bans is back with the fourth installment in his self-titled EP’s, and by just taking a glance at the tracklist, it might just be the hottest tape of all. Featuring a handful of his latest releases including Mood Swings with JBan$2Turnt and Different Colors with Yachty, the 6-track effort also includes an impressive joint in Don’t Milly Rock with Rejjie Snow and arguably the standout Brent Rambo-produced track titled Yung Xan featuring Lil Xan. Following the predecessor Yung Bans Vol.3 back in January, the promising 18-year-old seems to level up with each record as the quality, and not-to-mention the feature lists seem to improve drastically every time. While we’ve already been graced with two projects this year, expect this to be just the surface of what Yung Bans accomplishes as we move further into 2018, with maybe even an XXL Freshman spot to cap it off in the near future. With that said, let loose the Yung Bans Vol.3 EP immediately and let us know which song was your favorite in the comment section below!

No Way – [TOKiMONSTA] Ft. [Isaiah Rashad] x [Joey Purp] & [Ambre]

We all just got blessed with the best song we will hear all week thanks to Los Angeles producer TOKiMONSTA, as he recruited Isaiah Rashad & Chicago’s own Joey Purp for a brand new track called “No Way”. As soon as you click play you will quickly fall in love with the soothing production, before both Isaiah starts off the track on a positive note with his stunning verse, one of my favorites from him in some time I must say. After some beautiful vocals from Ambre help set the tone of the song, Joey Purp jumped on this one toward the back end & delivered an extremely awesome & memorable verse. This one is the latest track off TOKiMONSTA’s forthcoming album Lune Rouge, which is set to release on October 6th via Young Art Records, and it doesn’t take much more than one listen to get eager to what else she has in store for us. Listen to this brand new jam below via Soundcloud or Spotify below & let me know if you like it in the comments section!