Dead Trollz – [YoungBoy Never Broke Again]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is an artist who I understand does absolutely crazy numbers and has amassed a fanbase unlike most rappers in the entire industry, however, I haven’t really listened to him as much as I probably should. If I’m not mistaken, his recent album Top was already projected to go number one on the Billboard charts before it even came out, and now that it has been gifted to fans, it is almost undeniably going to be at the top of the charts once the official numbers come out. In order to keep the momentum going, he decided to gift fans with a brand-new music video for one of the project’s standout songs entitled “Dead Trollz”. Considering most of you have probably been listening to the album on repeat since its release, I’m not going to go too heavily into detail regarding the track itself, but the music video is definitely an offering that you’re not going to want to pass up. After watching the visual once all the way through, I quickly noticed that it takes the two lives that NBA has lived and combines the two, meaning it takes his violent past in the streets and …

Frontline – [Abryon]

Abryon is a melodic rapper from the west side of Charlotte, North Carolina that has the potential to blow. His single “Frontline” is a song I’ve been going back to for over a month now and I can’t get over how passionate Abryon’s voice is. The reason people like Rod Wave, Lil Durk, and Youngboy Never Broke Again are so popular is because they actually have content that people can gravitate to. During a brief Q&A with Abryon on his, Instagram live he voiced to me that his writing process is either really lives the things that he’s talking about or it’s stories from what goes on from people around him. What’s also impressive about his sound is that he has a firm grasp on melodies and songwriting, and is able to mix in a street element along with soulful ballads. Stream Abryon’s street heartfelt record “Frontline” below.

Death Enclaimed – [YoungBoy Never Broke Again]

For the majority of rappers, music is a way for them to get things off their chest, discuss some of the things that bother them, and share stories of struggles and hardships. While it’s clear that Rap music also includes an influx in flexes and flaunts, I can typically get a feeling for how talented a rapper is from the stories of their past rather than just talking about how much money they make and all the cars they own. YoungBoy Never Broke Again does this yet again in such an intricate, explicit, and simplistic way on his latest single “Death Enclaimed”, leaving no room for ambiguity or uncertainty. The beat is built through very touching, tender piano chords, a pitched-up vocal sample that almost sounds like a child singing, and beyond crisp, gentle percussion. This paves the way for NBA YoungBoy to really share what’s on his mind, give thanks to all of his blessings in life, and right any wrongs that might’ve come his way. As he begins to sing the chorus, he uses the effects on his voice like a professional, stretching out his notes and delivering them in a pure, unwavering fashion that comes off almost …

Need It – [Migos] ft. [YoungBoy Never Broke Again]

Atlanta supergroup Migos has been on a bit of a release streak recently. Beginning with their Cinco De Mayo anthem “Taco Tuesday” that was a bit of a novelty and then moving on to “Racks 2 Skinny”, the crew has been releasing more music in the last few weeks than they have in recent memory, so I couldn’t be more excited. Although I’m definitely a bigger fan of some of the classic mixtapes that put them on the map rather than their more recent albums, I could never knock them for getting money and gaining more fans than ever before. Even in the middle of all of this excitement in their worlds musically, Quavo took to social media to announce that he has finally completed high school and is now graduating alongside the rest of the class of 2020. It may not sound like a massive accomplishment to some, but I’m impressed personally. Quavo is set for life and definitely doesn’t need his high school diploma for anything, but it shows his determination and drive to go back and get it to satisfy that part of his life for his own self-fulfillment, so good for him. Aside from that, Migos …

54 Baby 2 – [KountUpWitDaK]

Since initially picking up a full head of steam courtesy of his track “Smelling Blood” that went regionally viral in his home state of South Carolina, KountUpWitDaK has been steadily applying pressure and has shown zero signs of slowing up since first grasping the attention of his native town of Sumpter and beyond. Much of his success can be credited to the production force of TNTxD and TahjMoney, who frequently lace him with twangy and bouncy guitar beats that have become the sonic status quo of places like Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina. 54 Baby 2 is his latest mixtape release and is yet another triumphant performance from an artist who is making a name for himself with his transparency and variety in styles and deliveries. The project opens with “Gangsta Cry” which is an emotional and reflective, pondering on both chances he’s taken and just how far he has come. Track four “Picasso” features Bougalousa, LA native JayDaYoungan who sounds right at home alongside KountUp on the jaunty, trunk-thumping instrumental and is followed by “Press The Issue,” which is one of the more aggressive and throwed-off cuts off of the record. “Head On” was another memorable song, and it reminded me …

AI Nash – [Youngboy Never Broke Again]

Youngboy Never Broke Again is arguably the hottest artist on the planet of the past few years when you take a look at his YouTube streams as well as his numbers on all of the major streaming platforms, he has a die-hard + loyal fan base that only seems to keep growing day by day, and today Youngboy Never Broke Again just unleashed a brand new music video for “AI Nash”. When Youngboy Never Broke Again was recently in Chicago, you may have noticed that he stopped by the Lyrical Lemonade office, so you probably had a good feeling that he and LL’s Cole Bennett were up to something, and you were right as they clashed their powers together to give the fans something special. Although these two have worked together in the past, I am sure that the fans would love to see them keep connecting for content in the future, so hopefully we get to see them work together again soon. Take a few minutes out of your weekend to check out this brand new visual below!

Who Wann Do Sum – [BWay Yungy]

Lousiana, and more specifically, Baton Rouge, is putting numbers on the board right now. Of course, there’s Youngboy Never Broke Again leading the way, but trailing right behind, there’s another a soon-to-be star in the making: Youngboy’s blood brother, BWay Yungy. Having garnered a massive following on YouTube with songs from “Sin Again” to “6 Da Crew” (my personal favorite), Yungy is quickly growing into a lane of his own, and his newest release, “Who Wann Do Sum,” might just be the one that pushes him over the edge and into the spotlight. Complemented by a video from David G, “Who Wann Do Sum” is informed by an undeniably Southern instrumental, blending the soulful twang of Lousiana with an earth-shaking trail of drums. As the momentum grows with each note of production, Yungy goes blow for blow, and fits a highly-quotable spark of lyricism into every pocket, every note, and every sound that the song has to offer. Meanwhile, as he’s become known for, the underlying sense of melody behind this one ties “Who Wann Do Sum” together as an easily memorable release, and one that might just push Yungy above and beyond Louisana. The South has something to say, …

V12 – [LBS Kee’vin]

One of Florida’s next and brightest stars LBS Kee’vin dropped his first single of 2020 “V12.” When I first heard of LBS Kee’vin’s music it was early last year when I saw the video for “Boston George.” Shortly after I decided to reach out to Kee’vin and hop on a phone call with him. One of the things that I took away from the call is that he was going to blow up pretty soon and that he exuded confidence in his craft. Some may draw comparisons to popular melodic emcees with stories to tell that are similar to Youngboy Never Broke Again and Roddy Ricch. Fast Forward to now and the Pensacola, Florida rapper has inked a deal with Visionary Music Group under Columbia Records. This “V12” record was teased on his Instagram last year and I was a big fan of the snippet. Now that the song is finally out I’m even a bigger fan of the song and can’t wait for the next couple of singles and projects that are set to be released by Kee’vin and Visionary in 2020. Stream LBS Kee’vin’s new single “V12” below after the break.

Knocked Off – [YoungBoy Never Broke Again]

Amidst many different aliases and constant time spent in the studio, it’s kind of an anomaly how YoungBoy Never Broke Again has managed to stay so low key for such a long time. He has released a number of mixtapes in the past few years, some performing better than others, but also dropped his debut album Until Death Call My Name a couple years back, which helped garner attention around his music. Although he has had legal issues and I believe just recently got off of house arrest, he was grinding the entire time and making music from the solitude of his home in order to appease fans and keep some buzz around his name. With his next project Still Flexin Still Steppin set to release in a couple weeks, he decided to drop a single called “Knocked Off” in order to excite his listeners and get them ready for the upcoming project. The intense track begins with a beat comprised of deep and mischievous piano, some unique percussion, and even some sounds that somewhat remind me of dial tones. His flow is deliberate, energetic, and insistent which plays along with some of the topics he describes in detail throughout …

Crank It Up – [1Trap]

As YoungBoy Never Broke Again continues to transition to mainstream star to bona fide legend the city of Baton Rouge has gone from an average rap destination to a breeding ground for dozens of new artists itching to taste some of the success and notoriety that YoungBoy and several others have begun to see. 1Trap is one of the main artists positioning themselves for a major come-up in 2020 and he shows the entirety of his sweeping charisma on his new David G directed visual for his track “Crank It Up,” and this new cut exhibits all of Trap’s talent that is poised to bolster his impending future run. His melodic delivery is addicting and his vocals have the perfect tinge of autotune to make things a bit more interesting, but not at all oversaturating the natural gifts that he has. I absolutely love this video and cannot wait to keep watching 1Trap develop his sound and continue to build his audience in the process.