The Most – [Felly]

Trumbull, Connecticut native and LA based artist Felly returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a wavy new single titled “The Most.” Despite recently releasing a new album titled Mariposa (including a deluxe version), Felly remains remarkably consistent and completely unafraid of releasing new music for his fanbase. The banger is accompanied by refreshingly mellow production that meshes well with Felly’s chilled yet slick rap flow. Lyrics such as “All this drama in the world keep me low” allow the listener to empathize with Felly’s depleted mental state, but the record itself simultaneously provides an uplifting vibe that is much needed in today’s current climate. Felly is a unique talent as a result of proven versatility; his excellence can be expressed through hip-hop, jazz, folk, alternative, soft rock, & even through an ‘inner Rastafarian’ lens. Stream Felly’s latest track “The Most” below!

Out of Service-[Tayo]

Nothing warms my heart more than getting to bring brand new artists onto the pages of Lyrical Lemonade. Most of my writing consists of artists who span from known to having little content on their discography, but there is just something special about getting to highlight up and coming talent that’s just getting started. Today, I get to do just that for an alternative Pop/R&B group called, Tayo. A lot of prominent talent has originated from the Southern California area and the trio of Cheska, Betthia and Annie may very well be the latest. The San Diego natives have all been making music for some time now individually, but just recently, they all decided to team up and create something that wouldn’t be possible without enlisting the help of one another. Despite not being related, the talented filipino singers call themselves a “sister band”, which is nothing more than a testament to their close-knit relationship and chemistry; a chemistry that can be felt all throughout their debut single that just dropped yesterday. If you’re a fan of good and transparent music, Tayo’s new offering “Out of Service” is just for you. From a production standpoint, this song hits different as …

Talk2Me – [Funeral]

A common trait amongst nearly every member of this ever-rising next generation of pop music is their willingness to put their own spin and expand upon quite a wide variety of previous pop stylistics. This notion not only proves that these acts are not only learned students of the game, but ones who also know what their defining sound is and are convincingly ready and willing to apply this status to any venture they take on. Funeral is certainly an act who can say he does this on more than a routine occasion; it’s practically the name of his very own game at this point. His most recent string of singles has showcased a wide variety of sounds in styles — all differentiating themselves from each other song by song. They have all tackled different angles of this endless pop world that he finds himself either paying homage to, or conclusively defining all the same. His latest in this string is entitled “Talk2Me” — and it’s yet another divergent foray into that aforementioned world as it stands. This track is far more energetic and grooving than his most recent offerings, as it takes after a more alternative-based style in regards …

Summer – [BkTheRula]

Atlanta has steadily been a hotbed for the next rap superstars for years. One of the next stars in the Atlanta scene may very well be an unsung hero by the name of BkTheRula. BK was making noise last year with a couple of drops here and there and seemed to be a favorite early on with industry folks and the rap blog writers. She really began to break out on the scene when her viral video for “Tweakin” started circulating on platforms like Twitter at the top of 2020. BkTheRula doesn’t have the typical content as a lot of her female rap counterparts. If you’re a fan of people like Trippie Redd, Cori Leray, Rico Nasty, TiaCorine, and the airy melodic alternative rap sound then that’s what you should expect out of BK. This video for “Summer” is really euphoric and even though I had used the term “it’s a vibe” it is indeed that. Watch BkTheRula’s new music video for “Summer” after the break.

Dead Battery [Swam Lewis] x [JOYAGAINSTEVIL]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut, Swam Lewis is a Michigan based artist with a unique sound palette. Ranging from post-rock, alternative, and hip-hop, the only box that Lewis fits is the genre bender. I found Swam Lewis’s catalog to be Convolk esque, although Lewis’s work gives off a more chilled sensation. The latest single from Swam Lewis titled “Dead Battery”  is a dark alternative pop offering. Detailing the contrast between highs and lows, the record is about prevailing when circumstances seem bleak. The production from JOYAGAINSTEVIL applies an ominously somber bassline, while the palatial drum soundscape allows Lewis to open up on his experience(s) with depression. “Dead Battery” is the second single from Swam‘s upcoming project Immortality, which is currently set for a late autumn release. In a seamlessly atmospheric fashion, the chorus and bridge are addictive enough to make the listener press repeat. Although “Dead Battery” evokes a numb connotation, the lyrical transparency makes the song relatable and appreciative to others suffering from similar struggles. Check out the official music video for the track below, which was shot by Brandon Weiss.  

The Buzz of a Lifetime – [Knapsack]

The essence of “indie music” certainly takes on quite a lot of nuance and weight to its name. That term is wide-ranging and seemingly all-encompassing, with the lines being blurred as to what “indie” truly stands for — and its relationship to other broad genre titles such as “alternative” music or even the idea of pop is it stands.   At least where we stand at this very moment, the music world practically has no rules and no set standards; as such, genre tags and musical fanship are beginning to take a backseat to arguably a better and far more substantial mode of approaching it all — that being appreciating these genre-melding acts for what they truly are doing, and that is making forward-thinking and inevitably timeless music.    To say that Gabby O’Leary – known prominently under the pseudonym “Kapsack” – manifests just about everything that makes up this aforementioned sentiment in our current times would be selling even such a remarkable act like this so very short. Since making their presence known some time ago with a variety of projects that worked to build something of an artistic baseline to capitalize on in the future, the rising progenitor …

Jay-Z Freestyle – [Lil Gray]

DMV sensation Lil Gray is back with another new single this week, this time with a new Sparkheem produced track entitled “Jay-Z Freestyle” which is a very fast-paced and bass-thumping track where Gray both flexes his lyrical muscles all throughout and also flashes his incredible degree of vocal dexterity that allows him to pull countless different and always unique flows out of thin-air like its nothing and that quality alone is the main reason why the Maryland native is one of the very most exciting young talents in all of the rap industry right now. From the most avant-garde of the DMV production style to new poppier tracks like his other recent single “Uhaul” where he crosses over to a more alternative sound with ease. It would be a huge mistake to not be paying great attention to Lil Gray right now and there is little doubt in my mind that he will be one of the biggest artists to rise out of the DMV’s talent-laden scene.

Norwich – [Lucca Dohr]

The alternative style of Lucca Dohr follows up his breakout single releases with a newly delivered two-pack of songs that further introduce listeners into his brand of indie alternative. His newly released pack, collectively titled, Norwich, is comprised of two tracks, “Alexa” and “Loosh98.” The first of the two, “Alexa,” is comprised of thumping guitar chords and Dohr’s metallic vocals that provide a dream-like environment for the song’s ballad-like chorus. The song ends with several seconds of silence that builds undeniable suspense for the calm follow-up, “Loosh98.” Despite the song’s clear separation as two separate tracks, both songs sound eerily similar, not so much in composition, but more so in their relation to one another. This flow allows the transition and overall execution of the two-pack to progress seamlessly. There is no question that Lucca Dohr is taking an exciting step forward that warrants your attention.   Listen to the new two-pack release from Lucca Dohr below.

Greatest Hits – [Boski]

The eclectic style of Boski returns on the release of his new ten-track compilation album, Greatest Hits. The Tennessee based artist creates a carefree brand of music that sonically can flow in between addictive lo-fi drums, alternative striking guitar progressions, and stripped back vocals delivered at a throttled pace. The ultimate result of this medley of sound is Boski; honest and true. His new album, Greatest Hits, plays very much like a greatest hits album would sound; it peaks at moments with reckless rap adjacent lyricism towards past lovers and financial frustrations while simultaneously addressing the more sorrowful subject matter. Songs like “All The Time,” “Your Loss,” and “When It’S Raining,” all relish in a more slowed down approach while expressing utter heartbreak. Although the project finds itself in an indie lo-fi world at times it also successfully creates a breezy brand of hip hop with songs like, “Run A Switch” and “No Drama.” Boski’s ability to weave in and out of genres seamlessly is as impressive as these song’s ability to live and breathe on the same project. In a matter of 25-minutes, over ten tracks, Boski plugs listeners into a varied world of sonic catharsis. The Tennessee native’s new album, Greatest …


Los Angeles based artist JOYAGAINST EVIL is a very unique talent. Honing a mixture of Neo-Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop, his ear for production reflects his diverse range(s) for euphoric expression. Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut, I was blown away by the creativity and artistic ability displayed in the music video for his song “LMK.” The highlighted song is the third track from JOYAGAINSTEVIL’s latest project The Cyclist (2020). When listening to the record, you’ll immediately pick up a melancholy atmosphere, accompanied by an energetic touch oddly reminiscent of a crowded nightclub. The soft R&B vocals reflect an alternative style with vibrant, but minimalist synthetic patterns. It’s worth a mention that the production was flawlessly layered by JOYAGAINSTEVIL himself, enabling the song to transition to a drunkenly graceful bass experience. Conceptually, the record reflects his time spent amid a generation of lust, which paints a larger picture for those searching to fill a void; all while remaining dependent of themselves. Watch the music video for “LMK” below!