Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2021

Every year, artists hailing from Chicago prove exactly why this is a city that belongs in the upper echelon of music, and this fact grows more abundantly obvious with every release that is put out. Whether a musician is world renown or locally recognized, there is never a shortage of creativity, effort, or innovation, and whether the rest of the country notices this or not, local fans are well aware of the goldmine that we are sitting on here in the Midwest.  Our goal here at Lyrical Lemonade has always been to shine a light on the remarkable sounds coming out of the city every single year, and even when we go in with certain expectations or presumptions, our minds are absolutely blown once we realize just how much dexterous and unique music was brought to life in the span of 12 short months. One thing that is inimitable within the local scene here is simply the sense of community because whether these talents are teaming up with one another or on entirely different levels of fame, everyone seems to show love to each other, ensuring their awareness of the eye-opening and head-turning styles that are being generated across the …

Realistic – [The O’My’s] ft. [Alex Banin]

I have been a huge fan + supporter of The O’My’s for a minute now, they have made some of my favorite music to come out of Chicago ever, and today they are back with a brand new music video for “Realistic”. Everything that The O’My’s have done throughout their career has been done with a precise vision and careful intent, which is why they are so well-respected and have built such an impressive catalog thus far. This new visual is no different, along with director Groupthink, The O’My’s carefully crafted something beautiful and memorable. For a group that has had many great music videos over the years, this one definitely stands out to me, it just might be their best yet. Watch this new visual below and judge for yourself! Director/Editor: Groupthink

Chris Patrick: The Lemonade Stand Interview

A few months ago I had New Jersey native Chris Patrick come by the Lyrical Lemonade office while he was visiting Chicago and today I am happy to finally be putting out the final product! I spoke with Chris about plenty of subjects including growing up in NJ, his relationship with JID, being featured on the 2K soundtrack, his musical influences, his EP From The Heart, Vol. 2, working with Alex Banin, attending therapy, his goal to eat 5 Popeyes biscuits with no beverage and we even discussed a viral clip that shows him getting dunked on.

Forget About It – [Alex Banin]

Alex Banin is a name that I had only heard about a month ago when she came into the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters for a Lemonade Stand interview (which you should check out here), but ever since, I have made sure to deeply familiarize myself with all of the remarkable skills she has brought to the table in her blossoming music career. When I saw the homie Elliot write about her brand-new EP Did I Imagine that just came out, I went directly to her social media to find the link, and while I was there I saw that she teamed up with the other homie Michael Del Rosario to shoot a music video for the song “Forget About It” off of the project, so I figured I would double down on articles because this is a must-see video. As you make your way through the whole video, there are tons of abstract moments and ideas that I believe they decided to leave up to the individual viewer, with many characters dressed in what looks to be paper Mache bunny heads leading the way of this conceptual video. While this isn’t a surprise considering one of these masks accompany her on …

Did I Imagine – [Alex Banin]

Alex Banin is a gem within Chicago’s music community and she’s been steadily improving since I first heard her music, and today, she is back on our website with her new EP called Did I Imagine. When it comes to unique/angelic vocals, there aren’t many that can compete with Alex Banin, her vocal abilities are straight-up jaw-dropping, and she flexed these skills on this new EP. There are four new records on this tape and the run time is just under ten minutes, but it features some of Alex’s best music to date. The upbeat introductory record “Closure” is my favorite of the bunch because I loved hearing her attack a more uptempo instrumental, it made for a different type of song than I was used to hearing from her, and I enjoyed hearing her in that bag. All of these songs are unbelievably good though, the third song “Forget About It” is a beautiful track that displays her range, and it actually just got a new Michael Del Rosario visual to match, so check that out after. Stream this brand new EP below and if you enjoy it, be sure to give Alex Banin a follow on Twitter here!

Alex Banin: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Alex Banin is a creative originally from New York who now stays in Chicago, and she has been making a name for herself over the past couple of years with her excellent music releases. A few months back, we brought Alex to the Lyrical Lemonade office for a brand new interview for The Lemonade Stand. We asked Alex about plenty of topics including her time being a collegiate fencer, considering herself a Chicago artist, working with KOTA The Friend + Chuck Inglish, what music she’s currently working on musically, where she sees herself in five years, and much more. Alex Banin is a star in the making, you will be seeing her name more + more throughout the next couple of years, so you might as well get familiar with her now!

Watch Alex Banin’s new performance on 1Take

One of my favorite new series is 1Take, a liver performance-based series that takes place right in Chicago, at the legendary spot, Classick Studios. Alex Banin is an artist that is from New York originally but resides here in Chicago and we claim her as an artist from the city because her musical ascension took place here. She is a multi-talented singer who I believe has a mass amount of potential, so when I saw that she was the latest guest on this growing series, I couldn’t wait to watch it! Needless to say, she did a great job + really showed off her beautiful vocals. Watch this live performance below and be sure to subscribe to Classick Studios YouTube channel for more releases in the future! Produced by @vlushairlines

Hawthorne-[Alex Banin]

Just yesterday, I was asked by someone, “what has been your favorite song of 2020?” For most, this question would undeniably be a difficult one, but for me, the response was quick and simple: “Hawthorne” by Alex Banin. I’ve heard about a total of 10 songs in my lifetime that have completely changed the way I look at music and they’re always the songs that make me feel more than I ever thought I could feel. It is common to listen to music that gets you to bop your head or snap your fingers, but when you come across a track that knocks you off of your feet, it is evident that it’s a special one. Alex Banin’s latest offering is so good that it really doesn’t make any sense. From the moment I heard this girl sing earlier in the year, I knew that she was destined for greatness and “Hawthorne” solidified that belief in my mind all the more. The short, yet fulfilling offering does an amazing job of putting Alex’s vocal talents on center stage. Her voice is powerful, yet soothing..drastically unique but familiar at the same time. Her personality exudes super star which is why I …

Premiere: About April (Music Video)-[Alex Banin]

Stellar music is hard to come by, so whenever I receive songs that completely blow me away, I’m endlessly grateful to say the least. Today, it’s only right that I share with the readers what was shared with me and why I think it’s so spectacular. If you’re looking for your latest indulgence, look no further.  An artist named Alex Banin is making an appearance on Lyrical Lemonade today for the release of her brand new song titled, “About April”. The 22-year-old London born artist, grew up in New York, but now is based in Chicago, where she started making music. The new piece that dropped last week has been preforming well on streaming platforms and its only a matter of time before it catches fire and is heard by everyone. The subtle production was truly what caught my ear at first listen. It is strong but doesn’t overpower Alex’s beautiful voice which you truly won’t want to miss out on. The best artists are those who can tell stories just as well as they can sing, and that perfectly encapsulates Alex in totality. In this peaceful and reflective piece, the up and comer takes us on an introspective journey …

Interview: Inside Kota the Friend’s ‘Everything’

Kota the Friend details the process behind his new album ‘Everything’, the impact of fatherhood on his life, and offers advice to artists trying to make it work on their own in our latest interview.