Wasting Time – a kid named rufus

New York-based indie-pop artist a kid named rufus is soundtracking the summer with his single, “wasting time,” an ode to the lost time spent during the pandemic and a hopeful view towards the adventures on the horizon. The Kuala Lumpur-born musician is chronicling his journey moving from home to follow his musical dreams. This aspirational motivation coats his new single, exemplifying not only his gleeful style but his optimistic lyricism. Texturized by uptempo indie-pop instrumentation riddled with groovy guitar riffs and crisp drum patterns, a kid named rufus’ vocals glide over the production creating a dreamy world filled with sunshine. Although this is only his fourth single to date, a kid named rufus is creating a compelling case for an artist that has a firm understanding of his vision, making every second of his new single exciting. Listen to “Wasting Time,” by a kid named rufus below.

friends – [a kid named rufus]

It will never cease to amaze me the amount of talent surging throughout the world. Artists from anywhere can upload a song and develop an enthusiastic fan base in a matter of months – nothing is inaccessible, everything is for everyone. This wonderful concept that has altered our world makes the circumstances of Kuala Lumpar based artist a kid named rufus a whole lot easier. The talented young musician may be miles away from the states but his music sits closely beside you on every listen. His latest release, “friends,” is his fourth single to hit streaming platforms and his fourth single to win my attention. Chronicling the growing pains of life, a kid named rufus constructs a light-hearted ballad that questions, “where did all my best friends go?” Soft but driving production comprised of light guitar strumming and grand piano chords creates a crescendo of sounds that builds and releases tension at the whim of rufus’ lyrics. Listen to “friends” by a kid named rufus below.