Ya Ya – [YEAT]

At this point, it has already been a few weeks since I was first put onto YEAT’s music, and it seems like I’m playing a never-ending game of catch up considering he has so much music out already. He just seems to be an artist who took the scene by storm out of nowhere and hasn’t looked back since, bringing an entirely new style of music to the masses and he simply doesn’t want the fun to end anytime soon. With such an indescribable sound and even more dexterity within his various releases, it sounds like he is making music that we’ve never heard whatsoever in the past and this individuality is what draws fans in, yet his natural talent and creativity keep listeners engaged for the long haul. Not very long ago at all, YEAT released his project Up 2 Më, and even though I still need to check this project out in its entirety, I was beyond excited to see him team up with the rapidly rising director DotComNirvan for a music video for his record “Ya Ya”, and the results are amazing yet again. Although things are kept relatively simplistic in nature throughout this video, if you …

Give My Last – [Surf] ft. [Yeat]

Surf has quietly been one of the most sonically diverse and compelling artists across the underground scene for years now and is poised to take off into a mainstream run at any minute and is back in our pages today with a new track called “Give My Last” featuring Yeat, an artist who over the past couple of months has done exactly that, turning the momentum from his track “Sorry Bout That” into a prolific run that has already etched his name into the minds of just about everyone, whether they’re ‘tapped in’ or not. Lyrically Surf is getting out of control, he has always been an artist to place great emphasis on the words he is speaking but only increases their potency as he blends them with new flows and makes his points and reaches his punchlines as succinctly as possible. I cannot wait until Surf drops another project and from what I have heard from him lately snippet wise this track is but the tip of the iceberg of what Surf is about to reveal. “Feat. Yeat” is something I imagine to see a whole lot coming soon and I also am looking forward to watch the legend …

Gët Busy – [YEAT]

Over the past few months, it has been rare for me to go a day without hearing the name YEAT, and I figured it was about time that I tapped in. Luckily, when I was hanging out with my brother over the weekend, we went down a rabbit hole of his music and I feel as if I have a very sturdy understanding of the Portland rapper’s skill set, yet he seems to surprise me on every new song he releases. Not only was it time that I got in tune, but when I saw him kicking it with Drake over the weekend as well, I knew that he was an artist that means business, and I couldn’t ignore him any longer. I’m so glad this awakening happened too, because with his most recent Flansie and Skimayne song “Gët Busy”, he shows that he is truly a force to be reckoned with, and I am so happy that he’s on my radar now. The song itself is very diverse, giving him a foundation to show off his versatile sounds and very intriguing vocals that are constantly switching up with pretty much every line he delivers, giving us a mixture of …

Get Refreshed: Lullabies, Tears, and Trends

“Get Refreshed” is a weekly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  Cover by Bernard Vernon Full Playlist (2021) Vision4k: “Lullabies, From a Ghoul” Vision4k spent 2020 in the deepest, darkest doldrums one could imagine. Anyone who experienced their long-awaited album R at the very end of that year would say the same; it was an intoxicating journey through the most ominous spaces of one’s psyche — a pure and utter bone-chilling alternative rock showcase. Not a single ray of light shone over any one of those tracks, as though Vision themself wouldn’t dare to let them in.  “Lullabies, From a Ghoul” – their first transitional release after R – could’ve laid dormant in those same doldrums like a castaway still wallowing in the pains described on that album. Instead, this EP sees Vision finally opening the blinds and letting some light in.  Don’t get it twisted, the project is still far grimmer than the average alt-rock spectacle. But the 6 tracks we have here display the sweetest take on the sinister one could ask for. Though tracks like the opening “Silver & Strained” and “Swan Song of the Buried” chug along …


YEAT has been making a name for himself across the underground scene for some time now with his avant-garde ear for futuristic beats and prolific approach to music making that initially established him within the last embers of the “SoundCloud scene” as we first new it and now has seen him reinvent himself even further and push himself to be even more experimental in his sound, cliquing up with many of the best young new producers around to help him further mature his sound and make it more unmistakable, in a lane where artists are far too okay with sounding like the next man. On his latest track YEAT connected with DMV-based videographer and director Moshpxt who has made some of the best music videos of 2021 already and is making it obvious that if you are an artist hoping to come up on any sort of ‘underground’ or, honestly even ‘street’ sound in the DMV, that you have to work with him because of his laser-focused attention to detail and seamless editing and at times full-blown animation. YEAT tapped TRGC and Sharkboy for the production and they turned him the fuck up, creating a lightning fast and chaotic instrumental …

Pipe Dreams & Lessons From My Mistakes – [Liv.e]

Liv.e is an artist who I first got in tune with a month or two ago when she dropped a sensational music video for “TheLazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness” and I instantly became a fan, so I am more than happy today that she is back on our platform with two new records titled “Pipe Dreams” and “Lessons From My Mistakes… but I lost your number”. The first of the two is an uptempo jam that finds Liv.e gliding over an intriguing instrumental, it’s very unique and I haven’t heard anything like it before, it was a rather quick listen coming in at less than a minute & a half but I was pleased with it nonetheless! The second joint finds her on top of a more hip-hop/jazzy type of beat, and she started the song off with some excellent rapping which then led into some smooth singing before the beat faded away for a few seconds & switched up into a different sound which sounded just as good. I can’t decide which one of these songs I like more, they both had really interesting elements to them, take a listen to each of the songs below and see which one you prefer!

LazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness – [Liv.e]

Liv.e is an artist who I had the pleasure of discovering earlier today when I randomly clicked on her music video for “LazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness”, and within a couple minutes, I completely fell in love with her music. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the delightful production that was handled by Mejiwahn, before Liv.e’s angelic vocals left me with my jaw on the floor, completely stunned with her talent and style. Not only was this song completely soothing and ear-pleasing, the visuals were ON POINT, shout out to the video director Livingston Matthews for helping Liv.e create something unique and memorable. This was the best music video that I have watched all day, I highly suggest that you give it a few minutes of your time below, you just might find your new favorite artist.

Serious – [Fly James] Ft. [Yeat]

While browsing through the internet this morning looking for some new music I came across a record titled “Serious” by an artist named Fly James and I thought why not share on our platform? You will find the Ann Arbor emcee rhyming at a very rapid pace for a great majority of this song, complimenting the glossy production perfectly, that’s no surprise through considering Fly James self produces most of his own music. The feature on the back end of this track for Yeat matched the pace that James was providing but he showed a different flow & approach to the track that I thought rounded it out nicely. Don’t take my word for it though, check out this new song for yourself below!

Pop A Bean Freestyle & Side Bitch – [Yung Jake]

Yung Jake is known as a cultural superhero when it comes to his iconic emoji portraits, but for those that didn’t know, he also makes music – and trust me, it’s just as dope as his art. Today, acting as the perfect introduction for all those who weren’t familiar with his catalog of bangers, Jake unleashes two brand new tracks entitled “Pop A Bean Freestyle” and “Side Bitch”. The first of the two forms its identity through production from KC Supreme and Taz Taylor while the second garners a placement from Yeat, but both songs share a commonality in the way that they establish such intoxicating, melodic atmospheres of sound. Jake swiftly complements these environments with playful flows and a knack for appealing to a wide variety of listeners, and all in all, I don’t hesitate in saying that “Side Bitch” and the “Pop A Bean Freestyle” are two stellar additions to this rising talent’s musical catalog. But don’t just take my word for it, check them both out below and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Detour – [Yeat] ft [Swaghollywood]

Today we are more than happy to introduce you to 17-year-old rapper Yeat as he drops off a new single featuring Swaghollywood titeld, “Detour.” The Portland native gives us a fresh autotune induced sound that will have you hooked immediately. Yeat teams up with Swaghollywood on this one who adds his unique touch to the smooth new track. Yeat is without a doubt one of the hottest young artists on the rise. Be sure to check out his newest song and to keep an eye out for more by the emerging artist!