Mueve Mueve – [YOUNGFACE]

YOUNGFACE is, without a doubt, one of my favorite artists to write about, the main reason being that he’s always willing to improve his craft and explore new sounds, all the while keeping the fans constantly guessing. On that note, YOUNGFACE’s catalog takes yet another unheard of turn today, as he releases his first-ever Spanish song, “Mueve Mueve”. I’ve said it in the past, but the Massachusetts talent’s unrivaled versatility is one of his most prominent artistic attributes, and exploring an entirely new language is the perfect example. YOUNGFACE isn’t afraid of his own creativity, with “Mueve Mueve” as clear proof that when he decides to take on a different direction than usual, he does so as thoroughly as possible, ensuring the quality of the music in the process. With this, between a lively set of drums, a party-inducing melody, and YOUNGFACE’s endlessly entertaining personality, this is a hell of a release to continue pushing this budding star forward. I can’t stress it enough, but “Mueve Mueve” is a must-listen. Stream this one below and follow YOUNGFACE on Twitter here!


Poised with the ability to bring any of his creative ambitions to life, YOUNGFACE is, without a doubt, one of the brightest up-and-coming artists out of Massachusetts right now. His art acts as a direct function of his versatility and talent, and as a result, the rising artist never fails to push the ball forward with each successive release. Today, we see YOUNGFACE experiment with his abilities in a new compilation project filled with various demos. 5 tracks long, this quick, almost 7-minute mini-project gives fans a taste of what the MA representative has on the way in 2019. As always, he seems to be expanding the palette of flavors that his music has to offer, and naturally, this will be a huge selling point for fans both old and new. YOUNGFACE never settles, and as his career continues to trend upwards, the sky is the limit with this mentality in mind. Stream the new demos at the link provided below and peep the tracklist in the description on SoundCloud!

dontwasteyourtime. – [YOUNGFACE]

Relatability is the easiest way to win over fans, and few artists are able to find this emotional common ground better than Massachusetts own, YOUNGFACE. Proving this, the rising talent is back on our pages today with his brand new visuals for his somber single, “dontwasteyourtime”. Directed by @thechadmow, this simplistic music video uses scattered visual effects and calm scenery to place an ingrained focus on the subject matter of the song at hand. After all, it’s YOUNGFACE’s masterful artistry that brings fans to his music in the first place, and the visual companion acts as a perfect complement to this, doing just enough without going over the top. That said, “dontwasteyourtime” is yet another fantastic release from this budding star, so check it out below and stay updated on the newest from YOUNGFACE by following him on Twitter here!


YOUNGFACE is a frequent flyer here on Lyrical Lemonade, and considering the brilliant versatility of his catalog, this coverage arrives deservedly so. The Massachusetts native never ceases to take risks or reach new creative highs, and today, he’s here to put this on display with his latest offering, “★”. Simple yet gorgeous in both instrumentation and lyricism, the latest from YOUNGFACE is a testament to the range of skills that he has developed. Whether he decides to rap or sing, the rising talent is sure to go 110% at all times, and looking at the emotional vulnerability of “★”, there couldn’t exist a better example of this. Backed by soft acoustic guitars and a voice that floats between your headphones, YOUNGFACE’s new song doubles as one of his finest to date. That said, be sure to show some love and check out “★” at the link below!

Jump In The Beam – [YOUNGFACE]

Becoming somewhat of a frequent flyer here at Lyrical Lemonade, YOUNGFACE is a Massachusetts-based artist that is just itching to blow. His unmatched arsenal of skills and remarkable versatility are just two pieces of the puzzle, and considering the consistency that the rising talent possesses, it’s only a matter of time until you’re hearing his name everywhere. That being said, today, YOUNGFACE is here to drop off a hard-hitting new track entitled “Jump In The Beam” produced by Pilgrim. Speaking to the point of versatility, the fact that this song comes from the same artist who gifted us “Forgive Me” is nearly unheard of. The Massachusetts native can and will go in any direction he pleases, and whether it be over a trap beat or an acoustic guitar, it’s going to be incredible. Listen to “Jump In The Beam” in all of its thunderous, lyrically dense glory at the link below. Taking into account the melodic nature and flawless deliveries on this one, I hold the utmost confidence in saying that it’s about to be a hit.

dontwasteyourtime. – [YOUNGFACE]

If you’ve been following Lyrical Lemonade for some time now, you’re probably hip to the name YOUNGFACE. However, if you’re not, today is the perfect opportunity to become a fan as we introduce the Massachusetts native’s new single, “dontwasteyourtime”. Residing in the depths of a solemn instrumental and slow-burning drum lines, this track finds its full range of energy through the illustrative capabilities of emotion. YOUNGFACE is able to bring forth his purest self with a heartbreakingly smooth set of cadences, and the torn nature of his lyrics only brings things to an entirely new level. That said, “dontwasteyourtime.” is one of many reasons why the world needs to keep an eye out for YOUNGFACE. But don’t just take my word for it — click play at the link below:

Forgive Me – [YOUNGFACE]

No matter what stylistic approach YOUNGFACE decides to go with on a given day, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be something special. The Massachusetts native has shown off his ranging arsenal of skills with several unique releases in the past, and today, he adds to the list with a beautiful new demo entitled “Forgive Me”. Although this track, in all of its soulful glory, comes out of left field in terms of sound, it proves to be one of the rawest exhibitions of YOUNGFACE’s incredible musical talent to date. His passionate vocals grace the guitar riffs without any friction whatsoever, and from the first second to the last, this emotional release comes to the spotlight as a simply gorgeous piece of music. We’ve heard YOUNGFACE explore nearly every style under the sun, and yet again, he impresses with a brand new direction on “Forgive Me”. Listen at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!


If you’ve been following Lyrical Lemonade throughout the past few months, it goes without saying that you have heard of Massachusetts artist YOUNGFACE. His music tends to take fans to a familiar place of ambition and the relentless force of passion for his art, and today, we see both of these feelings on full display in his new, hypnotic single, “Ocean”. The instrumental is a bit more relaxed and slowed down than the other beats we have heard this rising talent hop on in the past, but he adjusts to the occasion with a natural knack for catching flows no matter what the pace might be. Each line floats over this intoxicating sound, and if there’s any song that will show you just how versatile YOUNGFACE is, it’s this one. “Ocean” is custom-made for the summer and fit for any occasion, so be sure to give it a listen at the link below and follow this promising young artist on Twitter here, if you weren’t already!

bifld – [YOUNGFACE]

As you may recall, an artist by the name of YOUNGFACE made his Lyrical Lemonade debut a few weeks ago with a single titled “Wakeup“. Today, he’s back once again to keep the stocks rising and bless us with a new, A+ Visuals-directed video for one of my personal favorite songs of his, “bifld”. Set to a simplistic background and set of scenes shot by Tom Leary, this key-led anthem is able to take shape as an introspective release. It’s a hopeful bout of confusion for the Boston native, and even as dances around mansions with braggadocious imagery all around, he still feels alone to an extent, accepting it with the proclamation that he’s going to keep dancing and smiling no matter what happens. Considering the cohesion and execution of this piece, “bifld” most definitely advances YOUNGFACE’s artistry and reminds us why he’s an artist to watch in the first place. Check out the new visuals below and follow the rising talent on Twitter here!

Wakeup – [YOUNGFACE] [mikefellow]

Led by the abundance of rising talents coming from the area as well as a few nationally-buzzing artists under its belt, Boston is one city that’s incredibly eager to showcase its musical prowess to the rest of the country this year. Representing the Bean, an up-and-comer by the names of YOUNGFACE is here today to make his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a new single titled “Wakeup” featuring Philadelphia native, mikefellow. This mellow release takes aim through a hypnotic, guitar-led instrumental courtesy of J Nash, and when strung with deeply-cut vocals from each of the tw0, it showcases passionate deliveries that mesh beautifully with a sound of such unique comfortability. In this relaxed light, “Wakeup” establishes its stance as a brilliant introduction to the skills of YOUNGFACE and mikefellow, and Lyrical Lemonade is proud to help introduce their notable talents to the rest of the country. Keep an eye on Boston this year and listen to the latest from these two promising acts at the link below!