Love Language EP – [UMI]

Following a month-long streak of new songs every week, west-coast songwriter UMI caps off her October run with the official release of her new visual EP, ‘Love Language’. A project that’s composed of her most recent singles and ending with a new cut titled “Breathe”, ‘Love Language’ comprises some of UMI’s best work yet, characterized by heartfelt songwriting and emphasizing the range of her vocal ability as she transitions seamlessly from softer moments to more anthemic ones. Its visual accompaniment blurs the line of reality, existing both in live-action and in its own anime world. My personal favorite parts of this 4-track EP have to be the two middle songs. “Sukidakara” relies on little more than a dreamy synth to drive its melody; the simplified production leaves room for UMI’s vocals to shine as she sings about heartache in both Japanese and English. “Runnin’”, which features Yeek, is also another standout song as both artists harmonize with each other to make for a compelling duet that wrestles with the fickle nature of falling for someone new. Listen to UMI’s ‘Love Language’ below, and check out its 4-episode visual accompaniment here.

Runnin’ – [UMI] ft. [Yeek]

UMI and Yeek are both in the midst of their own respectively impressive come-ups right now, both honing their own sounds carved from bases in the west-coast and South Florida indie scenes and since crossing over into broader streams. Now, they’ve linked-up on a track for the second time this year with the release of “Runnin’”: a slow-churning, understated song that feels readymade for a sentimental late-night drive or an especially reflective day of just laying in bed. “Runnin’” comes as the latest installment in a series of solid singles from UMI, preceded by the funk-leaning “Love Affair” and the language-traversing “Sukidakara”. Mood wise, “Runnin’” fits in a similar space, meshing emotive keys, lo-fi percussion, and UMI’s levitating harmonies to bring about an overall dizzying sensation that’s immersive to listen to. Yeek’s monotonous rasp functions as the support beam for UMI’s vocals on this duet and the two artists strike a distinct balance that makes it clear why they decide to collaborate so often. Together, they each conjure up some of their best work yet, uniting the moodier, dreamier sides of their own styles to make a track that gives the impression of weightlessness. Listen to UMI and Yeek’s “Runnin’” …

Shift EP – [Simon Sea]

LA-based artist Simon Sea makes his debut today with ‘Shift’, a four-track EP comprised of hazy guitar riffs and enticing songwriting. Sea puts out just enough material to let a listener know what he’s about, mixing a raw indie sound with shoegaze synth textures and punchy 808s. It’s a style that’s not too far off from what his cohorts have been putting out, and while Sea’s self-produced aesthetic fits with other artists in the west coast indie scene, he manages to distinguish himself at the same time. He bookends the EP with two of its strongest tracks, opening with the pop-punkish banger “Broke Boi’ and closing with the trappy Yeek-assisted track “Planet”. On the song “Hurricane”, Sea brings in fellow LA artist DOTHA, who’s also in the midst of his own come up right now. Short but effective, ‘Shift’ offers a tempting introduction to Simon Sea and leaves the door open for what’s next from the west coast creative.

Daily – [DOTHA]

Before he takes off on your with Yeek this summer, DOTHA wants to make sure you have something to bop to this summer with his new single “Daily”. The rising artist out of Los Angeles floats on this track with a mumbly summertime anthem. Lyrically, he keeps things simple and introduces a listener to his daily routine while letting his melodic style carry the track. The video matches the song’s laidback energy with shots of DOTHA donning a Gucci bucket hat, cruising around LA with his crew in a convertible. It seems DOTHA is in the midst of something big, and while “Daily” is the only track up right now by him, his social media activity seems to suggest he has other music in the vault. Watch the video for “Daily” below and catch DOTHA on tour with Yeek this summer in your city.

IDK WHERE – [Yeek]

As of late, Florida has developed a fascinating, deeply diverse identity in the cutting edge of music. From the ample supply of sound-shifting, trend-setting rap coming out of the state to the hip-hop-influenced indie of artists such as Yeek and Dominic Fike, the state is seeing a broad mutation in sound, style, and image. Barriers between genres are becoming increasingly blurred, artists are developing wide arrays of skill and sound, and more than anything, the music is just as incredible as it is unique, making Florida a must-watch area. That said, today, we introduce one of FL’s finest representatives right now — the aforementioned Yeek — with his brand new EP, IDK WHERE. Right in line with the connotation of the title, the latest from Yeek is a release that burrows right in between genres, blending a lively supply of influence into one, undeniably energizing style. The project arrives packed with stories of reflection and introspection, and quite often, it seems to shift further from an audience-intentive release into an almost diary-esque style of writing — that is, to the listener’s pleasure, of course, as the deeply personal lyricism resonates so well without compromising identity in the process. On both a …

Lullaby – [UMI] ft. [Yeek]

For a few months now, I’ve been hip to the ever-so-smooth talents of an artist by the name of UMI. Her style is clean and refreshing in delivery while deeply passionate in subject matter, and as a result, she seems to be improving with every new song we receive, continuing to hone in on her artistry. Today, UMI puts this on display with a brand new single entitled “Lullaby”. Alongside fellow crooner, Yeek, this track lives up to its name with a dreamy bed of production and a heavenly instrumental as support. The way that the two singers not only coexist on the song, but complement one another’s style is second to none, and the final product is a track that you’ll surely be clicking replay on for months to come. “Lullaby” is just the song we needed to keep things warm throughout this cold weather, so be sure to show some love and check it out at the link below!

LL Presents: The Roy Purdy Q&A

Even if you haven’t heard his name before, it’s almost impossible that you haven’t seen at least one of Roy Purdy’s videos. Roy is a rising YouTube and social media star who recently just hit the 1M milestone on Instagram earlier this week. Roy has an insane amount of talents including skateboarding, dancing, and rapping just to name a few. We we’re lucky enough to ask the multitalented creative a few questions, see what he had to say below: JM: Before diving into questions tell our readers who you are. RP: My names Roy Purdy. I’m 19 years old, and I make music, viral videos, dance, and skateboard. – JM: Where are you from? RP: I was born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin. I actually still live here to this day, but I’m finally moving out to LA next week. – JM: How did you go from a small town kid to an internet sensation? RP: That’s the beauty of the Internet, you can chase your dreams and be discovered no matter who you are or where you’re from. My big start was on Facebook. I would always make funny videos and post them online, and then randomly some of the videos on …