Saviors – [SRNDR]

Many things change at the start of the new year; resolutions are made, people choose to refocus but one thing that has remained beautifully consistent is the level of quality output of the Los Angeles based duo SRNDR. The alternative soul tandem’s newly released single, “Saviors,” finds the group picking up the pace and delivering once again. SRNDR’s latest release is certainly a different sonic display than the group’s previous showcasing’s. Their subtle nod to European dance music, which combines elements of pop and their signature sultry brand of R&B, has a pace we have yet to see. Despite the clear change in stride from the group on this record, SRNDR still manages to implement everything that made me fall in love with them when I first heard them; ghostly instrumentation, soaring vocals and an overall euphoria that manages to hold your attention as if in a daze. To no surprise, this electrifying combination is a truly exciting window into their unimpeded ability. Centered around the idea that there is more than one way to be successful, the combination of Lovsky and Chase Aaron freely express the pressures that come with being artists. Check out “Savior” by SRNDR below.

FAF/Peakin (Music Video) – [Juto]

Following the release of his ‘Wool’ EP in November, Juto is back with a visual for two tracks off the project, “FAF/Peakin”. The singer and songwriter has established his name with a unique blend of RnB, funk, and alternative influences laden with a soothing vocal style, and all of these aspects of Juto’s music come through both sonically and visually in this new video. Directors Tommy Nowels and Matthew Kaplan align their vision with Juto’s musical style in a way that meshes naturally, and the overall cinematography of the video utilizes creative shots that match the tone of the song. Being Juto’s second official music video that’s been released, his character comes through in front of the camera and matches the indifferently angsty attitude that gets portrayed lyrically. The second half of the video switches tones to a much more serene environment, as Juto is seen lounging in a dreamy tropical garden, finding peace of mind as the credits start to roll. Watch the video for “FAF/Peakin” below:

Kuwabara Freestyle – [Khary]

Khary is a genius, he creates ear-pleasing music time & time again and today he is back with his latest offering titled “Kuwabara Freestyle”. From the moment I heard the slow-paced and soothing production that was provided by Shanks I just knew that Khary was about to go off, and that he did, airing out anything & everything that was on his mind but still somehow managing to make it sound so good. Khary touched on several things on this joint such as an alternative universe where he finishes college & has kids by now, missings the old GOOD Fridays releases back in 2010, feeling stuck between new-age & old school and even touching on how weird it is that these days he doesn’t even care to watch a Ye interview. This was an extremely thoughtful and dope track from Khary, but I expected nothing less from this exceptionally talented emcee, I am sure that you will enjoy it too so don’t waste anymore time & go ahead + press play below.

Between II Gardens – [Sword II]

At this point, I’ve learned not to count out anything coming from Atlanta. Sure we may think of the city for rap music, and specifically trap, but with so much more to offer, I can’t help but find myself delving into Atlanta’s different bubbles, whether it be punk, alternative, or anything in between. Just recently, I’ve come across my latest discovery from Atlanta: Sword II, and their brand new project, Between II Gardens. Just 4 tracks in length, Between II Gardens is an ever-changing, remarkably excited piece of music. With quick shifts in sonics and ambitious bouts of instrumentation, the project never fails to keep you listening. Adding to the magic, at times, the vocals are muddied and the instrumentation left just a little raw at its core, resulting in a certain degree of homegrown charm for a project so open and so adventurous. “Garden,” for example switches pace, jumps all over the place in terms of energy, and yet, always sticks the landing. Clearly, Sword II’s chemistry allows for a versatile sonic background, and Between II Gardens makes sure to use this to its full advantage, differentiating the project in the process. Don’t just take my word for it; get hip to Sword II …

Graveyard Girl – [Teen Blush]

While hip-hop is the reason I began writing, I’ve always had somewhat of a soft spot for more alternative, sometimes even poppy music. Part of this is based on the sound itself, of course, but another part of it comes in a different form. When a song can paint a picture of a given emotion, or sometimes even a story, it instantly becomes easier to connect with listeners. One song that does just this is “Graveyard Girl” by Teen Blush. Low-fi in sound but almost nostalgic in its dusted, ever-so-gentle nature, “Graveyard Girl” rides an illustrative line between nostalgic and slightly ominous. The vocals, subtly impassioned, ride atop the consistent rumble of the guitar riffs, and the songwriting brings the song full circle as a vivid account of Teen Blush’s artistry. Some songs don’t need a music video to paint a picture, and “Graveyard Girl” is one of them. Peep this one on SoundCloud below!

Grudge EP – [Baby Bari]

There is no denying the unprecedented amount of talent that has emerged from Florida over the past couple of years. The state itself has become synonymous with a certain sound but today I am very excited to share a newer artist that helps reinforce The Sunshine State’s evolution as a musically diverse hub. His name is Baby Bari and his most recent four-track EP, Grudge, is an impressive display of alternative hip hop experimentation.  Baby Bari’s latest EP, which runs a total of 12-minutes, is his first by all accounts. Despite the short-lived showcasing, Bari manages to display an impressive amount of chops as an artist by blending the grittier elements of hip hop with the softer shimmer of lo-fi pop. Song’s like the EP’s opener, “Kill la Kill” relishes in a Neptunes-type beat that is both seductive and ominous, an impactful combination that helps reinforce the darker electronic vocal style Bari wields on the opener. Bari exchanges the electrifying bass of the EP’s opener for the grunge-style production and delivery of “You Know I’m No Good” while simultaneously priming listeners for the more gentle, dreamy guitar-led sentiments of “Choke.” The project closes with “Untitled,” an acoustic ballad that has Bari …

Sincerely – [Rixxky Bands]

Ever since his Virgo EP released earlier this year, I’ve found myself coming back to Rixxky Bands every few months. Welcoming experimentation into his music and switching things up from time to time, Bands has proven to continue his growth as an artist throughout the year, and his most recent release, “Sincerely,” brings such full circle. Perhaps oddly enough, the worlds of punk and alternative rock have slowly come to infuse themselves into rap culture. Something about the angst behind these genres makes sense to a rap mind, and “Sincerely” plays on this in a refreshing, passion-packed way. Rather than taking a half-step into the rock world, Rixxky Bands dives all the way in with this single, letting his bellowing deliveries loose over the raw energy of a guitar-based instrumental. “Sincerely” is the perfect way for Rixxky Bands to keep things refreshing, so don’t sleep on this one. Listen below!

Crazy – [Dutch Melrose]

About a week ago, an artist who goes by the name of Dutch Melrose dropped a track that is worthy of all the praise and more. The LA Native just recently grabbed my attention and its safe to say that I’ll be watching very closely when it comes to future singles and projects of his. There’s something special and enticing about this rising artist that is worth paying attention to. His new song, “Crazy” is the perfect representation of the singer/songwriter/producer’s skillset. If I had to perfectly pin point a genre to place this music into, that would be a very hard thing to do. Somehow Dutch has managed to incorporate hip hop, alternative rock, pop, and electronic music which has culminated into a bold and cohesive style that’s uniquely his own.  “Crazy” is a full 3 seconds of high octane power. From the moment it starts, it doesn’t let up in the slightest. The track boasts some really impressive production which leaves extensive room for Dutch Melrose to show off his vocal talents and lyrical flow. This is a really cool taste of what we’re to expect from this talent. If he continues to bang out hits like these, …

ily3000 – [Ano Ba]

One thing about Chicago is that it has always been full of musical talent, and a wide array of it. Everything from hip-hop, to rock, to alternative, and even old school house–Chicago has it all. Many artists love to intertwine different genres to create some really interesting and sound bending art. One artist in particular that thrives to create the perfect musical blend of multiple genres, Ano Ba is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his latest single titled “ily3000”. I have been familiar with Ano Bafor sometime now–for he has been making some pretty substantial moves in the underground music scene in Chicago. He is part of White Ppl–an underground hip-hop trio based in Chicago. This past May, he also arranged and executed the first annual Hoist Fest–a music festival designed to showcase much of the up and coming talent in Chicago. Being multifaceted is something he takes pride in, and we are given many sides on his talent in this single. Sonically, the production consists of funky synths, a catchy drum beat, and mesmerizing keys all throughout the song–sure enough to get ahead pop out of anyone. Despite the instrumental being such. groove, the lyrical content of the song tells a …

Strawberry EP – [Alec Wigdahl]

It is truly my pleasure to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade community to the immensely talented Alternative Pop stylings of Alec Wigdahl. The fearlessly transparent Minnesota-native opens himself up to listeners on his new Strawberry EP by delving into the emotionally taxing aspects of leaving school, moving away from home and ultimately betting on yourself. Chock-full of emotionally stirring lyrics and live instrumentation, Wigdahl delivers an incredible showcasing of his ability and promise as a new act.  Each record on the new EP is a stirring illustration of Wigdahl’s songwriting ability, range as a vocalist and sheer musicality that has him turning heart-wrenching lyrics into driving Pop ballads. Backed by an array of instrumentation that varies in textures catering to the subject matter each song, Wigdahl manages to capture an array of emotions in a brief amount of time. This dynamism allows him to structure up-beat pulsating records like, “Jealous of Me” and “Misbehaving” while also creating softer, acoustic ballads like “A little Bit Longer” and “Dog Videos.” Both styles of records are not only sonically pleasing but incredibly impressive when considering the self-produced and self-written aspect surrounding the 19-minute debut. Alec Wigdahl is on my list of artists to watch and …